‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-8

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******same day..dining table*******

ShivOmru arrives with their special food, and places them carefully…that time, dadi arrives and sees them talking each other..

dadi: laktha hai mere billu ne mujhe bool gaya thabhi tho voh jab se aaya hai, mujhse baat hi nehi kiya hai..saying she makes sad faces..Shivaay sees this ,goes near her and pulls her cheeks..
Shivaay: Arre mai apni dadi ko kaise bool sakthi hoon?? he hugs her…and how are you now? Oops i totally forgot, what did doctor said? Is everything all right?come on Om say something..
dadi: billu , I’m perfectly all right..everything is all right..
Om: yeah Shivaay and it was Ani…
Anika: Om, what have you made today? I’ll die now…please give me something..
dadi: Anika, did you sleep well?

Anika: haa dadi..she went to take blessings from her..even though, I saw few scary and mad people..looking towards Shivaay and stressing the word scary & mad….but yeah, I slept well..
Shivaay: hey..hey..you’re indirectly slabbing me, right?
Anika: not indirectly, I’m directly stabbing you..Omru were trying hard to control their laugh, while Shivaay gave a what the wuck look …
dadi: arre yeh sab kya hai billu??
Anika: BILLU??
Shivaay: Oh God !!
Anika: dadi, you call him billu??

dadi: haa..achhe nam hai na?
Anika: haa..haa…super selection..billu..and she laugh out loud while Omru also join her..
Shivaay: C’mon guys..just stop it..shall we have food now?
Pinky: OMM mummy ji withouts me you alls laughing?? tell me also..
dadi: voh sab baad mein..first let’s have food..ShivOmru, what’s there for breakfast?
Shivaay: look for you self dadi..everyone takes their seat..by now, Tej, Sakthi and jhanvi also reached there..everyone sat down and opened the bowl..and an aroma of aloo puri caught Anika’s attention the next moment..she took the bowl and kept watching it for few sec..Rudhr saw this and said

Rudhr: didi, if you like it then you can have it..and he serves the food to her and took his place
dadi: waise, what miracle has happened today that billu has made oily food?
jhanvi: yeah! even I was thinking of that..
Shivaay: nothing badi maa..Rudhr wanted to have such items so aise hi..but I’m not gonna have it…Anika keeps on looking at aloo puri and she remembers the moments she spent with her Amma..
” Anu, why you’re eating such oily food?it’s not much healthy..

” C’mon Amma, you know na, your aloo puri is out of the world..I just can’t control myself..”
Anika takes a bit of it and tastes..her eyes widened as she tasted it coz it tasted exactly like her mother’s..she finished the food fast and left the place without having a convo with others, which left others shocked..
Shivaay:(in mind) what happened to her?till a minutes later her mouth was exercising like nothing but now she left without saying anything that too much fastly?
Rudhr: bhayya didi ko khana achha nehi laga hoga that’s why she went..
Shivaay: arre, aise kaise? I made it super cool that…hey, how’d you know that I was thinking about her?

Om: Oh!! so you agree that you were thinking bout her..
Shivaay: you both just concentrate on food okay?..meanwhile Anika was walking randomly around the hall thinking about her childhood when she received her friend Chanda’s phone..
Anika took the phone with a bright smile..in phone..
Anika: Hmm…and after one year, you got time to remember your friend huh?
Chanda: Sorry..sorry..sorry…..soooooo…sooorry….my pyaari Anika..voh kya hai na I totally got struck in my studies that…
Anika: ok..ok..no need to explain..now tell me why did you call me now?
Chanda: Achha listen, I got the biggest news today morning…and I thought to inform you first..
Anika: ok, tell me then..
Chanda: Well, guess what? your friend became a doctor!!!!
Anika: (all shocked) ENNA???( what???)

Chanda: Aama di..(yes yaar)shocking right?
Anika: totally..and she became quiet thinking of her fate..Chanda got to know why she is silent..
Chanda: Anu, I know what you’ll be thinking now..when we were child your Amma used to say that we both together will become doctor one day..but now..
Anika: (trying to change the topic)just leave all those..say, when will you join?
Chanda: next week..hey, I’ve planned a party..you’ve to come,,ok?
Anika: arre no yaar…I can’t come..first of all, I’m in Mumbai..
Chanda: what’s there in Mumbai?and..and I invited you first that too after a very long time..just come na..

Anika: how can I come??sorry yaar..but no worries..after few days I’ll be back, then I’ll come to meet you..done?
Chanda: OK done..well I’m gonna cut..have a lot of things to do..and say my regards to chutki, Sahil , Rohit and to baba..ok?
Anika: Hmm…see ya..she cuts the call and touches her chand bracelet..keeps her hand near her heart.
Anika: kaash aap yaha hotha Amma..and she tries to run from there with wet eyes, when she clashes with Shivaay and falls in his arms..
O Jaana………..
He looks at her eyes..

O Jaana…….
she looks into his eyes……he notices water at the corner of her eyes ready to fall down..she stands straight and frees herself from the hold..she tries hard to take back those drops, which were playing see-saw in her eyes, by blinking her eyes continuously…Shivaay feels something aching in his heart seeing that view..he asks in a concern voice…
‘ are you crying??

Anika:( composing herself)no..not at all..something went to my eyes so I was just..
Shivaay: why did you left dining hall fastly?
Anika: what’s your problem?I mean, if I sleep early , then you’ll ask why you slept early.if I didn’t then, why can’t you..if I eat slowly then,is there some thing in your stomach..but if I eat fastly, then the question goes why??huh?
Shivaay: no..I didn’t mean that..I thought you got up cause you didn’t like the food..so..
Anika: no..not like that..food was ( thinking )..
Shivaay: was..?
Anika: huh? ha..it was nice..(to make him enrage)..Billu ji..
Shivaay: what? bi..b..billu..billu ji??God now you also start to tease me.. just then dadi arrives..
Dadi: billu….

Shivaay: (covering his face with hands) Oh shit..dadi ko bhi abhi aana dha?
dadi :Ooye are you making fun of me?? Anika smiles listening this..
Shivaay: not at all dadi ..why did you call me?
dadi: I have given a list of things to Khanna…you should but that ok?
Shivaay: why me? say it to ant servants..
dadi: billu, that’s very important things for pooja..I can’t take risk for it..so you should go..
Anika: go na billu ji..
dadi: chal billu..
Anika: billu ji…
Shivaay: OK..OK..I’l go…huff!! it’s truly a task to handle girls…he murmurs and leave…
Anika: dadi, where are you going?
dadi: puthar, I’ve placed few things necessary for pooja in store room..so I’m going to take that..

Anika: why you are going? I’m here na..just say where store room is..I’ll go..
dadi: arre..no..no..you are our guest..Oberois never let guests to do work..
Anika: kya dadi? now itself you called me your beti, and you changed me back to guest? and more than that you are still weak..you shouldn’t do heavy work..take rest..
dadi :achha teek hai..store room is upstairs..chal..
Anika: ok dadi..and both leaves..

**********Store room**********

Anika enters and dust falls from above for which she sneeze hardly..she got scared of dark but thank God that the switch was near the door..she lighten the room and entered..she took the necessary items and turned to leave when her dress got struck with a rod..she moved closer and tried hard to release and after several try she succeeded ..she turned to the door side..before taking a step she peered through a gap and saw a guitar..she, somehow, reached there and took the guitar in her hand..she touched the strings and a smile crept on her lips..she looked another corner and got the sight of piano, violin and drums..she touched all the instruments one by one…she took the guitar in her hand and played an unknown song’s note…she felt very peace there…suddenly she heard a sound of falling something and to check she turned and saw jhanvi there all sweat..
Anika: aunty ji ,you here? do you need something?

jhanvi :where did you got this guitar from?
Anika :voh dadi sent me to take some things and while taking I saw these..so just thought to play..any problem aunty…
jhanvi: no..nothing like that..

Anika: waise I must say, your family have a lot of collection of musical instruments..whose all these are?
jhanvi: Actually, these all are mine..but I only know to play piano..but when Shivaay was young, he used to play guitar..you know this one was his favorite..
Anika: huh? billu ji know how to play guitar?
jhanvi: billu?(laughing ) yeah..he know…Omru never played but they love to hear from Shivaay..you know when Omru were young, they always wanted Shivaay by their side..more than anyone they loved Shivaay..so I and Tej will go to him and will ask him to play melody songs so hearing that they would sleep…good old days…Anika was silently hearing these..waise..you do play well..I heard from down..you know how to play?

Anika: not much aunty..I used to plat when I was young but now that touch has gone..aunty..if you don’t mind, can I take that guitar with me? I agree I don’t know much about it , but I can learn
jhanvi: sure,,take along..
Anika: Thank you aunty..and she left the place with the pooja materials and with guitar..
Jhanvi’s POV
You are the true owner of that after all that is Radhu’s guitar…you are just like her..waise Shivaay and Anika matches well…Radhu, I hope you’ll don’t have any problem, if I bring a relation for your daughter….and she smiles…

*******screen freezes******

precap: A new entry between Shivika..Wanna see a irritated and jealous Anika??
so this is it guys….I know this one only concentrated on Anika’s past and all other..but don’t loose hope and please keep trusting me…new twists and turns are just arriving..And, Shivika marriage that too a kidkithod one is getting ready…

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Well this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell….
have a good time to all…stay safe guys….

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