‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-32


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Precap: Anika got stabbed..!!


Shivaay fell on his knees grabbing Anika from the ground…

“Anikaaa…….ANIKA…Anika what happened?? Anikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……”

She was still with half opened eyes struggling hard to breath….he patted her cheeks just when he noticed blood spreading over her…he was shocked to the core witnessing knife stabbed on her back..

“Shiv..Sh….aay….dar..d…ho..r..ha…haiiii…” she quivered through the line…

“kuch nehi hai Anika…nothing have happened….n..nothing will happen to you..Shivaay is here…huh..relax..” he hid his pain pacifying her…he took her in his arms and got up but before he could turn back, a sharp bullet went through her leg angle joint…


Her scream made Shivaay realize that those men are still there…her painful aloudness was throbbing him…he just wanted Anika to be safe from the attacks…he tried to get up but his weak and trembling knees made him fell lightly for which he escaped from another shot of bullet…he saw those men with trigger…the sound of bullet woke the villagers…they, without wasting a moment, ran out…Ramu and Rejini were startled seeing their Anu in that stage…

“ANUUUuuu!!!! “ they screamed running towards them..Rejini held her face while Ramu was checking with her leg..

“Shivaay beta, go behind them…we will take care of Anu…” Ramu’s friend helped Shivaay…they gathered around Anika and took her to house…Shivaay’s eyes were Bloodshot one raged with full on fire… he stood up with burning eyes…

“hey stop…that’s the same Shivaay Singh Oberoi…we should escape…c’mon…” those men said to each other…

“how many times I said not to follow HIS orders…” saying so they hurrily got on jeep and rushed it fast…the moment when they started , they Shivaay ran behind them scampering… tears were falling from his corner eyes but went behind with his swiftness…

“hey, drive fast….He’s besiding..” screamed one of the four..the man driving, took high speed for which the jeep rushed forth…Shivaay’s rage was leveling high..he made his legs round more…the sharp stones and gravel was making blood to ooze from his bare feet…but his frustration didn’t went vain..

“hey, carefull..ther’s a Swire ahead!!!” warned the man sitting front to driver…he arced the steering right widely which the jeep couldn’t handle…Shivaay made use of this..he ,while running, took a heavy stone with his leg like football and threw it aiming the driver…it hit the man in his eyes resulting the jeep twirled on the ground finally hitting the rock…Shivaay reduced his speed walking in his SSO andaas..Jeep was just a meter away from the Swire… those men were suffering from the pain..they tried to open the door to get out but their bleeding leg and head was making it arduous…Shivaay neared the jeep and opened the door…he pulled out a man clinching on his collar roughling his legs over the seat…the man winced in pain..

“AAAAhhahhaaahh….Nooo..pleease…leave me….I..urrghh haaa….aa..I didn’t do anything….pleaseeee….!!!”  he pleaded being maddened…Shivaay didn’t respond but pulled him more hardly…

“Heyyyy….you’ll never get to know anything…you are done HHhahaaaahhaaa….” One of them screamed sarcastically…this made Shivaay to stop…he turned to face the jeep but got stuck with another site.. A mocking lite smile, he gave them…

*****Anika’s house****

Anika was treated by the village physician…Gayathri was frozen with Rachana calming her beside…Amazingly, tears didn’t form in Gayathri’s eyes…Gauri and Rohit was outside the room with teary and worried face…Raja, who had just arrived there was sitting in hall facing the floor…All the villagers were in the home…

“hamari Akka ko kya hua? “ asked keerthi forcing tears to form in everyone’s eyes..

“kuch nehi keerthi…nothing have happened to Akka” relaxed her mother hugging keerthi close to her stomach…after an hour, the physician came out accompanied by his assisters..Gauhit along with Gayathri and Rachana surrounded them with tensed faces..

“ kavalappedavena…ava nalla da irukka..konchum gavanama pathukkonge..kaal vandu konchum gavanama… avale yengeyum nada vidavena..katthi vandu avalo aazhama pokale…. ( Nothing to worry..she’s fine….but do take good care of her specially her leg..don’t let her walk for few days..well, the knife didn’t go much deeply..)

They exhaled a heavy breath of relief..

“hei Sankar ji..Thank you!!! ” Gauri‘s prayer knew no boundaries..

“dekha Akka, I told you na…Anu is perfectly alright..” Rachana shook the cold and expressionless Gayathri..she walked to hall without uttering a word…no one could read her face now..she straightened herself to Raja and made him stand with his arms which brought him from deep thought..

“Now what?? Huh? What next? What all problems are gonna come now? “ She shouted on the top of her voice…her words echoed over the hall..the villagers were shocked to witness this new version of Gayathri…Raja knew how much hurt she was from inside…

“SAY SOMETHING!!!!!…she took a pause waiting to get an answer… “ don’t have answer..right!.. and will never get… Raja, I agree, I didn’t give birth to her..but..but she is My daughter…Maa hoo mai uski.. and no mother in this world can see their progeny dying in front of them…No one..!!! “ she alarmed her voice keeping her hand close to heart..Gauri and Rejini held Gayathri who was loosing her patience…the villagers didn’t get what she really by ‘what’s next’ but chose to keep quiet… while all these were happening, Ramu’s eyes were fixed on Raja with a doubtful thought..

“Rajaaa…please…I can’t..I cant see these happening..!! pleeh..easeehh “ she pleaded in her lowest voice and fell on Rejini’s hands crying… a thin sheet of water formed in his eyes, but he was helpless… with whom he could share that even he can’t bear these..

“ Ga..Gayathri.. I..” he couldn’t say anything..

“ MR. RAJJARAAIIIIIiii< !!!!! ! ><!!<<!!!>>!>!! !<>!>!!>><!! !!!…….”

Everyone turned to the direction from where the voice was coming…there stood Shivaay with his Red bloodshot eyes…even his eyeball seemed to be red..( sorry for converting his blue into Red eyes.. )..the veins were visible in his hands due to the compressed fingers into palm.. he folded his knee and kept his right leg inside the house, and that was the first time he entered there… Ramu and Rejini didn’t know how to pacify this new SSO avatar…he treaded towards Raja swiftly and held his collar shaking him deadly….

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!… what did you do to her?? Answer me damn it<><>>><><!!… “ Shivaay was not in his senses..Ramu and others stopped Shivaay from hurting him while Gayathri and gauri supported Raja with his shoulder…

“Shivaay!! Stop it… What are you doing?? “ Ramu tried to stop him, but he had already turned to a wild animal…

“  What am I doing kakka?? Huh? Ask what the hell he’s doing with her daughter… “ Shivaay freed himself from the clutches and pointed Raja..

“ What do you mean Shivaay!! “ asked Rejini hiding her anger..

“ I meant what I said…”


Shivaay turned to face the jeep but got stuck with another site… A mocking lite smile, he gave them… he took the firewood which was extinguishing with the wind…he neared the jeep and without a second thinking, he threw it to the petrol which was leaking vigorously..

“NaaaHahAhhhhhhHHhhHAHAhhaHHHHAAIIIAIiiiiiiii>>>>……………” screamed those men…Shivaay was still adamant with the decision… the men below Shivaay leg was screaming out of scare… Shivaay turned towards him with intense glare..

“Nehi..No…please…Please leave me…I.I didn’t do anything…” he pleaded and moved back against the ground.. Shivaay, with an iron rod moved closer..

“ how dare you try to kill My Anika!!! “ his voice showed clear anger..

“Nehi sir…please..Please leave me….”

“sir…sir please listen sir….pl..please.. I was..I was obeying HIS order..sir…pl..please sir…”  Shivaay raised the rod to hit him.. “ Sir…s..sir…Raja..Rajaaa ….. he…he know everything… “ This shocked Shivaay to the core…the rod in his hand slipped down…

“What nonsense are you talking??? “ Shivaay roared like a living Lion..

“yes sir..I’m saying it…he knows..knows everything….I don’t the who ordered us to..to ki…kill your wife….but, yes..R..Raja..Rajaa…knows it..”


Rejini “No..This is not possible…not even in his wildest dream, Raja can think of hurting Anu…. “ Raja was silent with guilt making his eye-contact with others fade..

“but look…if, what I said wasn’t true, then he would definitely try to prove me wrong..but see, he is silent.. that means what I said was right…he knows everything… he is trying to kill his daughter… “ Shivaay’s rage knew no level..

“No bhayya.. Appa can’t do that…believe it “ gauri begged Shivaay but he couldn’t help but nod negatively..

Shivaay “ Nehi gauri… you don’t know him.. No one knows him.. NO ONE!!!.. “ he huffed out sigh dropping few tears.. “ but..but Rajarai, apne kaan kholke suno… Anika is just not your daughter but she’s MY WIFE…. Anika meri biwi hai!!!.. JUST MINE…No one have the right to touch her..NO one.. I don’t know why you’re doing this…if..if there’s any coercion..if you were forced to do that, then please…please tell me…just tell me for once…pleasseee.. I still have a thought that you can’t do this..pl..please uncle….” He begged him but no response came… Raja was still in a mess..his eyes were fixed on Shivaay…

“ Uncle, jab se mai yaha aaya hoon, maine bhohuth kuch dekha… lot many things.. I understood everyone loves her..but, but more than love, I can see care and sentiments for Anika… This is not the first attack, but when she was OM, she was attacked by few men… here, that gas incident…even though she offed the stove, still the gas was spreading.. and now this…Something is wrong.. who is trying to kill Anika?? “

The villagers were silent…Ramu’s gaze on Raja was becoming more furious..Shivaay held Gayathri’s hand..

“ aap tho batha deejiye….What is happening here?? Who were they? And of whom they were talking about?? Please say it…please..” Shivaay begged sticking his palm together but Gayathri was helpless… tears grew bigger in her eyes nodding in ‘No’

“ WHY!!? Why can’t you say? Let me remind you again, Anika is Mine…Meri hai voh.. I have the full right to know about her… “ he looked Raja  “ aur haa, don’t let these words go from your ears…Anika ko agar kuch bhi hua na, iss poori dhuniya ko jhala doongi mai…Shivaay Singh Oberoi have nothing to do with this world if Anika is not here… note my words..Anika ko kuch bhi hua THO…. “  Shivaay warned Raja with sharp index finger and left leaving Raja despondent… Raja’s emotions was waiting for a pillar to break out… Gauhit made the villagers leave except Ramu and Rejini.. Gayathri neared Raja whose position was the same earlier…

“ Raja.. abhi bhi wakth hai… we can say everything to Shivaay… didn’t you see how much tempered he was.. he’ll take good care of our Anu..we’ll disclose to him all the matter…Rajaaa, we’re losing the time…” Gayathri opened her mind still hiding a fear of loosing Anika, but nothing was making Raja move…

“ What was all these Raja? “ finally spoke Ramu.. don’t know how but these words made Raja look him.. Ramu neared Raja with disbelief..

“ Raja, please prove that what I’m thinking now isn’t the truth…  “ Ramu lowered his voice with the fear.. Raja couldn’t say but nod positively, which made Ramu and Rejini shock to the core…


***Anika’s room***

Shivaay climbed over the pipes and slabs and finally made his first step on the room, but his legs couldn’t take the other as Anika’s unconscious body over bed made him frigid…

“ Shivaay, irritating you, mocking you, taunting you…it’s like breathing…and how can I live without breathing? Mera dil mei sirph ek hi insaan basthe hai… and that’s my kanchi aankhon wala bhagadbilla… No one can take his place…”

Anika’s words passed through his memory leaving a thin water layer there in his eyes…  A cloth covered with herbs were placed over her head and leg bandaged with red shades over it… her appearance was killing him…he slowly pedaled away to bed and gently sat next to her trying not to disturb her deep slumber…he weakly touched her head and caressed it, while few lines and curves spread over her eyes…

“ Sh…Shivaaa…. “

Her airy tone made him surprise…darkness over her sight slowly gave way to light… she tried to get up rubbing her leg but with the stress, blood oozed from her leg…

“An..Anikaa, kya kar rahi ho thum?? Lay down… “ he cared her making her down by her shoulder… more than order, care ruled over his words..

“Shi…Shivaay, it makes me weak…let me sit please…. “  she pleaded holding his hand which he could never deny…he made her sit against the pillow softening her back injuries.. just then she noticed wounds over his hands and face..

“ yeh..yeh sab kaise?? Shivaay what happened to you? “ she took his hands over her and checked out it till tear formation begin..

“ it’s nothing Anikaa, just… “

“nothing?? How can you say this? Look, how blood have frozen? Wait…I’ll clean it..why didn’t you see doctor? Shivaay infection ho saktha hai.. how careless you are.. “ she complained tearing her dhuppatta to clean it..

“wh..what are you doing Anika? “ she didn’t answer to this as she was engulfed in cleaning… he was witnessing the new version of Anika other than tadibaaaz one… she slowly cleaned it without making him feel pain… she took the medicine which was just next to her, but as the cloth was far away from her clutch, she tied her dhuppatta over the wound… suddenly a drop of water fell over her hand..she gazed Shivaay whose eyes were red n watery, she was shocked to core coz it was for the first time she was seeing him broken… involuntarily her hand caressed his face..

“Shivaay!! Kya hua? Aap ro rahe ho? Shivaay, wht happened??? “ her worry knew no boundaries.. he took her hand in his and kissed the palm dropping few drops there…Anika didn’t know how to react to this..he scraped her face with much guard..

“ r..r u ok? Thum teek ho na? “ Anika’s worried face slowly gave way to bright smile…she controlled her laugh with creaky smile…Shivaay was confused with this..

“Sh..Shivaay!! aap islie ro raha dha?? Haaha…I thought of something big.. “ she held his hand laughing…he was getting more awkward..

“ Anika, I think bcoz of the stab, you’ve lost your brains.. how can you laugh even in such situation?? “ Shivaay was getting raged..

Anika “ what else I’ll do? I thought you’re so strong and couragefull, but what went is so funny…BHahaahaaahha…Sh..Shivaay!! O my God!!! “

Shivaay “O hello, hass kyu rahe ho?? And..and what’s so funny in this??  You know, you’re impossible, mar ne jaa rahi dhi phir bhi akal nehi aaya.. When the matter is about you, I.. I do get worried… “ his tone changed to a cute one… Anika couldn’t help but pull his cheeks..

Anika “ Awww…. You’re so cute.. chalo, I was just kidding… I’m perfectly alright… bas thoda sa dard ho raha hai.. it’ll get better… “

Shivaay “ huff…ok, but now I’m serious.. you’re…you’re fine na?? I mean, if you want I’ll call any doctor.. or if need then…

Anika “Shivaayyy!! Relax.. I told you na..I’m feeling the best..and when you’re around me, nothing wrong will happen to me… “ he smiled seeing her good..he caressed her face tucking her small strands back..

“ I..I got scared Anikaa… suddenly all those h..happened and..I..I didn’t know..what.. what to do.. “

Anika “bass..dekho aur emotional math karo mujhe…waise bhi mujhe inn sab ki aadath ho gaya hai.. “ she bit her tongue closing her eyes tightly.. Shivaay’s eyes straightened towards her..

“ wh..what do you mean, aadath ho gaya hai? Huh? “ Anika looked here and there thinking what to say next..he made her look straight into his eyes…

“ what are you hiding?? Say it.. “ his harsh sound was fearing one..

Anika “vo..Shivaay,

“ Anika, please say it…many things are happening here out of my knowledge…at least you say something… “ she huffed out hot air holding his hand tightly over her heart..

“Shivaay, this…this wasn’t the first attack on me…wh..when I was 6, no..I think 7, I was kidnapped for few months..but, the kidnappers didn’t harm me… I was locked for days and later they theirselves left me.. later when I was 12, I was shot by bullet near my neck…like here I think… “  she jacked her hair back showing  him the place where it had become brown… “ and when I was 15, I was victim for an accident… like a car hit me deliberately, if sithappa  hadn’t seen me there struggling to breath, then that would have been the end of mine..well, the next one went on my 18, another fire accident, don’t know how, I managed to escape… that’s still a miracle for me…

And when I was 23, I was attacked by few men, who were responsible for my sprain in left leg, after that, I couldn’t stress for anything…hmmm…now I’m habituated to all these..  but what surprised me was Appa’s hush…he never tried to react to anything.. even police supported him to find the culprit, but he never ever engaged in those… he himself ran from everything.. well, even I wasn’t having any fervency in inquiring those incidents… I knew it that these aren’t a coincidence.. everything is working under someone’s control.. but..but I didn’t want to know who they are, coz…coz I didn’t want to live that time… I had lost everything, my mother, my family, my dreams.. everything… kissi bhi tharah marna chahthi dhi mai.. “

She closed her eyes leaving a lone tear…

“ lekin…lekin ab..

She pressed his hand tightly

“ jeene ka mann kar raha hai…  she smiled… but don’t know will I… “ before she could finish, Shivaay pulled her into a protective crushing hug…her hot TEARS fell on the crook of his neck….she cuddled herself into his warmth…

“nothing will happen to you Anikaaa… nothing… “ he husked his voice hugging her more tight than ever.. he kissed her hair caressing it..

“Shivaay, aap..aap mera saath hoge na?? please never leave me…pleassseeee….”

“what are you saying Anika? “ he broke the hug and wiped her tears with his thumb…  “ how can I leave you? Thum janthi nehi ho ki thum mere lie kya ho… I’ll never ever leave you…NEVER!!!  “ he assured his words kissing her forehead..she closed her eyes while droplets flowed down her cheeks..



“WHAT!!!! How dare you try to kill my Anika?? How dare you shoot her!! “ Charlie shouted at the top of his voice kicking a man… he screamed for his life and pleaded not to do it..

“si..sir, you told us to do th..that.. wh..why are saying like this now…. “ the blood was making its way through his nose..

“SO… what If I say so?? You’ll do that? Huh? Will you!!!…” he was loosing his senses..he broke the glass box nearby and took the sword which was newly sharpened…

“Nehi sir…please… leave me sir…madam ab teek hai sir…please sir.. “ the man requested HIM but HIS vaporing rage was higher than anything…HE raised HIS hands to cut his legs but before he could, a strong hand stopped HIM from doing.. Charlie looked back frustrated but the face brought HIM lighter..

“ sir..mai ne kuch nehi kiya sir…please tell HIM sir…please let me go.. “ the man again tried..

“ you go now… “ the line made Charlie look him angrily but controlled himself…

“ what are you doing Charlie?? Have you lost it! You yourself said to finish Anika..and now you’re behaving the opposite… how many times you’ve tried to kill her…you’re repeating the same again and again and again“

Charlie “ what else I’ll do dad? When I see Anika, my Anika with that blo*dy Shivaay, I..I don’t know what is getting into my body!!..

“ aur khusse mei thumne aisa kaha.. for God sake Charlie, control your anger…do you have any idea what could have happen bcoz of your anger??  Ok..let it go… “

Charlie “ I can’t dad..I just can’t…dad, we’ll go now…we’ll go now and bring Anika here…c’mon dad…” he said and pulled his hand but he jerked it off..

“Charlie, behave yourself…our aim is just not Anika.. but my revenge… years before Raja had cut my one hand… first it was her mother but now the history will repeat when Anika will be here…just few more days to go my son…Anika will be yours… and after that Raja will have no idea what will happen to Anika… her case will be grotty than a dog… And that Shivaay, haa.. don’t get worried about him… I know what should be done with him… you just relax and enjoy the moment…you don’t have to hyper till SANJAY MALHOTHRA is alive…

****Anika’s room****

Shivaay somehow managed to pacify Anika…he slowly decided to leave while Anika held his hand tightly..

“ necessary to go? “ she asked sliding head cutely… Shivaay smiled and sat next to her caressing her hair..

“it’s too late Anika… your wounds are still fresh…off to sleep and rest well… “ he said unfolding the blanket trying to make her lay..

“ Shivaay, mujhe nehi sona…”

“no Anika..you…you have to.. “ he said hiding his face from her…

Anika “ok fine..but on one condition, voh…I want to sleep on your lap.. “ he gets quite emotional..

“voh, Amma ki yaad aa rahi dhi.. and the way how you’re treating me says like you’re my mother…so… “ she pleaded through eyes, for which Shivaay agreed through a smile…she happily lay on his lap covering blanket over her shrugging her shoulder…



“Thank you…… “ she said while a lone tear passed over a nose and slided down…. And slowly she forgot about thoughts and lowered to sleep bcoz of the medicine effect…Shivaay’s eyes was witnessing the most pityfull scenario… Anika had now became unconscious…Shivaay slowly made her lie on his arms and hugged her tight pulling her more close to his heart..he kissed her hair line crying vigorously…his hands were sharp in not to let the tears fall on her face…he hugged her tighter than TIGHT not letting her move away for an inch…

“I…I don’t know Anika….I..I…I really don’t know how..how will I appease you…how will I assure you that you’re mine…I’ll never let anything happen to you Anika…I..I can’t believe you..you’ve…you’ve faced a lot in y..your life… but not more…not more…thumhara Shivaay thumhara saath hai…this wall will protect you from everything Anika….kuch nehi hoga thumhe…kuch bhi nehi… “ he cried his heart out enticing her more into his sorrow…


Hey folks!!!  And how was this one?? Well, I disclosed few secrets through this part…hey, how’s the name Sanjay?? I asked many people of suggestions but that didn’t suit it, in my thoughts… and finally I got this.. actually it’s my brother’s name… he doesn’t know I’ve picked his name for this…

If he somehow gets to know then I invite you all to my death ceremony…haa kidding…

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Take care everyone and stay cool…

The temperature is so severe my friends.. drink lot of water and do get awaked of snakes and this is the time when they travel house to house..


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        I’m good Moon..how about you??soo good to know that you feel good while reading my comments…hahaha waise “Meri pyaaari desh vaasiyoooo…. ” is epic..well are you asking about myself??

  11. Hai friend how are u nice to see u I think some connection is there whenever I think about you surprisingly u bang with your extreme writings that they mean alot to me. U wrote sooooo sweetlyyyy n very much nicellly thai i immensed totallyyyyy n completelyyyy that I’m facing difficult in finding exact words to suit u n to share my happiness that I’m feeling as in reading old moments as in ishqbaaaz between shivika.u are really absolutely amazing creative n ithna aachi saachi cutiiee pyaari perfect pretty writer ho. Im truly n fully fallen to u n way of expressive love of shivaay to Anika in protecting her n giving warning to his father that showering his much needed love on Anika is awesome i fidaaa to u.and there moments is out of cent percent that Imagined remained in those.and the u turn of events of gayatris love towards anika, rajas helplessness,
    shivaays uncontrollable anger, n unconditional love for anika is expected.but unexpected is anikas confession of attacks which known by his father.who is that blo*dy charlies equation of relation with anika.eagerly awaits to know how shivaay will deal all those n how this wall will protect his Neem anika.n finally u touched with the line “aabi thak jeene ke Mann Nehi hi aab jeena chahthi hu app ke liye” sooo loads n lots of love to you for these lines.
    So You are placed beyond and away from Uncountable n innumerable lots of appreciations.keep on writing like this.i too kill the person who invented exams for so long n kept my friend bussy in writing.so I want to present some extrapowers to you then u will make complete exams in less time.i guess those powers are with you now ha ha ha that my friend rocks as usual like this.take care frnd.

    1. Moonlight_luver

      hai my chunk.. hey, are we having any relation?? yeah may be of friendship… Even I also think of you…haa haa… c’mon, you don’t have to find exact words to suit me.. you’ve already showed how mercyfull and blessed you are by typing such a comment utilising your precious time.. to give happiness to others by setting aside your valuable time is really a rare aspect… and you’ve taken pHD in that… Thank you Thank you Thank you soo much Raji… don’t pull me up as I’ll hit the roof now..haa..your words really means a lot to me yaar.. hey, what’s fidaa?? I’m not fond with hindi much.. I do have to learn it more.. but yeah, can understand in IB..
      oye Raji…control kar..otherwise anger will eat you.. Charlie will get his doom and that too from our SSO himself.. but it’ll take bit long… hope you’ll wait for it.. this isn’t the end my friend… Picture abhi bhi baakhi hai… just wait and watch what all turns I’ll bring…haahhhahaaa…hey, do I sounds like villain?? Whatever.. hey you loved the same line which I love…. Aaaaaahha… when I typed that line it literally made me to cry..AAAAAhharraaa…. but isn’t that touching? I felt so…
      Thank you again yaar.. and yeah, do inform me if you got to know about the inventors of exams, coz I’ve prepared some goons for them… just kidding…love you lots Raji..
      keep loving n reading the ff… God bless you

  12. So sorry for typing in known words to you.i didn’t used exact hindi word.hey chunk I’m also learning hindi eveni know little bit because I’m learning from starting like u.fidaa means it’s type of fallen feeling.i just can do for long upto u writes because I live in being reading ur writings.no you are my friend so does not look like Villan usually I don’t make friendship with villans ha ha ha.tell me what made u think Villan as in my lines.ha ha.for me tell the meaning of clucth I did not understand dear.ha tell me you are guy or girl

  13. I just can wait for long upto u writes bcoz I love in reading…..

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Does that mean you’ve fallen for me?? But very sorry, my parents have booked someone for me….hahahaa just joking…WHAT?? you live for reading my ff? Then what will happen if my story ends?? But I’m sure that when my ends, someone else’s story will rule over you.. C’mon, you only know to be a friend not any villain.. And your words know to make everyone happy.. Arrey yaar, its not clucth, but its clutch… Sorry my mistake, I sould have written properly…
      Well, what do you think?? Guy or a girl? Tell me one thing, if I say that, I’m a guy, how will you react? So let that also remain like my name, unknown to all…

  14. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Thank you Nikki…happy to see you commenting… Keep reading buddy..

  15. Very nice n congrats for your engagement.i have no problem because I’m a married agged lady.happy now.i just told there is come connection.moreover whoever u moonlight I thought you are girl so I commented love n live words.so sorry if they make sense in another way.i did not mean nothing more.u asked as chunk n frnd so I called n taken as friend.im really sorry for writing fidaa n extra words which u make embrassed just I wrote those appreciative words after reading your writings.i have really fallen for your writings not you frnd.because we don’t know about each other.n I wrote live with your writings it’s true because they act as tension relievers n I’m a one of great fan shivika means nakul n Surabhi.if it’s over means u can come with new FFS.n ruling means u told correct so many love stories ruled on me like this as I’m interested in reading .nothing else.again sorry for my writing

  16. Moonlight_luver

    Hey hey hey… You’ve become a lot sensitive..I didn’t mean anything like how you’re thinking.. I’m like that, I used to talk like this to those whom I believe to be my buddies… And one more thing, I’m a girl.. But not engaged… Engagement tho dhoor ki baath hai…
    What do you mean by “Anything more ” ?? I literally don’t understand what you truly meant.. But whatever it may be, you’re a very good friend of mine… I’m sooo glad that I got a BF through TU… I don’t know whether you feel the same like me or not, but no words of yours have made me embarrassed..
    I am sorry if any words of mine have hurted you.. I never meant to hurt you…
    You know my mother too used to say to control your talks before others… But I never listen… But now I think I should have….
    Sorry yaar Raji… And please don’t stop talking to me for this reason… That’s a request.. For u it might be reading that give tention reliefments ,but for me as an author, the comments are the tention reliefments…
    Again I’m sorry if I have hurted you…

  17. Fidaa its a movie name n its varuntejs movie.he is from chiranjeevis family

  18. So nooo more sorrys between us. I typed the message yesterday before day alot thinking that why u said that u r engagement.so don’t consider my message.i won’t keep anything in my mind.and I gave message because if you have felt awkwardness with my words.nothing more.so you are my second friend that I have met through tu.n will be friends like this.so don’t worry any more.i too same like you n mother’s will be same to teach us.i know that.n I will in contact always. in order to talk with you only I typed that message to have unnecessary doubts cleared.so request accepted n result is normal as usual from this time.n last sorry from my side to think like this n waste of time in typing my message.n thanku for understanding that I also felt my frnd is there.n should be normal.

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