His tears reached hervsoul a ff by shyra (chapter 18) Shivay’s new love guru

Hii friends! This is shyra back again….felt very nice reading your comments on previous chappys….thanks alot….you all are amazing readers guys …..I m not able to reply to your comments sorry I really didn’t get enough time for it sorry again but I will try my best to reply…by the way I have read all comments of your thanks a lot again…..I wanted to say that my last chap was not as good as I thought and it was a short one too…but this one is so amazing that I was myself enjoying it while writing….just read it and tell me through your comments…….any kind of suggestions ….complains…are most welcome.I will definitely look upon them so let’s continue with this one…..
Shivay: where is the car? Malika told me she parked it outside but…anika comes and stands
Anika: but yaha toh koi car nahi hai right…
Shivay: hmm…he realises that anika was standing in front of him….he becomes very happy…anika smiles…shivay hugs her….
Anika: shivay I was waiting for you only…..
Gauri 🙁 shouts ) dii come back fast its getting late we are waiting….
Shivay: I thought I won’t be able to meet you…
Anika: but how can I leave without meeting you….
Shivay: so you had asked malika…
Anika :shivay I wanted to meet you and you are doing all this investigation…. I m going…she pretends to leaves but shivay holds her hand and pulls her towards him….she lands on his chest….they both look into each others eyes….
Shivay :sorry anika !!pls don’t leave me ..
Anika :shivay I was saying like that only and why will I leave you? Mr. SSO I will never go away from you….never ever….aap bolegenge tab bhi nahi jaungi…shivay smiles looking at her…..they were very close to each other and were looking at each other lovingly….
Soumya: dii let’s go!!
Anika bits good bye to shivay and leaves…

At night shivay’s room…
Shivay was lost in his thoughts ….
Shivay: she has not changed a bit……just as my anika and she is much more beautiful as my expectations…
Omruky enters….
Rudra :so bhaiya how was your good bye meeting with anika didi…
Shivay :very beautiful…and how do you know about it…
Om :because we were the one’s who had arranged this meeting….
Rocky :yo bro…!! Shivay smiles looking at the care , the love they all had for shivay…he goes and hugs omruky…
Shivay :thank you guys …I know thanks is a very small word for what you all have done for me but seriously its means a lot to me…
Rocky: shivay bhul gaya…college main bola tha na tujh jaise sache aur achche dost ke liye kuch bhi….so finally my brother is happy today….
Shivay: I wish every shivay like me could get a friend like you rocky….
Rudra :ab rulaoge kya aap dono and he acts crying keeping his head on Om’s shoulder…om pats his head..
Om :nautankii!!
Rudra :but you didn’t answer my question..
Shivay :what??
Rocky: yehi ki what happened btw you and anika haan ?? And he omruky smirks…and our poor shivay was confused about what they actually wanted to know…( I hope u guys know what they mean right?? )
Shivay: what?
Rudra: wohi toh what???
Rocky: shivay now common i m your best friends …kya hua batana…
Om :rocky is right…I mean we all did such a big planning for you both so we have the right to know…
Shivay: tum Sab kya bol rahe ho I m not able to understand anything…
Rudra: I mean really bhaiya aapko kuch samajh nahi aa raha…
Rocky :shivay…yaar baat ko samajh…
Shivay: yes I understood….
Omruky becomes excited….
Rocky: thank god now tell us fast…
Shivay blushes….
Rudra: see O somebody is blushing….
Om :awww….now common shivay tell me…
Shivay: I …
Rocky: yes you what?
Shivay: I will go to meet her mother tomorrow…
Omruky ( in unison): what???
Shivay :yes…and why are you all so shocked…
Rocky: shivay we want to know that what happened when you went to meet her when she was leaving…
Shivay: ohhh that…
Rudra: haan bhaiya now pls will you tell us ki kya hua??
Shivay: ya actually malika told me that she….

Rocky :shivay mere bhai we know that tu uske baad Jo tere aur anika ke bich hua won bata …
Shivay: okk so I asked anika that she had asked malika to call me ….so she became angry and said that she is leaving so I just holded her hand…
Rudra :holded anika’s Didi’s hand wow…..
Rocky: shut up rudra let him complete…
Om :keep quiet both of you…haan shivay bol…
Shivay: hmm…I holded her hand anddd…..
Omruky: anddd…..
Shivay: I said sorry to her…
Omruky ( in unison): sorryyyyy?????
Shivay :yes I said sorry and asked her to not leave me and she said she will never leave me ….and I said I will meet her tomorrow…then she went…
Omruky were shocked….
Rocky: shivay…
Rudra :seriously…
Om: woh chali gayi….they were amazed to listen all that..
Shivay: hmmm….why what happened?
Rudra: that’s the problem bhaiya that nothing happend and he goes and sits on bed…keeping his hand on his head..
Rocky: shivay..nothing will happen to you bro…hey bhagwan mere bhai ko thoda toh kuch Sikha do…and he also sits beside rudra keeping his hand on his head…
Shivay looks at both of them and then at om…
Shivay :om what did I do??
Om :you didn’t do anything shivay and he also joins rudra and rocky…
Shivay: goes to them and sits beside them….
Shivay :why are you all sitting like this…
Rocky :ab tujhe Kaise samjaye.. shivay…
Shivay: rocky did I do something wrong…
Rudra :bhaiya jab aapne paper main answer likha hi nahi toh wrong and right Ka kya MATLAB…
Shivay :what??
Om :wait shivay let me explain you…you love anika right
Shivay :yes…
Om: she also loves you right..shivay nods…
Rocky :so my brother you should have done something special for her to make her feel special…shivay looks on..
Shivay : rocky you are right….I understood..
Rocky :thank god…
Om: wait rocky don’t be happy let him say once that he has understood that only what we want to tell him..
Shivay :I will get a gift for her tomorrow….omruky look at him…
Omruky: ( in unison) oh hamare shareef shivay tera kya hoga??
Rudra: leave it bhaiya he will not understand like that…
Rocky :you are correct I think we have to tell him directly what he should have done…
Om :but how???
Shivay: what guys??
Rocky: shivay now listen to me very carefully….anika is a girl right and you are a boy whom she loves very much right…
Shivay :hmmm…..
Om: so shivay that’s the thing girls always feel shy to tell what they want…
Shivay: no om my anika is not like other girls she is not shy okk..and if she want something she will surely ask for it…
Rocky :mere bhai sun!!! I know she is very brave but something’s are there which gives girls happiness…..and she expects it from there prince charming….and prince charming should also know what his princess wants…
Shivay: really?? It means I should also know what she expects from me..
Om :yes shivay….
Shivay: ok let me call her and ask what she wants from me….
Rocky :no shivay you can’t ask her like that ok..

Shivay :but why and if I will not ask her then how will I know what my anika wants…
Rudra: rocky bhaiya that’s enough now …..and shivay bhaiya what we are saying is not something which you will ask her and then you will purchase it from any shop…..and will give it to her as gift….bhaiya like other girls anika didi would also want someone to make her feel special….who can express her that she is the most beautiful girl….she deserves all the happiness….and now you are her prince charming so you have all these responsibilities…bhaiya you can do it very easily…like you can hold her hand tightly which will make her believe that you will never leave her….you can hug her tightly , which will assure her that you want her to remain close to you forever….
Shivay: but I have hugged her it means I have already made her special…
Rudra: no bhaiya that hug was an emotional hug and the hug which I m talking about is full of love , passion …and bhaiya whenever you will hug her like that you will definitely see the happiness on her face….and these are the small gestures there are many more ….which I can’t tell you and you will have to do it on your own…..so this much lecture was enough now I hope you understood what we mean…Rudra was saying all this back facing all the boys and when he turns he sees none of them…
Rudra :was it so boring that everybody left from here….suddenly he feels something on his foot….he looks down and becomes shocked seeing shivomky sitting on floor folding there legs and touching his feet…
Rudra :what are you all doing??
Rocky: rudra I didn’t know that you know this much about love…from today I will take your advice for my lovelife …will you become my loveguru??
Rudra :really….I mean I know I was too good and don’t worry Rudy is always here to solve love matters so anytime just calk your new love guru….
Om :really rudra I was not able to believe my ears…I mean was it you only how maturly you said all this things was appreciable rudra…I used to think that only I can talk so deep meaning things…but today you proved me wrong…will you also become my love guru….
Rudra :ya ya why not O…and this was just a trailer picture toh abhi baaki hai…
Shivay: thanks rudra now I have understood that even I have to do something special for my anika….and I will do it….thanks…
Rudra :don’t worry bhaiya I m always here for shivika….now I m thinking I should become your love guru too…
Shivay: thanks Rudy…they all stand up….
Rocky :so shivay now love story is actually started and you have to become anika’s hero so all the best!!
Shivay smiles…they all go to there respective rooms….

In rudra’s room
Rudra :was calling someone…
Caller: hello!! So whats your sweet name my new friend….
Rudra :hey I m not new I m your old friend only….Rudy and how are you love angel??
Love angel :hello Rudy…I m fine and that’s so sweet of you for calling me daily….
Rudra :thanks and you know just because of you my brothers want me to become their love guru….
Love angel :that’s great Rudy so you told them about me….
Rudra: no no you are only mine….
Love angel :what??
Rudra :I mean you are only my loveguru…I will handle them all you just be mine…
Love angel :aww….that’s so sweet of you Rudy…and byee..
Rudra: byee love angel….take care….sweet dream ….may I come to your dream…
Love angel: bye!! Call disconnects…
Rudra :love angel…..by the way see I m so intelligent that I gave them love angel’s speech and they thought I have became love guru…wow Rudy now you are no more a duffer and he becomes very happy and goes to sleep….

In Rocky’s room
Malika: what are you thinking rocky?
Rocky: I was thinking about shivay…
Malika :what?
Rocky :you know na shivay is so shy…..we made him understand that he should do something special for anika but I think will he be able to manage or not…
Malika :only this is the problem….ok so I have an idea.
Rocky :what??
Malika: if shivay will get a chance he will surely do something so I was thinking that we should plan a special date for them…what say?? Rocky looks at her…what happen?
Rocky ( he Jumps with happiness and hugs malika): that’s superb malika….I mean what an idea ….you are amazinggg……he gives a kiss on malika’s cheek….malika blushes…
Rocky: I love you very much…
Malika: I love you too…and they both sleep..
In Shivay’s room
Shivay’ POV
Rudra was right I have to do something special for anika…..but what I don’t even know what she likes…idea!!! And he takes out his phone….and checks on internet ….how to make a girl feel special….he reads the suggestions….girls like surprises…..but what should I do to surprise her….he reads further….yes this is okk I think I should do this…but I have to do this now….common shivay she lived without you for three years and only for your happiness you can’t do do this much for her….yes I will do it for my anika…and he smiles….to be continued…

Precap: shivay tries to climb the pipe to reach anika’s room….khidkitodd shivika romance….shivay does beyond expectation special thing for his anika….Anika surprised to see this new shivay…shivay showers his love on anika…

Authors note
keep reading the next one is going to be super duper amazingg…..and pls guys tell me how was it ?? I really want your comments it really helps me to write more and more good chapters so guys please comment….my next updates will be on 25 July Tuesday I wish you all will wait for it.

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