His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 15)

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Gauri and soumya were shocked to hear their surnames…
Gauri :omkara Singh oberoi….
Soumya: rudra Singh oberoi….
Gauri: it means you both are….
Om: shivay’s brother….
Gauri and soumya look at them shockingly…..
Gauri ( thinks ) :shivay’s brothers….it means they have come here to know about anika dii…..but my dii is already not able to come out of her past and I can’t let her bear the same pain again…no I can’t….
Om: gauriji…
Gauri :sorry but we don’t know any shivay…so I think you both should leave from here..
Soumya: but dii….atleast let them say…..
Gauri :soumya close the door when they leave….and come to the kitchen and she turns to leave the hall.
Om: we are not going anywhere..gauri stops
Om: I know you are hurt but at least listen to us once…we want to tell you something about anika….
Ga:sorry but we can’t help you…..its been very difficult for my dii to start a new life I can’t do that…..please let her live peacefully….you both don’t know what she went through in these three years….
Rudra: gauri dii pls listen to us once…..we want anika dii to meet shivay bhaiya and only you can help us in that….
Gauri: When your brother loves someone else then how can you expect us to do so….
Om: shivay loves anika only….gauri shocked
Gauri :what?
Soumya :but dii had seen him with….
Rudra: malika right? Actually it was all a misunderstanding……
Soumya: misunderstanding?
Om: yes soumya…
Gauri :but that day when dii had gone to meet him he had already accepted malika’s proposal.
Om: no its not true! Actually what anika had seen had happened but the way she took it was not that.
Soumya :what are you saying bhaiya?
Rudra :gauri dii…soumya actually shivay bhaiya was waiting there for anika dii only…and he tells them the whole thing which happened before anika’s arrival and after she left the auditorium.
Om: I don’t understand why anika think that malika was proposing shivay.
Soumya: actually bhaiya before reaching auditorium dii had met malika and she also tells them about anika’s meeting with malika and then how daksh trapped her in his plan….
Rudra: what daksh did all this? Om I m going…I will not leave that daksh…and he becomes hell angry….soumya was surprised to see such anger in his eyes…
Om: rudra calm down! We will deal with that daksh later now we have to focus on shivay anika.
Rudra ( crying ):because of him my innocent shivay bhaiya had to live alone for three years….you know na om how much happy he was with anika dii…how much excited he was to tell anika dii about his feelings…and daksh spoiled everything…..om hugs him..

Om ( criying ): don’t worry rudra that time situation also betrayed them ( shivika ) that’s why that evil daksh won in his dirty plans….but this time love will win…and shivika will get each others love..
Gauri :was also crying listening to the whole truth…and she sits with a thug on the floor…soumya starts consoling her..
Soumya: dii pls don’t cry now we know everything so we will tell it to anika dii and she will get her happiness…
Gauri: you are right soumya….now she will get her happiness….
Om: yes!! And for that we have a plan…and we want you both to help us..
Gauri stands up and wipes her tears…
Gauri :we will do anything….tell us what we have to do..
Om: okk come with us…and they all reach to oberoi mansion….and goes to Om’s room where janvi and rocky was waiting for them. Om tells them everything….
Janvi: I will never forgive that daksh…
Rocky :I wish I could beat him like anything….he did this with my friend cum brother..but now we just need to focus on our plan..and he starts telling them his plan…
Gauri: thanks a lot rocky…
Soumya: haan bhaiya thanks and this plan is awesome…..
Rocky: comes and side hugs both gauri and soumya …..
Rudra :O I know sumo is emotional but why she didn’t hug me…
Om: ya even gauri can also hug me…and they both realises what they were talking….
Rudra: I was saying considering sumo as a friend but gauriji aapko hug kyun karegi…
Om ( didn’t know what to say ) :nothing…I was also saying as she is emotional…
Rudra: I understand everything O…..and he starts singing again….kya Karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai…..
Janvi :what are you both talking…
Om :nothing mom….
Rocky :so guys ready….and gauri soumya you both know na what you both have to do…
Gauya: yes!!!..
Rocky: and omru you both….
Omru: yes!!
Rocky: janvi aunty now anika will be got by soumya and gauri so you have to do something else…actually i want you to get a place for sometime…
Janvi :ya sure but which place…
Rocky: that place where shivika’s story had stopped….And they all smile….

Next day…it was Sunday…anika was sitting looking at shivay pic in her room….
Anika :shivay I met your mother and she told me how much pain you are feeling now….I wish I could come to you now and hug you tightly….and can tell you that nothing will happen shivay till your anika is there….you don’t have to be worried about anything….I left you for your happiness but you are not happy so I have come back to you shivay…I want to tell you shivay how much I love you….gauri and soumya were listening to her..
Gauri :don’t worry dii you will be saying all this to him soon….I promise!
Anika :what are you saying gauri??
Gauri: nothing…and she signs soumya …
Soumya :anika dii see I am getting bore sitting at home so my friends have planned something for today in college…its a college students reunion of last few years batches and we juniors…so I want you both also to come with me…but gauri dii is saying no….and she sits making a sad face.
Gauri :soumya why are you telling all this to dii…you know na how much sad she is now….and you want her to go in college reunion because we want to go there….just because we want to go there it doesn’t mean we will force dii…now let’s go I have some work and you have to complete your assignments….
Soumya( sad ): okkk…and they both start leaving…
Soumya :anika di pls stop us….you have to go there….pls say something…
Gauri: pls god let anika dii say yes…
Anika ( thinks ) :what are you doing anika? How can you make your sisters sad….you should go with them and most important that college was a very special place for me…..she speaks….
Anika :stop both of you….get ready fast we are going to college reunion…
Soumya and gauri gives a HiFi to each other and then hugs anika tightly…
Gauri: I m very happy dii because you will be happy from now..
Soumya :yes dii thanks for coming with us..
Anika: okk go and get ready…
Gauri :dii I have got a dress for you…pls wohi pehna.
Anika: ok..

In oberoi mansion…
Shivay was coming to his room and seeing him omruky starts their drama.
Om: but rocky we can’t come with you…you na shivay is very upset now a days so how can we have fun without him..
Rudra: yes rocky bhaiya…we will not come to college reunion…actually we really wanted to come but ….leave it.
Rocky: ok guys…fine then I will also not go..
Shivay :you all will go…
Rudra :but bhaiya….
Shivay :rudra don’t worry about me you all go and have fun…
Rocky: shivay I think you should also come with us…
Shivay :no rocky I m not in a mood to go…
Rocky: om and rudra look at each other as their plan was failing….suddenly rudra comes with an idea…
Rudra :okk we will go….by the way rocky bhaiya who all are coming to this reunion….
Rocky: students of last few years batches….
Rudra: last few years?? I mean pichle teen chaar saal pehle Jo padhte the won students bhi…..
Om :haan haan Sab ayenge…
Rocky: and mere aur shivay ke batch wale bhi ayenge….shivay heard all this..
Shivay’s POV
Mere batchmates iska MATLAB anika bhi ayegi…and agar woh aayi toh main usse mil sakta hu I have to go there…..
Shivay :I m also coming with you…
Rocky: yeh hui na baat…. But shivay remember you have to wear what I have got for you its in the cupboard and they all leave to get ready….

At college
Aniriya reaches before obros…according to Rocky’s plan.
Anika was wearing a beautiful cream colour one side off shoulder gown with her hairs open and curly at the bottom…she was looking awesome..
Anika: yaha toh koi nahi hai actually the whole college was decorated but didn’t had a single person…
Gauri: dii we reached earlier that’s why…
Anika: okk let’s go..
Soumya: actually dii my friend has stucked in jam so I have to go and get her…you both go and wait in auditorium….I will be back soon.
Anika: no you will not go alone…
Gauri: yes soumya I will also come with…dii you go and wait inside…and shayad aapka koi puran friend mil jaye…
Anika :okkk…they both come to anika and hug her…and wish her all the best…
Anika: all the best?? But for what?
Gauya :you just go dii…you will get to know soon…and they both leave from there…anika enters the college…

Rocky :mission successful anika had reached there….
Omru :yes!!!!
They all reach college….
Shivay was wearing his perfect three piece suit which was adoring his personality….his hairs were perfectly set…
Shivay’s POV
Anika….I feel like you are here….
Rocky :what happen shiv…
Omru :bhaiya actually you both go inside we have to stay here…..our friends are coming so we have to wait for them…
ShivKy: okkk and they both enter inside…
Omru :all the best shivay/ bhaiya….

Anika enters the auditorium…she waits over there and remember that day….tears escape from her eyes…

Rocky: shivay I have to attend a call….pls yehi wait kariyo..and he makes him stand there on the entrance…
Shivay okkk

Rocky: have you reached here?
Girl: yes!!! I m going to auditorium… You also come there fast.
Rocky: okkk….and thanks malika….( so guys she was malika )
Malika :no need to thanks rocky…it all happened because of me so only I have to correct it…

Anika :abhi tak koi aaya kyun nahi….pata nahi gauri soumya bhi kaha chali gayi….suddenly she hears some footsteps…
Anika: I think someone has come…she turns to check and she finds…
Anika gets a shock …..to be continued…..

Precap who is it?? Why was anika shocked………anika blames herself for misunderstanding shivay….most awaited shivika’s meet….a must read chapter of this ff…..thanks for reading!!

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