‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ Last part-2

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‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ Last part-1

—- Continuous———–*

Shivaay had promised that nothing will happen to him but his appearance was killing her.. Shivaay understood what was bothering Anika.. Shivaay raised his hands and slowly held his ears pleadingly so as to ask forgiveness…. Anika smiled between her gasp seeing him and ran to him from slow to speedily.. Shivaay ran to her and both hugged TIGHTER then TIGHT!!!….. Shivaay pulled her up hugging while she crossed her arms round his neck and clinched on to his shirt tightly… Everyone smiled witnessing both of them together!… they moved out so as to give them private space… Shivika were lost in their own world… Anika was crying so badly which was so intolerable for Shivaay.. he pulled her more close by her waist while Anika was busy in brushing his hair..

“ I love you Anika.. I love you so much!!…. love you!!!.. “ Shivaay was chanting them kissing the crook of her neck.. Anika smiled but more she cried pulling him more closely… Anika pulled him so close that there weren’t a single space between them… both souls were getting their propitiation back feeling each-others touch…. Their hug lasted long but they weren’t aware of it.. finally they slowly parted while Shivaay looked into her eyes deeply..

“ Anika I lov….” Just then the sudden slap over his cheek made him surprise…

“ AOuuu… that hurts..! “ complained Shivaay..

“ how many times I told you..huh? how many times I told you to leave me…. How many times I told you… why didn’t you go? Why didn’t you leave me? “ Anika hit his chest and moved forth while he took steps back accordingly.. “Have you looked into the mirror? You…you are injured Shivaay!… what were you saying? Nothing will happen to me! Right? Are you any superhero or something that you won’t get hurt? “ she again hit his chest moving forth.. “ why are you so stubborn Shivaay? Why couldn’t you just leave me?.. couldn’t you just let go off me… why you did all those Shivaay! Why!.. “ her anger soon turned into cry!.. she kept hitting him while Shivaay was witnessing the cutest Anika ever.. he held her hands over his chest lovingly… Anika was looking down crying..

“hey..hey..hey… don’t cry!.. if I had let you gone, then what about me? I can’t see you with anyone else… you know that I can’t live without you… “ he cupped her face while she still was facing down.. she hugged him again crying out loud… Shivaay held her tight and caressed her hair loving..

“ Sh..Shivaay.. I..I was scared!… I was so scared!.. HE.. HE was beating you and..and I..I couldn’t do anything… and..and In hospital..you weren’t talking to me.. you were..were so still and.. and injured.. I..I was broken Shivaay!!… I.. I’m sorry Shivaay!… bcoz of me..bcoz of me, you are hurt.. I’m… sorry Shivaay… “

“ Anika stop it… stop… I’m ok now… and everything is okay… it’s fine.. “ Shivaay whispered kissing her hair… Anika broke the hug and looked him unbelievably…

“ Ok? It’s not Ok Shivaay! It’s not.. you were in Ventilator… you know what that thing is? That’s..that’s just a machine.. that’s such a machine where you can hold your life.. depending on a machine to live is not OK!… “ Anika was complaining while Shivaay was trying to stop her talks..

Shivaay “ Ok..Ok I agree It’s not Okay.. but see I’m in front of you now.. Ok? I’m good and I’m fine.. “ Anika gently touched his head which was injured.. Shivaay closed his eyes feeling pain but didn’t utter anything..

“ is it hurting? “ Anika lowered her voice.. Shivaay held her hand tight nodding negatively.. just then Anika winced in pain feeling strange…

“ what? What happened? “ Shivaay opened her palm and saw burn inside… Shivaay was shocked to see such a spot…

“ how did this happen? Anika answer me.. how did this happen? “ Shivaay held her shoulder and with that move, she felt more pain… Shivaay understood that she’s not fine… he tried to open up the sleeve but Anika didn’t allow..

“ it’s nothing Shivaay.. there’s nothing… “ but Shivaay didn’t hear her a one… he opened up her sleeve and saw iron box printed on to her arm… it had become red due to the pain.. Shivaay looked Anika with disbelief and slowly touched it which made Anika skip a breath…

“ how did this happen Anika? I asked how did this happen? “ Shivaay sharpened his voice angrily…

“ Shivaay..it was… it’s just… “

“ did HE hurt you? HE did this to you? “ Anika didn’t answer but looked down giving an assurance to Shivaay… he moved out but Anika held his hand tight..

“ No Shivaay please don’t do anything…

“ Anika just let me go…. “

“ Shivaay please…please… it’s enough… please Shivaay…

“ Anika how can you…how can you say this? You’re…you’re hiding HIS sins…don’t know what all things you’re hiding from me.. I won’t spare HIM today… “ he moves forth but Anika stood in front..

“ Shivaay please.. for me.. let HIM go..please… for me!!… I don’t care what HE did to me…I don’t want to remember those incidents…. What counts is that you’re with me.. that’s enough for me.. just let HIM go.. I only want you!!.. “ Anika’s those lines were far enough to melt down Shivaay’s anger… he took her hands in his and touched them gently..

“ Is it hurting? “ Shivaay lowered his voice.. Anika nodded negatively smiling.. Shivaay caressed her face a kissed her hands lovingly.. he kissed her fingers and palm passionately while Anika kept looking him with full love…

“ I’m sorry Anikaa… “

“ why are you saying sorry?  “ Anika inquired…

“ I couldn’t keep my promise.. I said that nothing will ever happen to you I had promised to keep you safe but..but.. but you had to live with HIM… I’m.. I’m so sorry!… “ Shivaay looked down with guilt..

“Now you’re hurting me with these lines…. Don’t say sorry!.. it’s only bcoz of you that I’m..I’m alive.. I must thank you!.. “

“ and it’s bcoz of you that I’m alive… if you hadn’t called Omru then I don’t know what would have happened… I must thank you!.. “ they both smiled with filled eyes and rested each other’s forehead over other’s…

“ I love you Anika.. “

“ Hmmm….. “ Shivaay looked her with disbelief..

“ uh, hello.. I said ‘I love you’ and you’re just humming! Hope you know when one guy says I love you so what should the other one say?”

‘ Oh!!… So Shivaay didn’t hear what I said in hospital.. Means he doesn’t know that I’ve already confessed my love to him.. ‘ thought Anika..

“Oyye..where are you lost? “Shivaay snapped before her..

“ Uh? Nothing.. I…I was just thinking what I must answer… “

“ what?? You..you don’t know what to say? “ Shivaay was shocked.. Anika just gave a smile as reply..  Oh God! Whom I have chosen as my life.. “

“ huh? Did you say something? “ asked Anika giggling…

“ kuch nehi meri maaa….God, don’t give this fate to anyone else.. Instead of hearing this I could have die…….. “  the very moment Anika slapped him hard… Shivaay saw Anika with tear-filled eyes…

“ don’t you..don’t you ever say that!…not in front of me… If..If you say that again then… then I..I myself will kill you and… and I’ll also die…u..understand? “ she said in a fully cracked voice with index finger pointing at him… Shivaay was shocked with her response… she took back her finger and moved closer regretfully.. she caressed his cheek where she slapped with her fingers and placed her thumb over his lips…

“I’m..I’m sorry.. I..I just I.. couldn’t control… I’m sorry.. “ Anika cried stammering blaming herself.. Shivaay held her hand while his other hand wiped off her tears…

“ Anika..Anika relax.. I was just joking… “ Shivaay said in his airy tone..

“ I..I know.. Shivaay don’t say such things.. even if it’s joke just don’t say… I’m not that strong to hear all that…I’m..I’m sorry Shivaay… did that hurt? I’m… I.. I sorry! Forgive me.. I couldn’t stop.. I’m sorry……ss..sorry Sh..Shivaay…. “ she moved more close crying..

“Anika hey….hey hey..stop..stop.. it’s ok.. even your slap has a sweetness… don’t cry.. your cry is hurting me..” he cupped her face kissing her eyes.. she kissed his cheek where she slapped saying sorry.. she kissed many times and finally turned into a tight hug…. They both hugged for long opening their hearts out… it was the time when other family members entered back and they were quite surprised to see them still hugging… both Shivika were enjoying that moment and they wished this could never end.. others smiled at each other while Pinky cleared her throats in order to bring them back.. but Shivika didn’t move a bit..

“ lagtha hai ki bhayya aur bhabhi ab kabhi waapas nehi aayegi… “ Rudhr teased making Om to pat his head…

“ chotti maa, I’ll try… “ Om said and he roughly cleared his throat but still Shivika weren’t aware of their arrival.. just then Shivaay opened his eyes and was shocked to see them glaring at them… Shivaay slowly took his hands back but Anika didn’t…

“ Anikaa… leave…. “ he whispered…

“ why? I’m hugging my husband!!… “ Anika answered hugging him more tightly..

“ Oh My Mata Anikaa… “ this sound was the biggest shock for Anika… she swiftly moved back and stood as if she’s a stranger….

“ Mom… when did you come? “

“ I’m always here Shivaay.. seems like you just arrived!.. “ Pinky teased while everyone joined in laugh…

“ Now.. every problems are solved.. Thank God that everything went perfect.. “ Dadi exclaimed happily.. Anika neared the Oberoi’s and held Pinky’s hand emotionally..

“ Thank you for trusting me aunty ji.. Thank you… “

“ hmm… sorry se tho better thank you hi hai.. and one more correction.. aunty nehi, Moms.. “ Pinky hugged Anika while Jhanvi caressed her hair..Dadi too joined the hug along with Jhanvi….

“ Now who’s gonna hug me? “ Shivaay asked confused…

“ bhayya, these women have become one team.. I think it’s only us left.. “ Rudhr said and hugged Shivaay lovingly…

“ huh? O bro moment without me.. “ soon Om too joined them..

“ We’re so happy that you’re back Shivaay!.. “ Om added hugging Shivru… Gauri was so happy seeing Om happy..Anika was also loving this brothers love.. she saw Gayathri and Raja standing few steps far.. she neared Gayathri and recollected all her love to everyone…

“you were a great mother.. but I wasn’t a good daughter… I always wondered why my Appa married you!.. I always had a thought that how Gauri became your daughter… and today, I got the answers of all that whys and How’s… Even though I wasn’t your daughter, you gave me all the love and respect which you gave to Gauri…you never showed any difference between me and her!.. Thank you Ammaa…. “ Anika completed making Gayathri fill with joy.. her last word was only required to make Gayathri the happiest one ever!…

“hope I can call you Amma.. “ Anika asked but as answer Gayathri pulled her into an emotional hug!… Shivaay smiled witnessing them both… Anika hugged Raja soon and cried thinking everything he has done for her..

“ thank you Apppa…. For everything… “ Anika spelled hugging him like his princess….

“ you’re always my little girl Anu!.. “ Raja hugged her back lovingly… This time he wasn’t afraid of loosing her but showered all the love upon her for whicc he was waiting…. Gauri too joined the family hug soon!.. Aniri moved back and took their blessings happily… Shivaay was witnessing the true love of a family.. for years Anika was craving for this moment and finally she got it… Shivaay moved forward but stopped seeing them happy with each other… Om understood what he was thinking.. He supported Shivaay and signaled him to go for it… Shivaay stood in front of Raja looking down..

“ Uncle.. I.. had promised that I’ll protect Anika but I’m.. I’m sorry I couldn’t.. but please just do let that go from your mind!.. Uncle, I know Anika and my marriage happened in such a situation that nobody can agree that..I never loved Anika but I don’t know when I started to… Uncle I still remember why you took Anika away from us… but trust me Uncle, there’s no such relation between me and Ragni… She’s just my friend.. nothing more… it was just a misunderstanding… Now Anika has become my life.. my everything!..our marriage happened without the presence of any priest, rituals, family nothing and no one was there..that’s why I wish to marry Anika again… with all your permission!… “ Anika was completely melted by Shivaay’s words.. “ Uncle, if I and Anika became together, then that might be love.. but marriage is a togetherness of both families… If you won’t agree then this marriage will not happen!.. but if you accept this then that would be best thing happening in my life… if you don’t wish to then nothing will happen!.. coz I not only want Anika but her everything!… Everything!!.. you also Uncle… “ Shivaay said with lot many expectations in his eyes… Raja looked Gayathri who nodded her head happily.. he changed his eyes to Anika..

“ Please Appa… “ Anika lowered her voice in a pleading tone… Raja looked Shivaay and let go of a weak smile.. he held Shivaay’s shoulder..

“ whatever you did for us cannot be atoned by anything… I think it’s for the first time that a man is proposing bride’s father instead of the bride… “

“huh? “ Shivaay was confused..

“ Go and propose your Dulhaniya..!!.. “ Raja smiled Patting his shoulder…Everyone’s face glowed up with happiness.. Anika was so happy so as Shivaay.. Gauri hugged Anika and moved back to Oberoi’s…. Shivaay slowly neared Anika smiling while Anika looked him with equal love.. he slowly held Anika’s hand and sat on his one leg in a perfect proposing position….Shivaay looked into her eyes deeply and gathered courage to say……

Anikaaa…. Will you marry me?

Anika was completely happy hearing that line… her eyes reflected the emotions Shivaay had..they both stood there for minutes recollected all their loving times…

“uh, bhabhi.. Bhayya can’t stay like that for too long… “ Rudhr informed smiling..

“just shut up Rudy “ said Shivaay looking him.. “ Anika, please say yes.. “ Shivaay only wanted to hear that single word from her!…

“ Akka, say it na!… “ pleaded Gauri..Anika looked Shivaay who was at the peak to hear her answer… Anika opened her mouth to answer for which Shivaay was dying..

“uh… NO!!.. “ said Anika….

“wait…what?? “ Shivaay stood up confused as well everyone… “ why you said NO? “

“ what question is that? You asked me will I marry you, and I said NO.. that’s it.. “ Anika said smiling… everyone understood her prank..

“ but why? “ Shivaay wasn’t ready to give up…

“ uh, bcoz I didn’t like the way you proposed.. I like loud and crazy proposes.. “ informed Anika…

“Achhaaa…. “ Shivaay sighed looking her with his sharp and craze eyes.. Anika raised her eye-brows challenging him… others were enjoying their nok-jokes laughingly.. Shivaay took few steps back and took a deep breath…

“ ANIKAAAAAA……. ANIKAAAA I LOVE YOUU….. ANIKAAAA WILL YOU MARRY MEE!!!!ANIKAAAAAAAA…… I LOVE YOU…….WILL YOU MARRRRRY ME ANIKAAAAA.A…… “ Shivaay walked like a lunatic around everyone shouting and screaming these lines…. Anika was completely shocked seeing Shivaay like that…


“ Shivaaay….stop it.. “ Anika ran behind him.. Shivaay held Rudhr’s collar and started pushing in back and forth… everyone were enjoying each moment…


“ Arrey bhayyaaaaa….. mai bhabhi nehi hoon.. “ Rudy cried feeling faint…

“ Shivaay, leave him… Shivaay…. “ Anika broke his hands on Rudhr and hugged Shivaay tightly… Shivaay smiled and hugged her back…

“ So, Will you marry me? “ Shivaay husked his voice into her ears… Anika slowly broke the hug and joined her forehead with his…

“ Anytime… “ she replied smiling…

“ah..ah..ah.. not so easy.. “ Pinky came and stood in between Shivika.. “ before marriage, bride and groom should never touch each other.. “

“ what?? “ Shivika looked each other shockingly..

“ haha.. ab aayega maza.. “ Said Gauri giving a hi-fi to Om.. then they realized that they both were too close.. Gauri moved a step back so as Om did..

“ don’t think that we don’t know anything.. we have decided everything.. After Shivika’s marriage, you both will soon get married… “ Said Tej placing his hand above Raja’s shoulder..

“ we have decided everything… and we know you both love each other.. So don’t hesitate to tell your wish just like your sister and brother did… “ Raja said teasing Omri.. they looked each other and blushed thinking of the fact…

“Ok then… we’ll check a perfect Muhurath for our Shivika’s marriage..   is that ok? “ Gayathri said to which everyone agreed happily.. but hearing that Shivaay’s smile vanished soon..

“ this marriage will not happen.. “ announced Shivaay making everyone surprise especially Anika..

Dadi “yeh thu kya keh raha hai billu? “

“ I mean this marriage won’t happen now..but later!.. “ cleared Shivaay..

“ what happened Shivaay? Is there any problem? “ Anika asked bit scared…

“ big problem hai Anika.. “ Shivaay said which made everyone confused.. just then Khanna arrived with a paper in his hand and he handed it over to Shivaay.. he neared Anika and stretched it to her…

“ yeh kya hai Shivaay? “ her voice showed how much feared she was..

“ c’mon just open it… you’ll understand.. “

“Shivaay.. what is it? Please say..if there’s any problem, then..then say it Shivaay!!.. “

“ Anika will you open it? “ Shivaay sharpened his voice and Anika obeyed it as per.. Anika took the paper and unfolded it praying that it won’t be any problem… she read the paper and was surprised as well shocked seeing it…

“ Shivaay..yeh..yeh tho… “ she couldn’t gather words to tell… Shivaay’s anger face slowly turned into smile.. Anika looked Shivaay with tear filled eyes..Gauri came forward and took the paper from her…gauri was so happy reading the lines… soon, Om too joined Gauri and read the paper..

“ OMM.. Om, thu batha.. kya hai voh? “ Pinky inquired..

“ chotti maa, this is..this is bhabhi’s admission papers in the most prominent Medical college in Mumbai… that means..means bhabhi’s gonna be a doctor soon… “ Om laughed happily so as the others.. everyone were so happy hearing the new news… specially Raja and Gayathri..

“but Shivaay, becoming a doctor will take a lot many time… you mean to say that the marriage will happen after Anika completes her studies? “ Gayathri opened her doubt..

“ yeah.. that’s what I meant.. “ smiled Shivaay.. Anika was dazed by his response..

Anika “Shivaay? It will take years.. may be 4 or 5 years… “

“ so what Anika? I’ll wait for you… yeah, it’ll be difficult but I can wait my life long for you… “ tears grew bigger in Anika’s eyes..

“ Shivaay.. don’t be so nice.. I..I don’t deserve this… “Anika cried with cracked voice.. Shivaay moved more close and cupped her face lovingly..

“hey..you deserve more than this..don’t cry now.. stop…stop…stop crying!.. “ Anika smiled at Shivaay’s care.. “ why are you doing this Shivaay?..”

“coz, you’re my life Anika… and this was my responsibility otherwise Amma would have killed me… Amma ka sapna poora karna hai na? “ Shivaay smiled at her but Anika was getting more melted with his love.. tears were coming out continuously..

“Oh God! When will you stop crying Anika? You know I can’t see you crying it..it pains my heart.. ok? Rrrey Amma, you don’t have any idea what your Anu is doing with me… thank your fate that you are gone otherwise you will have to spend your whole life wiping your daughter’s tears… she doesn’t know anything.. Always cry..cry..cry!!.. she slapped me and she is crying not me.. I got injured, then she cries.. when somebody else get injured, your daughter cries.. “ Shivaay was continuously blabbering while Anika kept looking at him.. “ when I said that I love her still she doesn’t know what to say..isn’t that rare? She doesn’t know what to say.. Oh my Ammaa.. please don’t give this fate to anyone else.. it’s a wonder that I got this fate.. if it was someone else then……………….. “ Shivaay’s words died in his throat as he felt his lips being captured… God Anika’s kissing him…their first KISS!!… Shivaay was dazed with the sudden move but soon he closed his eyes and reciprocated the kiss with equal love passionately… Anika stood above his feet and locked his head around her arm still kissing.. Shivaay pulled her more close by her waist and snaked his hands over her belly… Anika was feeling the smoothness of his hair while her lips were busy in licking Shivaay’s lips…. Shivaay pulled her more close and sucked her lips in crazily.. Anika clinched on to his collar and tightened her grip making first few buttons to break.. Shivaay’s hands were tucking back her hair to get her face more… they both were lost in their own world of love.. the love for which they both struggled a lot.. they kissed each other passionately after each second and they never wanted this moment to end.. EVER….. soon they both slowly stopped kissing and parted only to hear how much their heart beats have increased… Anika opened her eyes to see Shivaay still with closed eyes… she rubbed her cheek against his and neared his ears slowly… she stood over his feet and moved closer to him.. she could hear his throat craving for more.. She gently kissed his ear and said…….

I love you Shivaay…… “

 *—-♦  **-♥ *–****-****–* ♥-**  ♦—- *

Their love story began with misunderstandings and ended in love.. Anika started her studies in the well-known Medical college in Mumbai while Shivaay continued with his business.. lot many works were there for Shivaay as he wasn’t there for a long… Rajarai shifted their home to Mumbai at the Mansion as it has become their…… Everything went perfect.. everyday Shivaay goes to meet Anika without other’s knowledge.. their love only increased after days.. Shivaay was jealous as other students especially boys were always behind Anika.. but she promised him that her heart only belongs to him… Evening Shivaay goes to pick Anika and they spent lot many times with each other… even Anika was jealous as many girls in her college always dream about Shivaay Singh Oberoi… Om and Gauri’s love also went perfect.. both families join together every Sunday and enjoy their weekends… Days were so difficult to move.. Anika was so happy with her new Amma and old Appa.. both Shivika dreamed about their married life every night.. And On and On and On… Shivika’s love longed till end…

*♥*——— THE END———-*♥*

The story is done my friends…. This was my first ff and I’ve got lot many love from you buddies.. Thank you so much for all the support and love…

Silent reader, I really wish you all could drop your comments down.. this is my personal favorite part…

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    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hay Banita.. I do remember you.. Thank you so much for commenting dear! happy to know that you loved the part.. definitely will be back with something new..
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