‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-4

HELLO ALL….This is Moonlight_luver back with the next part of my first ff. Guys I have made a few changes in the structure of the story. Actually I told you all that Shivika are arranged married couples but let me inform you all that their marriage won’t be a arranged one.. And I have made few delicate changes…you’ll get to know more about it by reading…. So till now dadi is admitted in hospital.I hope you didn’t forget that Anika wanted to become a doctor so she has few ideas of being a doctor and that’s how Anika treated dadi…think all the confusions are cleared by now..I know guys that these parts are quite boring but trust me guys, definitely I’ll give you all kidkithod episodes soon…….So let me off to the next part……happy reading…..
**********LIFE hospital***********
Dadi is admitted in the hospital. dadi is in ICU . Om is sitting beside her. Rudhr is in the pharmacy , buying few medicines for dadi…..After few minutes, Anika entered ICU with a fearful face whether what she did in hurry was right or wrong..Dadi was unconscious for which Anika didn’t make any noise..She saw Om sitting in a chair near to the bed burring his face inside palm..
Anika’s POV
What’ll I say now?seems like he is going through a tough phase..but I hope that it isn’t becoz of me..but what if it is?
she made a rough voice by clearing her throat.This made Om look at Anika.. He stood up and walked towards Anika
he joined his palms before her ” Thank you so much. I don’t know who you are still you saved our dadi. thank you so much..I..I..don’t know what should I say.. if you didn’t help her at the same moment , don’t know what would have been with her.. thank you so much…
Anika: hey..hey..stop it how many thank u you are saying ? it was my duty to save her and that was just a try and it met the right point.Thank God for this
hearing their convo , dadi woke up..”arre puthar, mujhe bhi tho milvavo apne angel se ..”saying this she started to sit properly..
Om:( holding dadi) dadi carefully…
Dadi: I’m ok puthar..she saw Anika there .. you saved me right?.I knew it that one day one doctor will save me.
Anika: Umm.. dadi, I’m not a doctor..
Rudhr; What?? you aren’t a doctor? then how did you saved her?DaOmru looked at her..
Anika : well, I wanted to be a doctor but I ain’t and I think I’ll never be .. A lone tear went down sticking to her cheeks..DaOmru kept watching her… (wiping her tears) let it be..not a big deal..
well how are you dadi? all good?
Dadi : I’m perfectly alright..
Om : and it is all becoz of you ,so it’ll be a pleasure for us to do some thing for you..so..
Anika: hey, no need..actually I came here to meet a person and when it is done, I’ll return to my home..So it’s ok!
Rudhr: means you aren’t here permanently?
Anika: No.. I live in delhi. In a small village
Om: Oh! so you are here to meet someone.Great so we could help you in finding that person. Just say her name and address. We’ll help you in finding him/her
Anika: umm..let me think….umm…yeah,it’s Mrs .Jhanvi singh Oberoi..DaOmru stood numb
DaOmru: huh?jhanvi/mom???
Anika: MOM?
Rudhr: not your mom, it’s our mom
Anika: means you all are Oberois?
Dadi: Jhanvi tho mere bhahu hai…what a coincidence it is? the person who helped me was truly our guest?
Om: Whoa!! this is really freaking.. No prob.. we’ll take you to our home..
Anika: Thank you
Rudhr: We should thank you..umm..your name?
Anika: Oh bete ki! we talked much but don’t know each others name! No prob I’ll clear,myself, Anika..Anika Rajarai
Rudhr: that bade baal wale is Om, that grey and black mixed haired woman is Dadi and I , handsome dashing boy, the one and only Rudhr! and he made his antics…Om slapped his cheeks playfully .Anika kept watching them..
Anika: Umm..you two are brothers?right?
Om: not two it’s three..
Anika: three? that means you have another brother too?
Om: No.. not brother, a guardian sometimes more than that…SHIVAAY
O Jaana………..
Rudhr: our, GREAT WALL, which always protect us from danger and I’m sure you’ll also agree with me when you’ll see him
Om: that’s true…Shivaay is our great wall. and I’m pretty sure when you’ll meet him, you’ll get lost in his eyes which resembles deep oceans ,sometimes green trees and sometimes grey burnt ashes and many more…..
Ishq hai aansu…Ishq hai nagma…
Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai…
Ishq hai sehra… Ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai sehmat hai

No…never…Anika Rajarai will never fall for anyone much fastly….
Rudhr (in mind):slowly or fastly, but I’ve decided who will my bhabhi be…patha nehi dha ki billu ki dulhaniya will make her entry so fastly…..

O Jaana…………….. screen freezes at Anika’s thinking face………….
So how was it fellows? I know, I know this one was fully filled with conversations of AniDaOmru….
don’t worry.. next one will be the entry of Anika in OM and maybe the meeting of Shivika…keep guessing….
Next posting will be late ..few things are to be done…So stay safe all of you….
This is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…..

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    Dear Moonlight
    Om Thanks To Anika? Dadi Call Anika Angel?? Dadi AniOmRu Conv? Rudra Introduce Himself And Om Dadi To Anika?? OmRu Tell About Shivay To Anika? Rudy Thought About His Future Babhi?? It’s Very Nice Part ?????????
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