‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-9

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*********Next day**********

Anika and dadi were talking about random things in the hall…
Anika: waise , dadi, you told me to bring those pooja ki saaman ,but didn’t told me what sort of pooja is happening..

dadi: voh kya hai na, I’m getting older..so I want to see my grand parents married before my death..Omru tho chotta hai..so I want to see my billu in mandap with his dhulhaniya…par billu..he is neither listening to me nor to others..so I thought to arrange a pooja for his well being and marriage…
Anika: dadi, voh sab teek hai..but say one thing, have you ever seen a girl suitable for billu ji??

dadi: this much year, I’ve never seen..but I think, now I have…
Anika: well, who is it??
dadi: voh tho vakth hi bathayega…but say one thing, do you like him?
Anika: ( stammering) huh?..umm..aisa..aisa kuch bhi nehi hai dadi…
dadi: kuch nehi mathlab meri billu achhe nehi hai?
Anika: no..not like that..he is a nice guy..loves his brother..and…
dadi: and..

Anika: nothing much..but sometimes, such a thadibaaz he is..
dadi: voh tho hamari family problem hai.. Omru came to hall…
Om: what you both are talking let us also hear..
Anika: nothing..we were just talking about your future bhabhi…
” my God..can’t believe..you all were talking about me??”
everyone looks towards the entrance..they saw a girl with red.. short skirt..hair tied with a bun..long fashion earrings..red lipstick and eyes darkened with eye conic..Shinky & Tejvi arrives behind Shivaay..

” RAGNI!!! ” don’t know how it spit from Shivaay’s mouth..
hey Shivu…she runs and hugs Shivaay while the rest gave an unbelievable look..Shivaay didn’t reciprocate the hug..Anika just looked at her dress and shot weird looks at her..
Ragni:(being apart from the hug) hey..Shivu..how are you?
Shivaay: pretty good..long time it’s been..how are you??

Ragni: Aww..look you still are concerned for me..how cute..well, I’m just feeling great…she notices Pinky there and went near her to take blessings..she bent to take blessings..
Pinky: OMM!! don’t do thats..already it’s a short one..if you bend then, it’ll be worse from behind..

Ragni: you all are just like before..aunty, you haven’t lost your sense of humor..
jhanvi: Ragni, it’s a pleasant surprise..what brought you here?
Ragni: C’mon aunty, I came here for my Shivu..Anika raised her eye brow while Shivaay gave a I’m trapped look.. Shivaay, I’m really tired now..let me have a break, then we’ll talk..ok?
Shivaay: sure..just go..
Ragni: What? are you trying to avoid me?

Shivaay: no..I mean to say, go and take rest..
Ragni: C’mon Shivu..I came to your home after a long time..and you are not even taking me to room..come..she dragged Shivaay holding his arms and walked away leaving the rest statue..
Rudhr: I think jo dadi ne socha voh sach mein ho gaya
Anika( to Om ): the girls in Mumbai used to wear such dresses..??I think, she came without brushing and bathing..coz in our areas, we used to wear not such dresses but yeah small ones at night..huh..
Om: Anika, this is modern dresses..here everyone wear such type of dress.
Anika:( cupping her face) Om, thum bhi??
Om: no..n..no..I mean to say..girls used to wear… and she relieved..

***********guest room************

Ragni: Shivu, why did you brought me here? take me to your room..I’ll stay there..
Shivaay: Ragni..just for few days, stay here..ko..then he was to leave when she hold his hand and pulled towards her..
Ragni( encircling her arms around his neck) C’mon Shivaay, why you’re so hurry?stay na..saying she moved closer to him..
Shivaay: Ragni..I have an important call to attend..ok see ya..he just escaped from there the next moment…then Ragni received a call..
in call….

POC: Ragni, hope that you’ve done your work properly..
Ragni: hmm..I’ve done it..I’ve entered OM in the name of being Shivaay’s old friend..but if they got to know that I’m here for another purpose, then don’t know what’ll happen with me..especially that jhanvi..she knows everything right?
POC: hmm..she know very well what happened in the past..we can handle her later….well, did you see HER?
Ragni: yeah..I saw her..she is indeed beautiful..

POC: I know that…he takes a photo…her beauty is what which is killing me..well you can also deal with Shivaay..
Ragni: obviously I’ll do that..you can take her..Shivaay is mine.. and they both laugh evilly…

***********In hall***********

Shivaay and Anika came face to face..
Shivaay( in mind) ‘don’t look at her..just go straight..’
Anika( in mind)’ just don’t look at him..you’ll again get lost..calm Anika..and go..
They both crossed each other rubbing their shoulders and they stopped as they felt something stopping them…they turned and got the sight,,Anika’s bracelet got struck with his shirt..Anika looked into his eyes which were now turning from blue to green….she was mesmerized by that..she kept looking at him while his eyes were also sticked with her coca brown eyes..he could see so many questions arising in her eyes..he opened and closed his mouth as he don’t know what he should answer…

Anika freed her hand from his and took a step back…Shivaay wanted to say something but didn’t had words ….
Shivaay: I know what you’ll be thinking…voh..voh Ragni..
Anika: is she your girlfriend??

Shivaay: no..not like that..I know her and we studied in collage together…so yeah..that’s it..
Anika: Oh..but I felt something else..
Shivaay: what?? listen the way you are thinking..it’s nothing like that..
Anika: wait..aap ko kya patha mai kya soch rahi hoo ??

Shivaay: it’s obvious that, if a girl sees a boy with another girl, she’ll misunderstand them..
Anika: I’m not such type of girl..waise..say one think..you like her?
Shivaay: why you ask so??
Anika: nothing aise hi..do you?

Shivaay( looking into her eyes): what do you feel?
Anika: umm…I ..I don’t feel anything..and to escape from the coming questions she went from there…Shivaay kept looking at her….

***********screen freezes************

So that’s it folks…this is the 9th part of my first ff….please drop your comment and do like…..

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  7. it was amazing as usual
    excited for the super suspense please post it asap
    waiting for it eagerly ????

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