His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 11)

Hii friends!! Your late lateef shyra is back….sorry guys I m much more late this time sorry actually I was really busy somewhere pls forgive me for this time. This chapter will reveal the whole flashback so read it and tell me fast how was it…and some people asked me to punish that daksh so there is some thing special for them…. Thanks a lot who are reading my ff..thank you so much!! Pls guys don’t forget to comment..I m waiting for it…and a surprise for all of you that is you will get the next update this Saturday only I mean tomorrow so pls wait for it and it will be a must read…

Anika’s POV
Finally I m going to meet my shivay…..god I don’t know whether he will ever become anika’s shivay or not but I want to live my whole life as shivay’s anika…and her eyes fills with water…..today I m expecting happiness and my happiness lies in shivay….with shivay…for shivay. Today even if he refused to me I won’t have any complaints because atleast I will be having a reason to live that is to love shivay for the rest of my life and she leaves for her class.
After one hour she was going to meet shivay in auditorium. Somehow this one hour finished and she left to auditorium..a glow of excitement was clearly visible on her face.

Flackback on hold..

Present time ( anika is telling everything to soumya)
Soumya :so di did he come to meet you???
Gauri :no he didn’t come to meet dii…and listening to gauri a lone tear escaped from anika’s eyes..
Anika( crying ): no gauri its not true….my shivay had come to meet me…she cries.
Gauri ( shocked ) :dii but you told me that he didn’t come to meet you…anika looks at her…you lied to me dii…but why??? And if he had come then what happened and why you didn’t you meet him?? what happened dii tell me…
Soumya ( wipes anika’s tears ) :dii tell us…what had happened that day??
Anika :that day….

Flashback continues

She reaches to the auditorium and she was going to enter but was shocked to see the sight..she stumbled but stood holding the wall….as if her whole world was shattered…her heart was broken into pieces…she was not able to believe her eyes…her heart was again and again denying the fact that her shivay…her shivay was in someone else’s embrace yes she saw her love hugging someone else…as if her happiness knocked the door but unfortunately the door was of someone’s else and not only that she became more shocked to see the person who got her shivay….she speaks in a shocked tone…Ma..lika..yes she was the same girl whom she met in the morning and then she remembers how she wished malika to win her love…who knows she lost her own love….she becomes silent…she was this much shattered that even tears were also not falling from her eyes … She started moving backwards and then she turns and was walking aimlessly in the corridors…suddenly she stumbles and was about to fall but someone holds her….
Person ( holding anika ): Oops!! Be careful!! Anika looks at the person and becomes shocked ( sorry guys he was not shivay )….
Anika :daksh…
Daksh: offo!! So you are anika right??? Anika moves away from his hold and looks to the other side.
Daksh :now you will be thinking how do I know you… Am I right ms. Anika….? So let me tell you…..actually your beautiful but now sad face is clearly saying that you are anika….or should I say the heartbroken anika…and he laughs.
Anika gives him a disgusting look!!
Daksh :am I saying something wrong….because after seeing your love with someone else a person would be heartbroken only..he starts moving around her and continues…..actually anika I am really sad for you….
Anika looks at him in anger..
Daksh: seriously I m not joking I m very sad for you…but I m angry on that shivay as how he didn’t respected your feelings ….as now only that girl….what is her name..???? Ya malika, she just proposed him and he accepted her without even thinking once about you…you did so much for him but that blo*dy crappp….and tadaaak…..anika slapped daksh tightly….he looks at anika angrily..
Daksh: how dare you??? Tadaakkkk…..and again anika slapped him….he was just looking at anika with anger…
Anika :now you will be thinking why I slapped you right Mr. Daksh???
Daksh :youuuuuu!!!!( cut off by anika )
Anika :shut up!! Not a single word more…till now I was just listening you because you were talking about me but how dare you to speak against my shivay haan?? And I didn’t got this chance otherwise you would have got this slap on that day only when you were shouting on my shivay….did you understand that??
Daksh :was looking at her shocked…
Anika: and yes you were correct I m anika..and yes I love shivay….and I don’t only love him….I respect him, his feelings, his emotions….everything about him…and what were you saying heartbroken anika…yes I m heartbroken because I was not able to give shivay that love ….but besides that I m very happy also because atleast my shivay will get that love from malika whom he loves…whom he has chosen for him….and I respect that..Mr. Daksh for me love means shivay’s happiness and shivay is happy with malika so I m also happy…did you understand that..she was about to leave but stops and turns to daksh…
Anika :today I m leaving from here but I will always remain with shivay as his shadow so don’t you dare to even think about hurting him…did you heard that…not even think about it…and she leaves from there in her full tadi.

Daksh’s POV
How dare her to slap me??? I will never forget this anika…by the way my work is done and he smiles…..

Flashback ends…

Present time
Anika was crying bitterly…..
Gauri: we know very well how much you love him then why you didn’t tell him anything and the most important you really don’t care about shivay being with malika……anika looks at gauri…
Anika: I don’t know….at that time I was heartbroken and even now also I m not able to forget shivay but for me shivay’s happiness is most important at time also and now too and I didn’t wish to be hurdle between him and his hapiness ….. Mere liye yeh important nahi hai ki woh kiske saath hai….mere liye important hai ki woh kiske saath khush hai….that’s why I didn’t meet him because I don’t want him to know about my feelings otherwise he will start feeling guilty…and before meeting him I had already decided that if he refused me then I’ll leave from his life forever…
Soumya: but dii shivay bhaiya didn’t refused your love…(cuts off by anika)
Anika :but he did not even accepted it also….and she cries…..
Gauri (wipes her tears): I think that day god listened to you dii…when you wished to exchange your goodluck with mine….I m responsible for all this dii and she also cries…then they trio hug each other and were consoling each other too…

( guys it was all what anika knows so now its time for shivay’s flashback which was after anika called him for there meeting )
This is the scene after shivay had gone to do suicide and anika saved him and then omru reached there…and get him back to oberoi mansion)

Shivomru enter om
tej ( shouts ) :I think now you will be happy right??
Shivomru are shocked…
Tej: I hope you remember that Tia’s parents were coming to meet you but why will you care about it….( cuts off)
Janvi: enough tej!!! Yes its enough now I was just tolerating you to keep my shivay away from your evilness but today you crossed all your limits….now its over tej and one more thing….yes shivay is not my own son but he more than that to me so from today onwards I don’t want your any kind of interference in my children lives….did you understand that….she goes to shivay..shivay was having tears in his eyes…
Janvi( holds shivay’s cheek) :I m sorry shivay…main tumhari ma nahi ban paayi…I m sorry…
Shivay: no mom!! You are my mom and you are best mom too and he hugged janvi…
Tej left that place as now nothing was under control of him
Rudra :omru can also join both of you….and shivay forwards his hand to omru and they all share an emotional oberoi moment….
In shivay’s room

Shivay took his phone and called someone….and again nobody answered his call….
Omru comes to him and keep their hands on shivay’s shoulder…
Om: kab take uska intezaar karega shivay??
Shivay; jab tak won mujhe mil nahi jaati….and he takes a deep breath.
Rudra :bhaiya I know I was small at that time so you both didn’t tell me anything about that day but now I am big enough to understand so pls will you tell me shivay bhaiya??
Om :rudra nothing had happened…you just go and take sleep..
Rudra: no I will not go anywhere till you both will not tell me everything and he starts forcing them to tell..
Om: rudra…nothing had happened just go n sleep..
Rudra :no om I’ll not…and he holds shivay…bhaiya uss din kya hua bataiye na…app anika dii se Milne gaye the na did she come to meet you?..bhaiya pls kuch toh boliye pichle teen saalo se aap dono mujhse kuch chupaa rahe ho…shivay bhaiya pure din udaas rehte hai raat ko anika didi ko call large rehte hai…par mujhe koi kuch nahi batata..bhaiya aapne kaha hai na ki obros ke bich main koi secret nahi hote then why this secret bhaiya…I want to…kya hua tha uss din did anika dii come or not??…( om speaks in between)
Om: nahi aayi woh!!! Rudra looks on….shivay had gone to meet him but she didn’t come to meet him…and after that till now shivay is trying to reach her but neither she picked his call nor she left any clue of her….
A lone tear escapes from shivay’s eyes..
Rudra ( tears escape from his eyes ): but anika didi toh shivay bhaiya se pyaar Karti thi na toh unhone Aisa kyun kiya??? She shouldn’t have done this…I thought she understands bhaiya but she betrayed him…
Shivay: no rudra its not true…anika can’t betray me..she can’t even hurt me….
Rudra :but bhaiya how can you say that??
Shivay: because my heart knows it…and rudra she understands me very well…as I don’t how she used to know about my mood…whether I was sad or happy she always knew it….I have never seen her face but I have also never seen such pure soul like anika….and I know if she didn’t come to meet me there must be some reason otherwise she can never make her shy shivay to sad one. It was my fault that I didn’t confessed her my feelings…and was waiting for her confession…
Rudra :bhaiya hua kya tha uss din?
Shivay: that day…..( so guys here starts the flashback of shivay’s side)
Auditorium flashback
Shivay was curiously waiting for anika ….he was continuously roaming here and there…..and he had something in his hands which he was holding tightly after sometime rocky comes there.
Rocky ( looks at shivay and starts teasing him ): so my friend is waiting for someone special haann???and he winks at shivay…
Shivay (blushes) :yes!!!
Rocky: omg!! Shivay you are blushing yaar…. Ok tell me who is that lucky girl whom my most wanted friend is waiting for and blushing tooo hahaha…
Shivay :she is not lucky….as I am lucky to have a friend like her in my life and I really wish to make her my whole world from best friend…but it will be possible only when she will also have same feelings for me…..
Rocky: don’t worry dude!! I know she will be yours and only yours…but one minute what you have in your hand??
Shivay has a beautiful box in his hand…he opens it to show rocky whats inside it….
There was a beautiful bracelet in it but it was not an ordinary one it had golden moons tied to it….and then rocky noticed something written on each moon…there were some letters he reads …
Rocky :wow this is amazing shivay!!!its beautiful but what is written on it? He stars reading A….N….I…K….A ….
And he looks at shivay confusingly …..what’s this…( guys he was reading each letter separately ) A…N..I..K…A?
Shivay: rocky its not A..N..I…K…A….its anika…
Rocky (laughs) :ohh sorry !! I m such a stupid…ok so the name of that special person is anika…wow her name is as beautiful as this bracelet…
Shivay :no wrong! This bracelet is as beautiful as her name and he smiles..?
Rocky: ohhho!! Mr. Romeo kya baat hai….shivay gets a call so he walks a little far from rocky.
At the same time malika also enters the audi ….she was looking here and there for shivay….Rocky’s eyes falls on her..
Rocky’s POV
Who is this girl and why he looking here and there??? Leave it what I have to do with it and again starts admiring the bracelet…suddenly he a thought sticks to his mind..and he looks at malika and then that bracelet..and speaks oh Teri kahi yeh romeo ki Juliet toh nahi hai….I mean kahi yeah shivay ki anika toh nahi hai…and he runs to shivay in excitement…and shouts shivay now shivay turns back…malika looks at shivay and starting coming to him…
Rocky :shivay see I think she is your Juliet…I mean your anika….listening to this a big smile crepts on shivay’s face. In the mean time malika comes to shivay and hugs him….( this was the time when anika enters the audi
And becomes shocked)
Malika( while hugging) :hii shivay!!!!
Listening to which shivay breaks the hug….but before shivay could speak anything rocky speaks…
Rocky: wow shivay!!!so finally you got your ladylover….congratulations man!! (And this came as another shock for anika and after few sec she leaves from there and the rest you know)
Shivay was looking at malika….and malika was also staring him and smiling.
Shivay ( in amazement ): she is not my anika!!!
Rocky: lagta hai tu shock se pagal ho gaya hai…and tune toh kaha tha ki tune usse dekha bhi nahi hai and bina dekhe tujhe Kaise pata ki yet anika nahi hai…
Shivay: I am saying na she is not my anika!!! To be continued..

Precap :how did shivay come to know that she is not anika???….flashback ends…..
A marriage proposal comes for anika!!?……will anika marry someone else???

Authors note
Sorry for leaving it with a suspense actually I m very tired after writing this much….and pls don’t forget to read next update on this Saturday( 8 July 2017). Its a request guys pls comment and one more thing pls suggest me someone for rocky’s character….he has a big role to play..so pls find a handsome,cute,frank and who can be a friend of shivay and tell me pls its a request.

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