His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 14)

Hii guys this is shyra back with new chap…..I have posted my previous chap yesterday only so those who haven’t read it yet pls read it…..( next update will be on 15 July Saturday pls wait for it and read it ). In the beggining I had said that this is mainly shivika ff but as now rikara and rumya are also there so I’ll be concentrating on them also as its story’s demand too but main charcters are shivika only and in my last chap I forgot to tell you that I have chosen barun sobti for Rocky’s character as told by my readers. So guys read this one and tell me how was it I m waiting for your comments till then byee…

Rudra :ohh sorry!! But what will we do?
Rocky (smiles): will do shivika reunion….shivay enters….
Everybody gets shocked.
Shivay: what happened? And why are you all shocked….
Everybody sighs in relief..
Janvi: see shivay! Rocky has come back from US.
Shivay smiles and hug rocky.
Janvi :you all talk….I have some work to do and janvi leaves.
Rocky: how are you shivay?

Shivay: I m fine…
Rocky: but tujhe dekhkar lag nahi raha that you are fine…
Shivay: its nothing like that….
Rudra: leave it rocky bhaiya….he will never say that he is not fine.
Om: yes rocky…since anika has left him he is like that only.
Shivay: om…
Rocky: shivay…I know you loved her very much but do you really think that she will come back to you…
Shivay: yes….and I don’t only believe that but I m sure also because I know very well she loves me alot and on top of it my love will bring her back to me.
Rudra (he goes and hug shivay ): oh god bhaiya! Hats off to your love…..anika didi has come back bhaiya…..
Shivay: what??
Om :nothing shivay….he was saying that anika will come back..
At night
Rudra: everybody has arrived….
Om :yes rudra! You just close the door so that shivay doesnt come again. ( rudra shuts the door )
Rocky: so guys are you ready??
Rudra :but bhaiya hum karenge kya ab toh bata do!!!
Rocky: hum kuch nahi karenge koi aur karega….
Janvi who??

and rocky calls someone…rocky cuts the call and smiles..
Rocky: janvi aunty…I want you to get anika somewhere…will you??
Janvi :done!! But what at you going to do?
Rocky :I m just going to clear their misunderstanding first.
Om: but how will you do it?
Rocky: that I will tell you later Now I want your help..

Rudra: yes bhaiya tell us we will do anything….
Rocky :we only know about Shivay’s side story….and about anika we just know that she thinks malika to be shivay’s interest due to which anika is very hurt.. And to clear their misunderstanding we need someone who can tell us about anika’s side story….who can make anika listen to her heart. You both have to go anika’s house as neither anika nor her any other family member knows you both…..
Rudra :but bhaiya what we will do there?
Rocky :you will go there and find someone who is very much attached to anika and can help us in uniting shivika.
Om :fine we will go there tomorrow…..
Rocky: hey you both will not go like that…

Rudra :what do you mean by like that??
Rocky: I mean you will not reveal your identity till you don’t find that person.
Om ok .

Next day….
Omru reaches malhotra mansion…
Rudra :bhaiya anika Didi’s house is very nice..
Om: ya right..
Rudra :but o what we will tell them….I mean who are we and all that…
Om :no need to worry about it…actually we will tell them that we have come here to give them a big order as malhotra’s run a big confectionary ‘ Mom’s magic’ which is very famous so they will surely take our order and then whom we will find suitable to tell our plan we will tell that person…

Rudra ( praises ) :waah om!! You have become intelligent day by day…
Om: now don’t waste time and let’s go inside…

Inside malhotra mansion…
Gauri was in kitchen…she was wearing a red anarkali…soumya enters..
Soumya :what are you doing dii?
Gauri :actually anika dii is very sad so to make her happy I was just making her fav cake…
Soumya :wow dii!! That’s great….
Door bell rings….
Soumya: who has come in early morning??
Gauri: don’t know…
Soumya :let me check…
Gauri: wait soumya tu jars yeh cake microwave main rakh se I will check who is there..
Soumya :ok dii..
Gauri goes to open the door…

Outside the door…
Rudra :oh god!! Koi hai bhi ya nahi…
Om: wait rudra!!
Rudra om shall I break the door?
Om: are you mad rudra…keep quiet!
Rudra 😮 this is not fair…ohh so you are jealous of my body right…
Om :shut up rudra!

Rudra what shut up?
Om: rudra will you keep quiet….and I m not at all jealous with your body okkk…even I can break the door!!
Gauri opens the door….om was back facing her and didn’t noticed her…rudra saw her and thought of a khurafati idea….
Rudra :so om you are saying that you will break the door easily…
Om :why not? And not only this door I can break any door…yeah toh ek punch main hi gira dunga…

Gauri :and may I know why you want to break my door?
Om: rudra why are you speaking like that and yeh tera door kab se ho gaya?
Rudar: o you are gone!
Om turns and find gauri standing in front of her….he was mesmerized by her simplicity…
Gauri: hey Mr. I asked you something ?? Om was busy in looking at her lovingly.
Gauri: will you speak something?
Om :you are very beautiful!!!!
Rudra covers his mouth….

Gauri :what???
Rudra starts singing…pehli nazar main kaisa jaadu Kar diya aapka ban betha hai om ka jiya….
Gauri gives him a confused look..
Om comes back to his senses….
Om: shut up rudra!! Actually we have came here to give you a order…
Rudra :haww!! Om you now you will give order to didi..
Om: shut up rudra!! ( to gauri ) actually we are organising a party for ophanage kids..and your confectionary is famous for its sweet items….

Gauri :okkk….please come inside.
They both enter the house which was very nicely decorated….the wall had beautiful paintings and a big collage of anika’s family….om notices a picture which was of guari and anika and smiles…
Rudra: what happen om?
Om: see there rudra our shivay’s anika…..
Rudra :she is beautiful om…
Om: hmmm!!!
Guari gets water for them and notices them looking at anika’s pic..
Gauri :what happen omji??
Om was again lost listening omji…

Rudra :waah!! Bhaiya omji haan….
Om :nothing!!! I wanted to say that you have a nice family..
Rudra :pehle beautiful….ab nice…sahi jaa rahe hai omjii….and he giggles.
Gauri looks to the other side.
Om glares rudra…
Gauri actually my mom and my elder sister run our confectionary so I won’t be able to tell you much about the varieties and all…
Rudra: its ok we don’t even want to know about it…
Gauri :what?
Om: no problem …you can also help us by taking our order….
Rudra :and dii not only order now it seems like you can take our om too….om again glares him in anger.

Soumya enters the hall carrying cake….
Soumya: gauri dii….cake is ready…but her foot stucks in carpet and she slips but rudra gets a hold of her…and his one hand was on her waist and the other was holding the cake safely. They both have a eyelock…..music plays ankhon main Teri ajab si ajab si adaye hai…..
Rudra: cute!!
Om and gauri look at each other..
Om coughs…and rumya comes back to senses. Soumya stands properly.
Soumya :thanks!!
Rudra :anytime!! And he keeps looking at her.
Om: pehle cute…ab anytime…sahi jaa raha hai rudy and he also teases rudy like he did…
Soumya :my cake….

Rudra: my name is rudra but if you like cake then you can call me cake….no problem.
Om: rudra!!
Rudra :hmmmm om and he looks at om…
Om ( pointing towards the cake which was in his hand ): she is asking for this cake..
Rudra ( looks at the cake ) :ohh sorry!! Take it…
Soumya :dii…are they your friends….
Rudra: no no otherwise my om would have been your jiju till now…..
Everyone looks at him…
Om :rudra will you shut up now?
Rudra makes a puppy face.

Gauri: okk omji I will tell mom about your order…she will call you don’t worry!
Rudra ( talks to om ) :om I think we can take their help….pls tell them.
Om: you are right rudra!
Gauri :what happen is there any problem?
Rudra: problem toh already ho gayi hai…
Soumya :what??
Om :actually we have not came here to give any order….
Gauri: not to give order? Then what?
Om: actually gauriji I m omkara Singh oberoi!

Rudra :and I m rudra Singh oberoi!
Gauri and soumya were shocked to hear their surnames…
Gauri :omkara Singh oberoi….
Soumya: rudra Singh oberoi….
Gauri: it means you both are….
Om: shivay’s brother…..to be continued

Precap gauri :sorry but we can’t help you…..its been very difficult for my dii to start a new life I can’t do that.
When your brother loves someone else then how can you expect us to do so….
Om: shivay loves anika only….gauri shocked
Soumya :but dii had seen him with….
Rudra: malika right? Actually it was all a misunderstanding……

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