His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 12)

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Shivay was looking at malika….and malika was also staring him and smiling.
Shivay ( in amazement ): she is not my anika!!!
Rocky: lagta hai tu shock se pagal ho gaya hai…and tune toh kaha tha ki tune usse dekha bhi nahi hai and bina dekhe tujhe Kaise pata ki yet anika nahi hai…
Shivay: I am saying na she is not my anika!!!
Rocky but..

Malika speaks in between..
Malika: you are right shivay I m malika…and who is anika??
Rocky :oh shit!! I m really sorry both of you….it was my mistake but shivay I have to say not only you but anika….I mean both of you are lucky….but how do you know she is not anika??
Shivay: when my anika takes my name….my heart starts beating again….I feel alive again…I feel happy and all these happen by just listening my name from her mouth and this is because I always used to think that when I will meet her god knows how will I feel but …..
Malika was just listening to everything and each and every word of shivay was making her feel the intense love between shivika….

Malika and you didn’t felt anything when I came…..
Shivay: yes….actually I m sorry….I was waiting for someone else and rocky thought you to be…
Malika :anika…right?? Shivay nods…I don’t know much about both( shivika )of you but …( looking at rocky malika speaks ) rocky you said right…they both are lucky to have each other and after meeting anika also I felt the same….
Shivay: what you met anika….I mean you know her..how is she and where is she….is she with you?? And he starts looking behind malika with curiosity…
Malika :wait wait!! Can I answer your ques one by one??and she laughs…

Shivay :ya ya actually I was….
Malika: I understand…actually when I was coming here ( and she tells about her meeting with anika )
Shivay ( happily ) :iska matlab she also loves me!! And he hugs rocky in happiness.
Rocky ( while hugging ) :congras bro!! And all the very best for your new life.
Malika :I think I should leave now… Anika must be coming to meet you and she bids them a good bye and leave.

In excitement and happiness shivay didn’t paid any attention towards malika’s arrival’s reason.
Malika’s POV
I loved you shivay but you belong to someone else….and I m not that selfish……for my love I can’t snatch you from anika….she has more right on you aur mera kya hai…I m happy for you both..she wipes her tears and leave.
It has been four hours since shivay was waiting for anika…shivay was roaming here and there for last four hours…..rocky was also with him.
Rocky: shivay college hours are over now…..

Shivay :hmmm.
Rocky :did she pick up your call??
Shivay nods in negative…and looks to the other side.
Rocky: don’t worry dude she must be stuck somewhere…
Shivay :I know…zaroor koi baat hogi isiliye nahi aayi…I hope she is fine.
Rocky: but shivay malika said she was coming to meet to then…
Shivay :don’t know…I m getting worried for her….rocky I think you should leave its too late..
Rocky: but shivay I can’t leave you like that…
Shivay: don’t worry…I m fine you just go.
Rocky: but shivay…
Shivay: please go rocky…

Rocky: fine…but promise me you won’t take any wrong step.
Shivay :no rocky I will never do that because my life is not mine now its anika’s….and he smiles.
Rocky also smiles seeing his love and hug him tightly.
Rocky I will pray that you stay together forever…and he breaks the hug…
Shivay now go…and rocky leaves.

Shivay also comes out of the campus and sit outside waiting for anika…he tries to call her again and again but…
Shivay’s POV
I hope she is fine…I wish would have told her that day only then she would have been with me now….he takes out that bracelet which he had got for her and touches it ……his tears starts falling on it…song plays in background…

Dekhe jo khwaab the
Gire jo aankh se
Toh aansoo ban ke dil beh gaya
Toote jo aayine
Sach aaya saamne
Ab tu hi muje ye bata

Kya main hoon hero tera (x4)

Saanson se door main
Ho sakta hoon magar
Tujhse naa ho sakunga judaa
Duniya naa samjhegi
Dil ko mere abhi
Jo ehsaas tune diya

Kya main hoon hero tera (x4)

Now its been one month since anika has no clue but shivay still has hope that he would meet her one day and like that three years passes…..
Flashback ends (finally )

Back to present
Shivomru have tears in their eyes….
Rudra bhaiya…and he hugs shivay tightly.

Next morning

Janvi comes to shivay’s room and looks at him.
Janvi :I can’t see my shivay like that…I have to get someone who can share his pain ,who can be his support ,who can make him fight for his rights, and the most important who can love him and get happiness to his life…shivay wakes up and sees janvi sitting beside him.
Shivay: what happen mom?
Janvi: shivay if I ask you for something will you give me??
Shivay :yes mom!! But what happen?
Omru comes to the room.
Janvi :first promise me..

Shivay :I promise mom.
Janvi :I want your happiness shivay….and for that I want to do something..
Shivay: mom I am not able to understand what are you saying.
Janvi: I want you to marry shivay…..shivay gets shocked…..
Janvi: shivay please will you do this for me??

Rudra: but mom….
Janvi :rudra I m doing this for shivay’s happiness…..please shivay say something.
Om :but mom tia is not good for shivay….
Janvi: no not with tia…but with some girl who can bring happiness in my shivay’s life. So shivay will you fulfill my this wish then I will not ask you for anything..
Shivay: fine mom!! I will do whatever you want…I know if you are saying something, it will be good only.
Rudra: bhaiya …but before rudra could say anything shivay leaves from there. Janvi also leaves.
Om: I think mom is right…

Rudra: om you also…
Om: yes rudra…who knows there is something good has to happen in shivay’s life.
Rudra :fine then.

In malhotra mansion
Anika: was going to her bakery…
Gauri: dii are you alright?
Anika: hmmm. And she leaves.

On her way anika sees a temple and she decides to go inside. Suddenly she finds some boys teasing girls who were passing from there. On the other side janvi was also present in the same temple and she was coming downstairs….when she notice those same boys…
Woman: ( standing near janvi )how disgusting are these people?? Just she how these are teasing the girls?

Janvi :it will keep happening till girls will keep quiet god knows when will girls show some courage and will speak out against these things instead of ignoring…and she turns to go with disappointment but she stops listening to a girls voice and the girl is none other then anika.
Anika 🙁 to a girl who was being teased by those boys ) himmat naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai aur bhagwan ne saath surf chudiyan pehne ke liye nahi diye kabhi kabhi apni self respect ke liye inse dusre kaam bhi Karun lene chahiye.

Boy: oye Kaun hai tu aur itni himmat hai toh humse baat Kar.
Anika: slaps him hard….janvi gets shocked to see her.
Anika: tujh jaise logo se toh main muh se nahi haath se baat Karti hu samjha warnsa mujhe bahut achche se samjhana aata hai aur tum ladkiyon main self respect hai ya nahi…kabhi apne liye khade hona nahi sikha haan…..janvi was just smiling looking at her confidence.
Janvi’s POV
She is the one who can be my shivay’s support….she can make him confident like her…she is the only one who can teach my shivay to stand for himself….till then police had came and arrest those boys. Anika was also going to leave when her purse falls….she starts picking up all the things when janvi comes to help her…
Janvi :may I help you?? And she starts gathering her things….
Anika :thanks aunty…
Janvi :you are very confident I must say….

Anika smiles….
While collecting the things janvi finds a pic and she gets shocked….
Janvi :who is he?? And how do you know him?
Anika’s eyes fills with water and she takes the pic and looks at it..( so guys it was shivay’s pic )

Anika: he is Mr. Shy…and she smiles.
Janvi :Mr. Shy??
Anika: ya he is my life….and aunty aapko pata hai he is very nice and agar meri jagah yeh yaha hota toh yeah bhi un girls ki madat Marne chala jaata because help karna mere shivay ki hobby hai…..she wipes her tears.
Janvi was shocked to hear what anika has said…..to be continued

Precap janvi :will you marry my shivay??
Anika: shocked!!
Anika: but…
Janvi( crying ) :my shivay is broken anika….he is very alone….he needs someone pls anika marry my shivay…?

Authors note
Guys those who have not read my previous chap pls go and read it I have updated it yesterday only….and guys I have asked you all suggest me someone for Rocky’s character….and I have got only two suggestions till now so if you have someone else in mind pls tell me or choose from these…
1) karanvir bohra ( naagin 2 as rocky )
2) varun Kapoor ( swaragini as sanskaar)
3) barun sobti ( ipkknd as advay) this is by me.

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