His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 10)

Hii friend this is shyra back with another chap. Hope you all like it…fingers crossed. I want to thank you all who all who read my ff and like it too…thanks a lot friends and just one more chap to complete the flashback then get ready for shivika reunion. Till then Keep reading!!!

At night oberoi mansion

Shivay left the room..but he felt someone’s presence outside his room but he didn’t paid much attention to it and left…..someone speaks..
Boy: ohh so this anika was the reason behind my so called brother’s changed attitude…..but I must say anika you did too much for my brother so now you should also get something in return and he smirks. By the way anika thanks you filled some confidence in my brother now it will be fun to break my poor brother again…wow daksh good idea now see how will I destroy these unknown lovers so called love.( so he was evil daksh).

After some time shivay was sitting near the pool…and his phone rang . Now his sad face had a glow of happiness he hurriedly picked up the call.
Shivay hii!!
Anika ( feels Shivay’s sadness): why are you sad??? What happen? Ohh I understood again that daksh said something to you na?? He will not change now see I will not leave him.
Shivay :stop stop jhansi ki rani! Yes I was sad but daksh didn’t said anything to me..
Anika :and why were you sad?
Shivay( thinks) :no I can’t tell her anything. Shivay just be normal…
Anika :shivay are you ok??
Shivay :yes I m fine and its nothing.

Anika: fine actually shivay…I want to meet you.
Shivay: even I want to meet you… Realises what she said…I mean really anika yes I m ready but wait what happen ?? is everything alright??
Anika :nothing has happened shivay…actually I want to tell you something and for that we have to meet. So Can you meet me tomorrow?
Shivay (thinks) :I think om was saying right she also loves me and if it happened then I will also confess everything to her.
Anika :will you meet me shivay?
Shivay :yes anika even I m also waiting to meet u.
Anika :fine then after class I will come to meet you in auditorium.
Shivay: I will wait for you.

Anika :so then good night.
Shivay :good night. And he left to his room.
Omru were also there…shivay was very happy so he just came too his brothers and hugged them tightly.
Shivay: you were right om I think anika also loves me..she wants to meet me.
Om: really thats great shivay!! I m very happy for you.
Rudra :yes bhaiya all the best!!

Daksh was also listening to all there conversations.
Daksh :ohh sorry omru but till daksh is here this love story will never have a happy ending and that’s my promise.

At morning malhotra mansion
Gauri :was sleeping and Anika comes to her and tries to wake her up.
Anika :gauri wake up….please wake up gauri. We have to go to college also.
Gauri :dii let me sleep na…..and she covers her face with pillow…after few seconds she removes the pillow and look at the watch…oh god dii are you alright???
Anika :what?? I m totally fine and why are asking such ques??
Gauri :oh so I m dreaming…then its fine.she again goes to sleep.
Anika pinches her and shouts..

Anika: no your not dreaming ok…
Gauri :what?? She rubs her eyes and looks at anika ….. Is it true???
Anika :hey what do you mean by really haan?
Gauri: I mean you are anika diii naa or someone else..oh god I can’t believe my eyes..
Anika: shut up!! And I m anika only ok…
Gauri: dii see the time its just 6:15….and as much I know anika malhotra can never wake up till gauri malhotra pours a bucket full of water on her then aaj aisa kya ho gaya?
Anika :ya you are right? She realises what gauri said…wait wait are you calling me kumbhkaran? And anika glares her..gauri becomes little scared but to her surprise instead of being angry anika smiles.

Anika :ok fine I forgive you as I m very happy today.
Gauri :ohhh so my dii is going to confess her love to my sweet and shy future jiju…
Anika :yes…hey how do you know that I m going to propose him today? Ohh ya I remember that my sweet sister can read my face.
Gauri :yes bilkul sahii!!! And they laugh together.

Gauri becomes emotional seeing anika happy and a layer of water covers her eyes.
Anika :oye why you crying? And she wipes her tears .
Gauri (cubs anika’s face ) :I m not crying dii I m just happy to see my anika dii happy….I pray to god if anything bad has written in my anika dii’s faith then god transfers it to my faith and my good happenings to her faith(anika).
Listening to gauri anika’s eyes also fills with tears.

Anika(slaps lightly on gauri’s head) :shut up! Don’t speak your daily soap dailoges in front of me.
Gauri no dii I m not…cuts off by anika
Anika :ssshhh! Chup and dare you to speak such bad things and how did you think that anything bad happens to my gauri…and her dii will remain happy, no that’s not possible…and if anything bad is there in your destiny then I will not pray to god instead of that I will just order god to exchange it with my good destiny…
And after this they both hug each other tightly.
Gauri (breaking the hug) :All the best diii!!! Today you will surely get what you want and that’s my promise to you.

At college
Anika was very excited but a little nervous too as she was going meet her shivay and on top of it she was also going to propose him.
She walks through the corridors but suddenly she collides with someone.
Girl: really sorry!! I didnt see you.
Anika: its ok.

Girl :actually I m very excited today and in that excitement I collided with u sorry.
Anika: no its fine I can understand as I m also very excited today.
Girl :wow that such a lovely coinsidence…by the the way I m malika.(so guys she was malika)
Anika: hii malika! I m anika..

Malika :wow!! Its great mailka..anika…similar names , similar excitement thats nice…kahi hamari excitement ke reasons bhi same na ho.
Anika :no it can’t be the same…as I m going to confess my love to my best friend.
Malika: ohh god!! I mean really…I m also going to propose someone… that’s great anika.
Anika: really malika!! Wow thats great….

Mailka: hey now I m scared kahi main jisse propose karne jaa rahi hu pata chale tum bhi ussi ko propose kardo…
Anika: no no that should not happen…I love him very much.
Mailka :ya right even I love him very much and I know when I will tell him he will not refuse because woh hai hi Aisa kabhi kisi ko na nahi kehta…that is the only reason I love him.
Anika: don’t worry he will say yes pakka!!!
Malika :awww…that so sweet of you anika and she hugs anika.
Maika (breaks the hug): and I will also pray that you too get a I love u too in your reply.
Anika :thanks!! Ok bye see you later .
And they both leave to there destinations which was going to be the same..
Malika’s POV
I m coming shivay….I love you!! Today I will make you malika’s shivay for the rest of your life.

Anika’s POV
Finally I m going to meet my shivay…..god I don’t know whether he will ever become anika’s shivay or not but I want to live my whole life as shivay’s anika…and her eyes fills with water…..today I m expecting happiness and my happiness lies in shivay….with shivay…for shivay. Today even if he refused to me I won’t have any complaints because atleast I will be having a reason to live that is to love shivay for the rest of my life and she leaves for her class.

After one hour she was going to meet shivay in auditorium. Somehow this one hour finished and she left to auditorium..a glow of excitement was clearly visible on her face.
She reaches to the auditorium and she was going to enter but was shocked to see the sight..she stumbled but stood holding the wall….as if her whole world was shattered…her heart was broken into pieces…she was not able to believe her eyes…to be continued.

Precap what happened? And why was anika shocked??
So to know more keep reading and don’t forget to comment guys….I will be waiting for your comments..till then bye!

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    Hey Shyra !
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