‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-7

HELLO ALL…….This is Moonlight_luver back with another kidkithod part…..THANK YOU sooooooo much for all your support my family…guys shortly I want to tell you all something..As you all know L’m a malayalee..So in our areas,speaking or handling English language is truly a talent..my mother is my diary..at the end of the day,I used to share everything to my mother..our communicative teacher used to say that I’m good in English..guys, don’t think that I’m adulating myself..but my family never believed it..so as you all know it’s only been a few days,I’ve joined TU family and after showing my stories to Amma, she was on cloud nine..And I also showed your comments to her for which she gave me an unbelievable look….Thank you guys..it’s all because of you guys I successed in proving to my family that I do know the language…I’m not doing khud ki thareef..but malayalees expresses everything without thinking about other’s thought..but I’m very well sure that,comparing to you all, I’m still a small child and I have a lot to learn more…So please ignore the mistakes, you know younger ones always makes mistakes..Oops..sorry..I was totally immersed in my own world that..forgot about the ff..Sorry, I made you all read my boring story…SO..now, let’s off to Shivika’s story..so here you go…happy reading…..
*********Next morning********
Anika was drying her hair with cloth standing in front of mirror..suddenly her nok-jokes with Shivaay flashed through her mind..
Anika: why I;m thinking of that pappu ji now??huh..then her phone rang displaying Gauri’s name..she decide to talk with her while going to kitchen..while walking..in call..
Anika: ha chutki..sollu…( say…)
Gauri: Akka..how are you feeling? all good?
Anika: why you’re asking this? I’m not having any fever..
Gauri: hey, Sankar ji dekhiye..now as she have gone to other house, I can’t even ask is she doing well or not..and fake cries..
Anika: (smiling) chup kar..dramebazz ..waise,Sahil kaha hai?
Gauri: Akka he has school..so he have gone..
Anika: what?? he has gone for school? are you sure? no way..just look around gauri, he might be hiding somewhere..
Gauri: no Akka, I dropped him to school today..
Anika: Oh bete ki!!what sort of magic you did to him?
Gauri: huh,yeh tho Gauri Rajarai ka magic hai..
Anika: Accha, tell me how is baba? all good?
Gauri: he is totally fine..gauri was walking aimlessly when unknowingly she entered gayathri’s room..she saw her folding baba’s dress..she thought of an idea….Akka, Amma wants to talk to you..saying she ran to Gayathri and placed phone near her ear..here..Amma, talk..it’s Akka..come on talk talk..even though gayathri nodded in no..Gauri forced her to talk in a pleading expression..Amma, talk.. ”but, chutki..” ..here..talk..
Anika: no..no..chutki no..
Gayathri: Umm..Anika..you okay?
Anika:(looking here and there) yeah..I’m..I’m fine..
Gayathri: did you meet Jhanvi? how is she?
Anika: pretty good she is..by now Gayathri had tears in her eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by gauri
Gayathri: Ok ..take care.. she understood that Anika is not at all interested to have a talk with her so she gave the phone back to gauri with a thank you expression
Gauri: Akka..so now..
Anika: chutki thujse kithni bar kaha hai mijhe aur unko milane ki koshish thu math kar..but where..
Gauri: leave it na Akka..I’ve to leave for dance classes..I’m gonna cut…
Anika: ok..bye.. and they ended the call.. Anika walked to kitchen..

******same time in kitchen******
Rudy: Bhayya, so what we are gonna make today?
Shivaay: well what do you want?
Om: Shivaay. how about, Calas and charleston red rice?
Shivaay: yeah, how about Calas with Hawaiian haystack?it’ll be perfect..and..
Rudy: Ek minute..here I’m talking about any Indian dish par aap sab pardes chali gayi?
ShivOm: pardes??
Rudy: haa.. foreign food..
ShivOm : shut up Rudhr..and Rudy makes puppy faces
Shivaay: then we will make an awesome Indian dish..what say?…then trio shares a hug and starts making food…lafzon ka yeh played…Om feeding ru..Shiv feeding Om..and both Omru feeding Shiv.. Shiv throwing chili towards Om…Om throwing flour towards Shiv…and ru was about to throw pumpkin when ShivOm got scared and ru took a paused..ShivOm looked each other and burst out loud.. slapped him playfully on his both cheeks… they had a beautiful O’bro moment..trio said placing hands in chest..Dil bole Oberoi…..
Shivaay: ok guys..I think food will be ready by now..I’ll be back..saying this he went out and got clashed with Anika…
Shivika: Ouch..
Shivaay: can’t you just walk and look??
AniOmru: kya??
Shivaay: I..I mean to say..look and walk..
Anika: Oh hello..for your kind information..you clashed with me not I..
Shivaay: for saying this also you’re showing much attitude..
Anika: aap bhi thadi dhikhane mein kam nehi ho..
ShivOmru: What? thadi???
Anika: haa..thadi..haven’t you heard?
Shivaay: th..t..th..tha?
Anika: no prob I’ll help you it’s thadi..put your tongue next to upper teeth and…
Shivaay: Okay..fine..I got it..it’s..it’s th..thadi right?got it..huh..
Rudhr: waise, bhab..just then he realized what he was about to say..I mean didi, you use such words? I’ve never heard of anything like this..
Shivaay: no one would have..after all it’s Anika’s words..it’s meaning also will be her dictionary only..
Anika: hahaha..(fuming in anger) very funny…
Shivaay: whatever..let me go….just then Anika looks at the stain in Shivaay’s coat..
Anika: one sec..Shivaay stops..
Shivaay: now what?
Anika: voh..your coat..
Shivaay: what? oh..you are attracted by my coat, right?see Om.. something is wrong with her
Anika: arre but..
Shivaay :just imagine, if today, she is saying that my coat is good, then evening she will say that my shirt is good..
Anika: listen..
Shivaay: then she’ll say I’m good..then will say , my eyes are pretty..by now Anika was in the peak of anger..and then tomorrow she..
Anika: then tomorrow I’ll say that the stain in your coat is supper..huh?
Shivaay: yeah..wait..what? stain?..he looks at his coat and closes his eyes to avoid contact with hers..
Anika: So..why are you silent now?
Shivaay: nothing..I..I..I just..
Anika: let it be..I’ll be mad if I stay here few more mins..let me go and..change your dress..OK??
Shivaay: yeah I should. both Shivika leaves from there..

Om: Rudhr,what just happened here?
Rudhr: even I don’t know O..
Om: I think we should do something..
Rudhr: don’t worry O..when Rudy is here, nothing to fear..waise bhi mai apni bhabhi ke lie….he just bites his tongue as the beans got out..
Rudhr: voh..actually O..
Om : I didn’t know that our choise will be same ever..
Rudhr: what? means you also..
Om: yep..but I’m not a duffer like you who will spoil everything in a moment..hah..don’t worry..when Omru is here..
Rudhr: Arre, what to fear then? and they hug each other…
**********Screen freezes***********
How was it guys???please…..please….please…..pleeeeeaseeee do drop your comments..I really want my protein shake….and once again thanks to all who are commenting and liking the ff…
Well This is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…..
take care….If at least I could make you smile once by reading my ff , then that will be the result for my hope…
Bye..see you guys….

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  1. Lauren

    it’s fab Dr.. loved it…. do post next soon….

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    As always Amazinggggg dr…….
    And boring…. Nooo Not at all… It’s just Superbbbb….

    Dear Moonlight
    Anika call shivay papuji?? AniRi Conv? Gauri try to make anika and gayathri conv? ShiOmRu conv and O Bro moment?? ShivIka conv and shivay wrong english? ShivIka nok joke? OmRu conv about ShivIka? It’s very interesting part???????????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing and lovely dear

  5. It’s awesome. Rides to throw pumpkin ??post soon

  6. awesome and a cute fight
    please post it asap

  7. Moonlight_luver

    Thank you guys…I know Banita it’s a boring one…but don’t lose hope….Shivika nok-jokes are waiting dr…….Thank UF3355 and Lauren for your loving words……

  8. Moonlight_luver

    Thanks to you also Nikita_jai29…

  9. Niriha

    Awesome???loved it eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  10. Awesome epic….is this a shivika based ff? Rikara nahi Hein kya?And post asap…

  11. Alekhika20

    Fabulous update

  12. arre yaar kya khidkithod chapter hai..liked when annika di called shivaay pappuji… and their kitchen is just awwww.. will be waiting for the next.. pls post ASAP..

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    Superb epi

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