‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-5

HELLO ALL…..This is Moonlight_luver back guys….sorry for the delay guys..I totally got struck in my exams..And yeah,thanks for the likes and comments you all are giving…and please keep showering this love till the end of this ff…So let me off to the next part for which you all were been eagerly waiting…

******Oberoi Mansion******
DaOmru with Anika enters the mansion..Omru excuses their self from Anika to take dadi to her room and told her to have her seats..She decides to have a seat and walked towards the sofa..suddenly Pinky comes from no where and clashes with Anika..Pinky fell down with her O MY MATA and things which was in her hands fell upon her…
Anika: I’m…I’m sorry aunty ji..It was by mistake…saying this she helps Pinky in taking the packets..
Pinky: (taking the packets from her with mild expressions)waise who are you? I’ve never seen an employee like you in this house..
Om(descending from the stairs) : She is not an employee…She is our guest..She has came here to meet mom.. and moreover…and he was cut in mid by Jhanvi
Jhanvi: Me? but I don’t even know her..

Anika goes near to Jhanvi and bents to take blessings from her for which jhanvi became shocked..
Jhanvi (pulling her up by her shoulders): hey..hey.. you don’t have to do all these..first of all tell me who you are?
Anika: Aunty ji, I have a relation with your friend Gayathri..Actually she is my…
Jhanvi: haaa!!! Gayathri!!! Oh my God! it’s been a long time since I’ve heard her name.. Oh! now I got it..you are her daughter, right?I saw you the last time at your first birthday! But I didn’t know that you’ll be this much !! you’ve all grown up.. saying this she caressed her face..
Anika: hearing all these lines her smile got vanished and sorrow got it’s place in her face..with the courage left, she finally spoke in a low voice which was only audible to jhanvi….Aunty ji, I…I.I’m not your friend’s daughter..I’m..I’m your friend’s husband’s daughter..
jhanvi was totally shocked hearing this..the girl she saw 15 years ago was standing in front of her.. suddenly a name came out from her mouth unknown to jhanvi
Anika tried hard to give her a smile but it failed..by this jhanvi had a thin layer of tears in her eyes..jhanvi pulled Anika in a emotional hug..jhanvi closed her eyes hardly to forget what happened 15 years ago..but that memories are still haunting her…wiping her tears she broke the hug, looking directly into her eyes, she said….you don’t have to introduce your self as my friend’s husband’s daughter ..you are my friend’s daughter..even, Rajarai is my good friend..ok? and tried to make a smile in her face
Om: what you both are murmuring? we can’t hear anything…
jhanvi: nothing I just got emotional seeing my best buddy’s daughter..Anyway,(turning towards Anika) what brought you here?Is there any problem?
Anika: No..no..nothing like that..actually baba told to give this packet to you..and she hand over the packet…being impatient jhanvi opened the packet, which contained a letter and a cover which she put aside and started reading the letter….Meanwhile priyanka came and PriOmru started chit chatting with Anika….
Jhanvi read the letter and looked at Anika who was laughing hearing the jokes of Rudhr….Jhanvi again went back to her
”Jhanvi, pls take her with you and go to home.so many thing have happened here in village..And I know they aren’t gonna forgive me..say to Raja to take care of her and also give this letter to him”
” but Radhu, what will you do?”…..”don’t worry about me..I’ll be fine…If I didn’t came tomorrow to temple, pls inform about my death to Anu and to Raja..”
“what rubbish are you talking? don’t say anything like this..Anu needs you.. and..”
“jhanvi we don’t have enough time talk..take her and leave..go…….”
” but Radhika..I…”……. ” just leave……………”
*****FLASHBACK ENDS*******

jhanvi stood up and walked towards Anika..Anika, you might have struggled hard to find the place, right?
Anika: No aunty..I met Omr…..
jhanvi: so Anika you be here for 2,3 days,na?
Anika:( shocked) 2,3 DAYS??? no way!!!I should leave now….
jhanvi: what? you are leaving?this much fastly? no way you should stay here at least for the coming 2 days…
Anika: no..no aunty..I can’t..first thing is that, I’m not familiar with cities..and other thing is that, I’ve no extra dresses with me..
Jhanvi: that’s not problem..you and prinku seems to be same in size.. she will help you right prinku?
Prinku: yeah! I’ll give….
Anika: but..
jhanvi: no it’s and buts..you are staying her.. that’s it..Prinku take Anika to guest room and give necessary things to her..
prinku: ok mom..and she pulled Anika to guest room..
jhanvi’s POV
I have to do something….God have given me another chance to give all the love to Anu..And this time, I’ll not let this chance go away from me..at least for Radhu, I can do this…

*****Prinku’s room******
Prinku: Anika have this dress and change..I’ll be back after sometime…Anika gave a weak smile to her….and she left the room…Anika didn’t know what to do next..just then gauri calls her..
Gauri: Akka,did you leave from there? how much time will take yaar?
Anika: gauri, I can’t come today..jhanvi aunty have told me to stay here for 2 days…
Gauri: WHAT??? enna Akka ippidi sollure? (what are you saying Akka?)
Anika: (in a sad tune) Aama di..( yes yaar)
Gauri: means you will not come today?
Anika: how can I? here everyone is forcing me to stay.and they already gave dress too..
Gauri: Hey Sankar ji!! what will I do now? you don’t know through what all ways I overcame a day..now, 2 more days?
Anika: it’s ok chutki..it’s a matter of 2 days..ok..I’m gonna cut..say my regards to Sahil and to Rohit..and I called baba , but he didn’t pick up, so I’ve messaged raghav anna…
Gauri: ok then, bye….and they ended the call….Anika went to hall after changing as she didn’t get sleep…she walked along the side having a apple and knife in her hand..what’s all this? using this knife, it’s very difficult to cut..I should have cut this first and then eat….suddenly the light went off and she saw a person’s shadow.. and the next moment she hid behind a pillar near to her… she peered to see who the person is….only she could see was two blazing which were playing hide and seek..is that reflection of eyes?, thought Anika….she , to have a clear look, move a little forward..and got to know that it’s a man..she hold the knife firmly with the thought that who could be here in this late night??and took baby steps….
******screen freezes*********

So how was it fellows??I know it’s been long I’m putting you all in pressure cooker with the meeting of Shivika…And now I’ve decided to fulfill that….next one will give you the much awaited scene…And guys, don’t forget to drop your comments and likes….it’s your likes and comments which gives me energy to pen down my thoughts….So do tell me the reviews guys….
This is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…..
have a good time to all………

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