His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 13)

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While collecting the things janvi finds a pic and she gets shocked….
Janvi :who is he?? And how do you know him?

Anika’s eyes fills with tears and she takes the pic and looks at it..( so guys it was shivay’s pic )

Anika: he is Mr. Shy…and she smiles.
Janvi :Mr. Shy??
Anika: ya he is my life….and aunty aapko pata hai he is very nice and agar meri jagah yeh yaha hota toh yeah bhi un girls ki madat karne chala jaata because help karna mere shivay ki hobby hai…..she wipes her tears.
Janvi :was shocked to hear what anika has said…..actually the way she was saying each and every word about him….janvi understood that there was something between them.
Janvi was staring at her…

Anika :sorry aunty….you were helping me and I started my story….
Janvi: no no its fine…actually even I want to listen as the way you were speaking about him it feels like he is very important to you…..

Anika: yes… he is very important for me….( looking at the pic )
Janvi :if you don’t mind you can share it with me because sometimes its easy to share your pain with strangers because you don’t know them and due to this you don’t have the fear that what they will think about you….
Anika looks at her with tearful eyes….and janvi signs her in assurance that she should speak her pain out..
Anika :he is shivay but I used to call him MR. Shy because he never used to share his feelings with anyone…..its not like he didnt had something to share… he had many things which he wanted to share …..but with someone who can understand him. And aapko pata hai he has kanji eyes….I mean blue eyes…I mean green eyes…I mean grey…sorry actually it had many colours and each colour of his eyes wanted to express something special but my shivay never let those untold things to come out…because he was waiting for someone special whom with he could live his happiness … share his pain…….anika’s eyes again started shedding tears and with that she smile too….and continues speaking……..And I was the one who always wanted to become that someone special for him but ( suddenly she remembers everything ) she wipes her tears and speaks…

Anika :I m sorry actually I wasn’t able to control my feelings…and said all this and she turns to go.
Janvi: you said everything but you didn’t said one thing…
Anika looks at her..
Janvi: you didn’t said that how much you love him…..
Anika: its nothing like that….
Janvi :really?? So you don’t love him?
Anika: I do but ….
Janvi: but what? Speak up…..what’s your name dear??
Anika :anika!!! …..
Janvi :anika beta….what happened why did stop??
Anika: because there is nothing to tell…
Janvi :hey bacha!! Where there is love there is no need of anything else…and Why are you not letting your emotions to come out?? Trust me you will feel nice.
Anika: I have nothing in my life except two truths…..one is I love him which is the most beautiful truth of my life …it gives me hope to live…
Janvi: and the other one…
Anika: the other one is that he doesn’t love me…….the most bitter truth of my life which Finishes my all hopes….
Janvi: did you ever tell him about your feelings??
Anika :how would i ?? I have never even met him….
Janvi gets a big shock….
Janvi: what?? He doesn’t know you??
Anika: he knows me but just as anika who was his best friend…with wh
om he used to talk on phone and had never met….
Janvi: then also you love him so much……
Suddenly janvi’s phone starts ringing and it displays shivay’s name and pic….anika looks at it and gets shocked….but janvi remains normal and picks up the call.
Shivay: where are you mom?
Janvi: just came to temple to pray for your happiness….and now I think I have got it and she looks at anika….anika was just shocked
Shivay :what mom???
Janvi: nothing..I’ll back soon. And she cuts the call.
Anika :aap shivay ki….

Janvi :maa hoon!!
Anika :why didn’t you tell me before?
Janvi :if I would have told you would you have said all those things.
Anika: sorry!! But I have to go…and she tries to leave.
Janvi: you will not go anywhere if you love shivay now also….and anika stops….she was not able to move a little bit also….
Janvi :you are right anika…my son is shy but he is innocent also….very selfless… He never thinks about himself. But he is not that shivay now….as now he is broken down also.
Anika looks at her.
Janvi: yes anika!! My shivay is alone now….I know we are with him but he needs that someone special now also…..and I think you are only that special person.
Anika: no aunty …its not possible..
Janvi :but why its not possible??

Anika: because he loves someone else…he has someone else in his life.
Janvi: anika I don’t know what happened between both of you but I want to ask you if my son has someone in his life then why is so alone….can you give me this answer…
Anika :I m not able to understand…
Janvi: he had gone to do suicide…and anika remembers his meeting with shivay….
Janvi tells her everything…..
Anika :my shivay suffered so much….he would have broken down…I know how much he used to love his family.
Janvi :yes anika…. he is very lonely….he needs a hope….he needs love and you can give him that….pls anika help my shivay to get his happiness in his life….and she cries saying this.
Anika: please aunty don’t cry….I will help shivay ….I left him for his happiness and for his happiness I can do anything…tell me what i have to do??
Janvi: marry him!!
Anika was shocked

Anika :but….
Janvi: please anika….please my shivay is left alone….he really needs someone….he is breaking day by day…
Anika :didn’t know what to say…..
Janvi: we both love him very much and that’s why I’m asking you for this…..
Anika: but how can I?
Janvi :only you can anika….only you can…
Anika: aunty I will do anything for shivay but not as a wife….but as a friend only.
Janvi :par…
Anika :pls aunty don’t force me…and anika leaves saying this.
Janvi comes back to oberoi mansion……
A boy comes to her and hugs her..
Boy :how are you aunty I was waiting to meet you…
Janvi: rocky!! Tum…but when did you come back from US.
Rocky :today only….just to meet my friend and his loving family.
Janvi thinks: rocky is shivay’s best friend…he must be knowing about anika…I think I should ask him…

Rocky :notices janvi little tensed….
Rocky: what happen to you aunty…I know I m not your son but you can share it with me…
Janvi: rocky you know shivay since very long time so you must know few things about him which we don’t ….I mean which he shared with you….
Rocky: aunty you na how uptight he is so I can’t guarantee whether I know the thing which you want to know but agar mujhe pata hogi woh baat toh I will surely tell you.
Janvi: do you know who is anika?
Rocky becomes surprised….
Janvi: what happen rocky…do you know her? Pls tell me…its very important for me to know about her..
Rocky: aunty actually anika was….and he tells everything about shivika….
Janvi: what?? It means shivay also loves anika..
Rocky: yes aunty!! But what happened why are you so shocked?
Janvi: thank god! Rocky you don’t know if you wouldn’t have told me this toh pata nahi kya ho jaata…
And janvi tells him everything…
Rocky: what iska matlab anika ko lagta hai shivay kisi aur se….

Janvi: kisi aur se nahi….malika se.
Omru also comes and listen to them.
Rudra :itni badi misunderstanding…..
Om: I think we should tell them about this…
Rocky :no om wait they both have suffered a lot due to separation so I think we should do something different jisse unki misunderstanding bhi khatam ho jaye and shivika ka confession bhi ho jaye…..
Rudra :rocky bhaiya why are you getting your girlfriend in between all this….
Rocky :my girlfriend are you mad rudra?

Om: rudra?
Rudra: toh you only said na shivika ka confession ho jaye…
Rocky: oh god rudy ! Shivika means shivay + anika….shivika its their couple name and not my girlfriends name.
Rudra :ohh sorry!! But what will we do?
Rocky (smiles): will do shivika reunion….to be continued.

Precap janomruky’s mission shivika reunion starts…
Rudra :but bhaiya him karenge kya ab toh bata do!!!!
Rocky: him kuch nahi karenge koi aur karega….and he calls someone…rocky cuts the call and smiles..

Rocky: janvi aunty…I want you to get anika somewhere…will you??
Janvi :done!!

Authors note
So guys please tell me how was it by commenting….I will wait for your comments. Don’t forget to read the next on Thursday.try to guess also who will be this cupid in shivika’s love story.

Shyra’s note ( for UF )
I read all comments but wasn’t able to reply due to some network problem..but UF I read your comment and wanted to say that ….same pinch dear ohh god I can’t tell you I was such a crazy Saraswatichandra fan and I chose varun Kapoor only after admiring his role of Danny and I was even going to write that….but my sister told me that nowadays people recognise him more as sanskaar and would have forgotten his role in Saraswatichandra….. But after reading your comment I was like…yes! Yes! Yes! There is someone who remembers my fav show now also…I was really happy…after reading my reply you would have surely come to know that such a big fan I was ….I mean I m now also …thanks for sharing your views with me….I m glad. Keep reading dear and thanks for that lovely comment also.

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