‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ Last part-1

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‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-44.. Anika’s kiss!!

—- Continuous——-*

Charlie pulled Anika out of the ventilator hardly.. she was not responding to any of HIS acts… she was frozen all by her body after seeing Shivaay inside.. Charlie threw her badly and she landed on Pinky’s arms…

“ OMM… Anikaa… thu..thu teek hai!.. Eyy, himmath kaise hue meri bahu par haath lagaane ka.. agar Shivaay ko patha chal gaya na tho… “

“ tho.. tho kya karegi voh? Will he kill me? Naah, just stop threatening me in Shivaay’s name.. I’m not afraid of him… “ Charlie sharpened his voice confidently… Anika was melted down with Pinky’s love for her… she saw how much Pinky was worried for Anika..

Anika “ Pinky aunty.. I’m..I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.. “

“ yeh thu kya keh raha hai puthar? “ Dadi neared her caressing her face… Anika held her hand and cried regretfully..

“ I’m.. I’m the only reason for Shivaay’s condition… I’m sorry Dadi.. I never wanted this.. I’m..I’m sorry Dadi… “ Anika’s cry didn’t seemed to end..

“ stop it Anika… don’t say sorry again.. “ Jhanvi came to her angrily.. “ this game is not over Charlie.. God will never allow this happen to Anika…. She will never has to suffer what Radhika suffered.. Anika, whatever happened just happened… but we will never let anything go wrong now onwards.. I had promised your mother to look after you.. but.. I.. I couldn’t but I’m not a statue to see you suffering which Radhika never wanted… she sacrificed her life so that this day would never come in your life… this is not over.. not yet..”

“ Whoa, keep talking… Talk whatever you want to.. I don’t care.. “ Charlie ignored it giving her a smile..

” Jhanvi aunty, I.. I’m..”

“ No Anika… just don’t.. this is not over.. Everything will be fine!..”  Anika looked Pinky aunty who had tears in eyes…

“ Pinky aunty.. take care of Shivaay… I.. I can’t afford to loose him.. Please.. and you all gave me lots of love and support.. you all let Shivaay live in my village… I.. I don’t know whether I deserve your love or not.. but, this family… this family will always remain in my heart… Omru, you both weren’t my devars, but my own brothers.. Thank you for everything.. “ Anika couldn’t control her emotions before them… Pinky tried to wipe out her tears but it was no less than any rain which dripped again and again and again… Charlie saw HIS men standing behind the pillar waiting for HIS order.. HE signaled them to come and they kept following HIS words..

“ Ok…enough of these drama.. “ Charlie pulled Anika by her hair while the others tried to free her but HIS clutch was too strong to be freed… Omru stood there with closed eyes which made Gauri weird.. Gauri stood in front of HIM but HE just pushed her aside making her to land on Om’s arms.. Anika saw Gayathri there standing all broken.. Gayathri sticked her palm together asking forgiveness to Anika.. Anika, for the first time in her life wanted to give her step mom the tightest hug but her fate was behaving too rude to her..

“ Do come for the marriage!!.. “ screamed Charlie laughingly..

“ Omkara.. why aren’t do anything? Please.. just do something….. “ Gauri pleaded Om who was standing there looking down..  he opened the door and saw Shivaay still in his position… Om looked Shivaay with hope and stood there making Gauri angry… just then Rudhr received a msg for which both were impatient…  Omru looked each other after reading the msg but what made gauri surprise was their smile…  Rudhr fingered on the phone replying to the msg.. Om looked Gauri and held her shoulders tightly..

“ trust me Gauri.. Everything’s gonna be perfect… “..

“ O!!!…. look! Shivaay bhayyaaaaaaaaa..!! !!!……!!!…. “ Screamed Rudhr looking Shivaay..

— Meanwhile———*

Charlie entered the Mansion where the auction was held along with Anika… Sanjay and the court magistrates were there as this marriage must be presented before the court.. the Mansion was fully decorated and beautified with flowers and lights.. but Anika was standing like a dead women… her legs were just moving forth.. and her eyes were dried thinking and crying…

“ Greetings my girl… hey, where is all your jewelries and all? Naah, let it be.. well, after marriage, you will never see a dot of gold in your life.. Charlie, what took you so long? “ Sanjay inquired..

“ Dad… I just gave Anika spent her last few moments with her loving ones… May be the last good moments in her life.. Pandit ji, start the marriage.. I can’t wait to get Anika as mine.. “ Charlie was happy beyond limits but Anika was there just like a statue..

“ Oh c’mon Anika… don’t think of those idiots now.. they were just a few pages in your life book.. now this book of yours is gonna end with me.. Charlie tied the fetters around her lags and made her sit next to him on the mandap.. it was built few step above the ground..  Sanjay was standing next to the Mandap happily… just then Chandru came but he couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening.. he saw Anika sitting lifelessly looking the fire…

“ Pandit ji.. make it fast.. “ Charlie saw Anika looking the fire .. they were dripping water after each seconds… she remembered all her loving moments in life…. Radhika’s love… how happy her family was!… Gauri’s birth.. Sahil’s jokes… Rohit’s craziness… Her journey to Mumbai… Meeting Omru… her first visit to OM.. clashing with Shivaay… their fight… Anika’s jealousy… their feelings… first hug… misunderstandings… Anika leaving OM.. Shivaay’s arrival to village…. Their fights… their care.. their love… Shivaay’s jealousy… their closeness… Shivaay’s love… his affection.. Past revelation.. Anika’s breakdown… Shivaay’s support… Auction!… Shivika separation…. Everything!!!….

“ forward you hands.. “ said the Pandit.. Charlie held Anika’s hand tight and stretched it as per the words… the rituals were happening without Anika’s attention… she was no less than any dead animal!.. she had no wishes, no dreams.. only emotions… the fire seemed to reflect her anger and helplessness which was her only sight before!.. Charlie’s smile wasn’t stopping at all… HE looked Anika at regular intervals and how couldn’t HE, the beauty of Anika wasn’t diminishing even she’s crying!..

“ tie the Mangalsuthr around bride’s neck.. “ the Pandit said giving the basin, where the Mangalsuthr was placed above coconut!… Charlie took it and looked Anika lustfully.. HE forwarded HIS hands so as to tie around her neck BUT…… the sudden scream of HIS men, made everyone frightened… everyone changed their gaze towards the door from where the sound was coming!.. Anika slowly upped her eyes and gazed the door gently.. she saw HIS men wincing in pain and few oozing blood very badly… Charlie stood up and ordered HIS few men to go and check but within no time, they also fell down injured.. the matter became confusing.. Sanjay slowly pedaled his legs towards the door but the scream of HIS men made Sanjay worry… Charlie tried to look who was standing behind the door.. Anika was still sitting lifelessly with eyes fixed on the door.. Suddenly, a leg came into everyone’s sight..A gentle breeze made Anika’s loosely hair to dance within it… those leg moved forth and the face turned to get everyone’s eyes… Charlie’s eyes shot out witnessing the face..

“ Shivaay….. “ whispered Charlie..

The moment Shivaay’s name hit Anika’s ears, her eyes opened surprisingly and a tears fell down unknowingly…  Sanjay’s legs fell weak looking into Shivaay’s blood shot eyes while his hands were painted with the goon’s blood… Anika didn’t understand whether it was a dream or not!.. she stood up slowly with filled eyes.. Soon, Omru and others joined Shivaay behind.. Anika didn’t know what to do.. she was shocked as well happy..

“ Shivaay…… “

Anika’s gentle voice made Shivaay’s eyes plough with emotions… his tight fist loosened seeing Anika injured… her forehead and lips were blooded and was wholly disfigured….

“ Anikaa…. “

Anika smiled happily and moved towards Shivaay but Charlie held Anika’s hair which made her wince in ache…

“ EyyyrrRRRyyrrrrrrr……. “ Shivaay moved forth firing but Om held Shivaay tightly so as to control him… Shivaay’s eyes were blood ones and his hands started showing his veins result of anger… Charlie tightened HIS grip on her hair for which Anika cried… Shivaay couldn’t handle her cry.. he sided Om’s hand and moved forth but the court men stood before him…

“ Mr. Oberoi… you can’t hurt HIM.. that will be against the law and we don’t wish to charge a case against you… “ the Magistrates informed sitting far… Shivaay didn’t answer to that but looked down with closed fist.… Omru looked each other and neared the courters with few papers…

“ honorable Ones, Myself Omkara Singh Oberoi… We are here to clear few injustices.. “ he placed the first document… “ this was the document which Mr.Charlie Malhothra gave to the first victim Anika’s father, Mr. Rajarai… everything that belonged to Mrs. Radhika Rajarai belongs to Mr. Malhothra.. and as her daughter, Miss Anika was below 18, Malhothras were charged to look after her… but now, Miss Anika is 24.. and she has the right to choose with whom she must be.. and secondly, there are few conditions in these papers… either to crack the mentioned deal or to win in the auction… the deal was forbidden and the auction was left… My brother had taken Mr.Rajarai’s incharge for the auction and the final outcry went for 2000 crores..but unfortunately the concealed tender went for 2100 crores.. this was the tender paper… “ Om places it.. “but the officer Mr. Mehra is the official tender processor.. and he was in London for the past two months.. that means whoever made the tender was fake… “ Just then Khanna brought a man black and blue.. Sanjay and Charlie was shocked to hear all those… “ this was the man who made the concealed tender and he himself has agreed that he did those as per Charlie’s orders.. “ the guy agrees.. “ So finally, the case has been closed.. Sanjay and Charlie lied and has won the auction but now it’s proven that they broke the law… that means Shivaay wins the auction and Charlie has no right on Anika bhabhi…  Now, Miss. Anika belongs to Shivaay that means to her family..…everything now belongs to us… the case is closed and this marriage shouldn’t happen!..Hope I’m right My lord.. “ Charlie was shocked as well was feared…. The Magistrates checked the documents and understood that all these was a lie..

“ No My lord… this is all fake.. we owe everything.. and…… “

“ Malhothras are to be put behind bar for breaking the law and brutally harming all the victims… “ Sanjay was cut in mid by the lines… Shivaay slowly looked up with a weak smile and sided the court men… Charlie saw how much angry Shivaay was.. HIS clutch over Anika was loosening after seconds.. Shivaay moved forward enraged.. Shivaay remember how HE took Anika away from him… how HE tortured Anika… how HE hurt her…

“ Urrrghh… KILLL HIM!!!!!!….. “ Charlie ordered angrily…  the goons ran towards Shivaay with all the weapons they could gather…. Shivaay didn’t show any mercy to anyone but beat them hardly… Anika was scared would anyone harm Shivaay!.. soon Omru joined Shivaay and beat them hardly as they could ever do… Shivaay each punch showed how much frustrated he was… after each hit, his strength only increased…. Blood started to come over Shivaay’s head but he didn’t stop… Anika was scared to see Shivaay so widely… Shivaay took the chair and hit everyone hardly as he could… Suddenly he fell down with the kick over his back…

Anika “ Shivaaaaayyy!!!!…… “

Shivaay turned back to see Charlie with gun over HIS hands..

“ Not so easy Shivaay…. Anika will be mine!… “ Charlie moved forth but before anything Shivaay kicked HIS leg for which HE fell down while the gun landed on Shivaay’s hand.. Shivaay didn’t think twice and shoot aiming HIS leg…

“ AAAAAAaaaarrrrragaGGaHHAggaAAAaa……. “ Anika was getting scared seeing Shivaay so animally.. Shivaay kept shooting HIS leg till the bullets finished… he threw the gun and started beating HIM badly… Charlie couldn’t stand but cry… Sanjay held Shivaay hand but Shivaay pushed him far angrily…. Sanjay opened his eyes to see him lying before Raja… Sanjay recollected his crimes and how Radhika said that one day you’ll pay for all your sins… Raja booted his legs over Sanjay’s shoulder where his hands were cut… Sanjay winced in pain screaming ‘NO’…..blood oozed from his shoulders while Gayathri and Jhanvi beat him with everything!..

Shivaay was loosing his senses with the anger… his brains were not working as the fire has ruled over him.. Charlie cried badly with pain which was so intolerable even for the Magistrates… Anika never wanted all those but Charlie’s cry was giving Anika a craze satisfaction.. Charlie crawled to the mandap with dead legs and pleaded Anika…

“ Anika.. Anikaaa stop… please….stop him… He’s gonna kill me…. Anikaaaa… please…please leave me…. Please…. He’ll listen you… say to him Anika… I…I will never..never come between you both… please.. Anikaaa…. Please… say to him… please… I won’t marry you… leave me…please.. Ok!… Ok. I’ll let you go… please leave me.. “ Charlie untied the fetters over her leg and threw it away…. “ see…see.. I untied you… ok! Please let me go….please Anika… he’s gonna kill me….. “ Anika looked HIM hatred and saw Shivaay standing there angrily….. Shivaay took the fetter and rounded it around his hands… Shivaay remembered how HE tied Anika with that and pulled her mercilessly…  Shivaay tied the fetter on his hands and held Charlie’s collar and pulled HIM away from Anika… Shivaay hit HIM with the iron fetter making blood to fly from his mouth… Shivaay was not stopping his fight…. Charlie was dying with each beat… the Magistrates were scared to stop that wild Shivaay!… Omru looked each other and neared Shivaay to pull away but Shivaay was not stopping…

“ Shivaay.. Shivaay… stop it… HE’ll die… Shivaay…. “ Om tried his best but nothing found success…. Gauri neared Anika and held her shoulder..

“ Akkaa… stop bade bhayya… he doesn’t know what he’s doing…he’s..he’s loosing his senses…. Do something Akka…. “ Gauri pleaded her but even Anika didn’t know how she’ll stop him.. the fetters were breaking with each punch… Shivaay threw it away and looked for another weapon… Suddenly he saw a sword hanging on to the wall…. Shivaay took it out and raised it high to kill Charlie…

“ SHIVAAAAAYY!!! ! !!! !!<>>>!<<!>><!! !!! !……… “ Everyone screamed but Anika’s voice hit his ears first… Shivaay changed his eyes to Anika who was standing all feared… Anika nodded her head negatively crying…. Shivaay’s eyes filled with tears but he stabbed the sword shouting….

“ SHIVAAAA!!!!!… “ Anika closed her eyes turning face side… Everyone slowly opened their eyes to hear Charlie screaming for HIS life… Anika opened her eyes gently and saw Charlie separated from HIS right hand… Shivaay cut HIS hand!!!…. Charlie’s cry echoed in the Mansion like hell… HIS face was covered with blood and leg dying with pain…. HE was a dreadful nightmare to watch…. Anika closed her mouth seeing Charlie like that… but No one showed any mercy on HIM at any cost… Shivaay threw the sword far and pulled HIM by HIS collar…

“ Anika is mine… Always mine.. If you touch her with your ugly hands then it will take no time for me to cut it off…. Don’t you ever.. EVER even look at her.. “ Tears grew in Anika’s eyes.. “ TEARS FROM HER EYES ARE THE BLOOD FROM MY HEART…. If she cries then I don’t have to think for firing this world.. Because I LOVE HER…. “ Shouted Shivaay making Anika skipped a breath hearing that line.. Shivaay looked Anika lovingly..


Anika was crying as well smiling… the three words she always wanted to hear has reached her ears.. she didn’t know how to react… till time the police arrived as Khanna called and they took Charlie and Sanjay along with the goons…. The Magistrates left completing all the errors and Thanked the Oberoi’s for supporting the law!…

“ Arrey bhayya.. are you waiting for any invitation? Just go and bring my bhabhi!!… “ Rudhr pushed Shivaay forward making everyone laugh… Shivaay took few steps forward but stopped seeing Anika still there… Gauri held Anika’s shoulder and made her move forth.. Anika descended from the first step..

“..  I’ll never let you go from me Anika.. never! “ Shivaay’s words flashed over her mind… she descended the 2nd step..

“ I’ve already given my heart to someone..… “ she took the 3rd step..

“ Nothing will happen to me.. just don’t worry about me.. I’ll be fine and you will also be… “ She recollected how Shivaay made promises to her… she reached the ground and looked Shivaay’s injuries with tearful eyes… Shivaay had promised that nothing will happen to him but his appearance was killing her.. Shivaay understood what was bothering Anika.. Shivaay raised his hands and slowly held his ears pleadingly so as to ask forgiveness…. Anika smiled between her gasp seeing him and ran to him from slow to speedily.. Shivaay ran to her and both hugged TIGHTER then TIGHT!!!….. Shivaay pulled her up hugging while she crossed her arms round his neck and clinched on to his shirt tightly… Everyone smiled witnessing both of them together!… they moved out so as to give them private space…….


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