‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-6

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***********Oberoi Mansion***********

Anika took baby steps towards the man…but suddenly the shadow vanished..and she got confused what to do next..she looked here and there and walked aimlessly..suddenly she felt someones back touching her back and with a jerk, she turned and fell in someones arms..and a dim light started to take place..Anika, in someones arms, opened her eyes slowly and saw the person with his eyes a blue no..no..green..nah..it’s grey..or..is it blue type of one gazing at her coca brown eyes just inches apart and the sharp beards were shinning in the dim light..for a moment,she were just lost in that face, especially in those eyes.
O Jaana………
O Jaana…………
O Jaana………

Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil thadap ke kehtha hai…
Thu hai meri jeene ki wajah….
O Jaana………..
.understanding their position, she looked down and again to him but not to his eyes thinking what if she again lost in those..she pushed him for which he fell on the floor and Anika upon him with the knife pointing towards him… and again she was frozen when her eyes met his….
Ishq hai ansu..Ishq hai nagma..
Ishq sukoon hai..rahat hai….
Ishq hai sehra..Ishq hai dhariya..

Ishq junoon hai sehmat hai…..
Anika stood up with the knife in her hands which were still pointing him….he also got up…
“who are you ?and what are you doing here at late night that too in darkness..Oh! now I got it..big luxurious house this is so you have came here to rob, right?look I’m having knife in my hands If I wish I can finish you off in this moment..got it?”

“Excuse me..I should ask you who you are?and what do you think of your self?huh?”
“Arre wah! for the first time I’m seeing a thief like this who is asking the name and address of the person who lives in the same house where thief came to rob..what kind of a city is this?”

“Wait..wait..listen I’m not a thief you got it?..I’m…
“I know..I know..you’ll only say that you aren’t a thief..everyone will say that..and..and..you’ve created a nice plan..switching off the light and then robbing huh?
” just..just stop it ok..just stop it..I’m neither a robber nor came here to rob….
“Oye…(pointing the knife) don’t try to make me a pappu..I know every thing..
”what? what was that?

“what you just told now..pa..p..pa..
“Oh,you mean to say pappu?
“Eww…what kind of language is that?
“arre you have never heard pappu?I knew it..I knew it that some thing is wrong with the people here you all don’t even know what pappu is?don’t worry..you know ,pappu is…
“stop it ..it really sounds weird…you use such languages? he makes weird expressions..
“yeah! aur nehi tho kya..ek minute..you are trying to divert the topic, aren’t you?again pointing the knife..
“listen..let me clear..

” you don’t have to say anything..police will come and then you can say..
“OK JUST STOP IT!!! he screamed and Anika scared a little..( SSO BG tune plays) Oberois ke kehne pe police boltha hai..nahi, police ke kehne pe Oberois…
All the lights turned on and OFM gathered the hall..prinku stood next to Anika while Omru were looking at the situation confusingly..
Om: What happened Anika? and who….just then he looks at the person who was opposite to Anika….Thum??

Anika: Om, you know him?
Rudhr: bhayya?? and they both ran to the person and gave him a bone crushing hug…Anika stood there all numb hearing the word bhayya from rudhr..
After few minutes trio got apart and looked each other..
Rudhr: bhayya , how are you..It’s been three days we have met..
Om :not three days..three days ,12 hours and 20 mins…and they laughed out loud…
Pinky: Oh my mata ..thu kaisa hai?
Prinku: (hugging him) I missed you so much…aap kaha dhe ithni der?
“I came here half an hour ago..but someone wasn’t allowing me to enter (looking at Anika).. Omru noticed this and asked Anika what’s the matter
Anika: voh..voh..I..I.thought that he is a thief and….

All together..WHAT? A THIEF??? she closed her eyes with guilt…voh..actually I didn’t know who he is so that it happened..
Prinku: Anika, it’s ok..it happens..but let me clear it..he is my eldest and the best brother SHIVAAY…
Shivaay: ok..now first of all, tell me who she is?
Jhanvi: Shivaay ,she is my friend Rajarai’s daughter ..she has came to visit and to stay here for a few days..
Shivaay: Oh..you are saying about the owner of Radhika steels and metals, right?
Jhanvi: exactly..

Shivaay: wait..wait..what? staying here for few days? Oh god Rudhr arrange a hospital near OM, I may need it..
Anika: hawww…..you..you are indirectly stabbing me, right?
Shivaay: not indirectly..I’m directly stabbing you
Anika: look..I agree what I did was wrong but it doesn’t mean that you’ll tease me like this..
Shivaay: Oh! so you agree what you did was wrong..
Anika: yeah..but not much you also did mistake by not telling your name..and moreover you were like scaring me..it was dark and..and..it happens..and it’s also your mist….
Shivaay: what do you mean by it’s my mistake? you should have asked who am I but no…you saw me coming in dark and made statement that I’m a thief.

Anika: and you were coming slowly and without any noise you were walking..
Shivaay: so what? you mean that I should make noise and come? how about bringing a doll band and screaming Shivaay is coming everyone get up!! like really??? Everyone was sleeping so I came slowly thought not to disturb anyone…but why you were awake?
Anika: why can’t I be awake? it’s my wish and who…
OFM: OH GOD STOP IT!!!! hearing both Shivika got scared….
Om: guys..we’ll talk about this later…It’s going to be mid night…let’s off to sleep..
Shivika: OK…
Rudhr: but on one condition O..
Om: now what Rudhr?

Rudhr: Shivaay bhayya and O , both have to sleep with me today..
Shivaay: done..
Jhanvi: ok..now let’s off to sleep…everyone greeted sleep well to each other and went to their respective rooms…Shivika walked opposite and stopped at mid …looked back and their eyes met once again breaking it , they went to their room….

*******screen freezes*******

well that’s it guys….how was it….do tell me about it through your comments and likes…
Well this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell….
take care and stay safe all of you…..

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