‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-30


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******Next day*****

Anika was laying in her bed all tired…the sunrays gently started scattering everywhere in the room through the balcony…she pressed and relaxed her eyes in order to get rid of that…failing in that, she slowly opened her eyes and looed the roof with eyes lost in the last day….she sat properly supporting her head as it was aching heavily…she tried to remember her last moments but what she could only recollect was hugging Shivaay…her eyes opened elaborately…she stood with weak legs…she shut her eyes with pain below her knee….just then the fact hit her head that she walked all the way to hill without any sandals… she, somehow neared the balcony…she peeped everywhere but she couldn’t find him…there, Raju was alone to graze the cows…her eyes were busy in finding her man that she didn’t even heard the voice of Gayathri entering the room…Gayathri saw Anika with high feet peering out..she placed the basin aside and neared Anika…she stood next to Anika who still wasn’t aware of Gayathri’s arrival…she smiled seeing Anika’s unconditional affection for Shivaay…

“Shivaay ko doond rahi ho? “ this disturbed Anika’s search…she turned back to witness Gayathri standing there with a simple smile…Anika turned her face opposite making Gayathri a little sad but she could wield that..Anika didn’t had any interest in having a talk with her…

Anika “ what are you doing here? “ she looking out asked her

Gayathri “umm…voh..I got tea for you….” She showed the cup to her..

Anika “why you? It was gauri who brings this… “

Gayathri “hope you remember…she went for dance classes…” this hit Anika’s head as a thud..

Anika “huhh? Today..??

Gayathri “it’s Sunday!!.. “she completed…Anika closed her eyes as she forgot to do the work as usual..

Gayathri “chall..it’s ok…I’ve brought dress for you..have this tea and try the dress…” she placed the tea aside and pointed the dress…Anika fixed her eyes on those and looked Gayathri with raised eye-bros..

Anika “why should I wear this??”

Gayathri “uhh..Anika..today, pooja is held in home..so..

Anika “Ohh..great!! but don’t say that that’s for my sake..” she reproached the answer..Gayathri understood, she is enraged at the moment…

Gayathri “Anika..it’s for your own sake..and..we are conducting this for Shivaay also…Raja wanted this pooja to happen..” Shivaay’s name made Anika to think again…she hummed as a positive answer..Gayathri smiled and raised her hand to caress her hair but as quick as possible, Anika blocked her hand..

Anika “ aap ka kaam ho gaya na…now you may please leave..” she showed the way out…As gayathri had expected this response, she didn’t clarify much and left…her legs froze as she neared the door…she backwarded her face to see Anika with closed eyes…

‘ I know Anika..it’s very difficult for you to face me…but..what’ll I do?? thumne mujhe kabhi apna maa nehi maana hai..but I..for me, you’re always my daughter..it’s only few days more….after that, I don’t know, will I be able to see you again..she smiled….well, you’ll don’t have to see me then after.. but…but how will I hide my emotions?? I..I really donno…but I’ll never let you go…EVER…’

She thought to herself and left with wet eyes..

*****Ramu’s house****

Ramu entered and threw his wet towel which was rounded on his head…he sat down fully exhausted..

“Rejiniii..bring water!! Today, there was a lot of work..” he screamed which hit Rejini’s ears as a bullet..

Rejini “uuffff…ithni zorr se bolne ki zaroorath nehi hai..I’ve ears..” she smote the glass the and tied the pallu of saari over her waist…

Ramu “Arreyy…Rejini!!! Paanii!!! What is this girl doing there?

Raju “oyee hoee.. look who’s the girl..Appa, don’t forget..she has become a mother…not a girl anymore…

Ramu “ but for me, your mother is always a teenager..” Rejini came there with water hearing this..

Rejini “aapko sharam naam ki koi cheez hai kya nehi..kaise baathein kar rahi hai bachhe ke saamne..” she hit his shoulder giving the water to him..

Ramu “huh? I said the truth..

Raju “ Appa, abhi Amma ko sharam aa raha hai…” the trio shared a cute moment and laughed teasig each other…just then their laugh lowered seeing Shivaay there..

Rejini “Shivu..where were you?? Come na..

Shivaay’s face didn’t seemed good…he entered with a expressionless face..

Raju “bhayya, where were you last night? You don’t have any idea how much I searched you..Akka is fine na?

Ramu “ Akka?? A..Anu ko kya hua??” he was curious now..Raju bit his tongue and asked forgiveness to Shivaay through eyes…Shivaay caressed Raju’s hair lovingly..

“Raju..go and play..I’ll say to them..” he supported Raju and he, smilingly went from there with bat & ball…

Rejini “Shivu..what happened to Anu?? Is she all right?” she held Shivaay’s shoulder with a concerned face…Shivaay eyed on her with redness mixed eyes..

“RADHIKA RAJARAI ko kya hua dha??”

Shivaay narrowed his question which made Rejini’s hand to relax…Ramu was shocked beyond limit… Rejini moved back with shock expressions while Ramu came forward to Shivaay

Ramu “how do you know about Radhika?

Shivaay “just give me the answer kakka…What actually to her? “ Rejini came forward and rubbed his shoulder

Rejini “Sh..Shivu.. thu isski bare mei kyu soch raha hai? Just leave the matter and..

Shivaay “how can I leave?? Anika meri biwi hai..and if there’s any plaintively in her life, then it’s her mother…and..and I have to know about her… he looked Ramu, whose head was facing down….he held Ramu’s hand in his..

“ kakka, jaise aap kakki ko dard mei nehi dekh saktha, waise se hi mai bhi Anika ko dard mei nehi dekh saktha…I just can’t”

Tear swelled in Rejini’s eyes..she closed her mouth not letting her sobs to come out…Ramu still was covering his eyes from him…

“ I know..I know that she wasn’t murdered…”

The line brought watts of shock to both Ramu & Rejini…

Rejini “kya..kya mat..mathlab hai thumhara?? “

Ramu “how come you know that??

Shivaay “ don’t forget that, still I’m THE Shivaay Singh Oberoi, who can get informations of any kind….

The trio had a mute convo…

*****Anika’s house****

Gauri was running everywhere with the responsibilities she had…she was in a sky blue floor churidar with dark blue dhuppatta..her earrings well matched her dress…Her hair was taken from both the sides and knotted in the back mid..she looked like a real Schematic…suddenly she got clashed with Gayathri..

Gauri rubbing her head “uff Amma..dekhke chal na…”

Gayathri too rubbed her head affectionately “ Sorry..Sorry….Sorry chutki..just happened..

Gauri “Achha teek hai..Amma, where’s Akka? She’ll come na?

Gayathri “I…I don’t know…she had nodded positively but..but I’m not sure..

“Arrey badi maa, aap ithni kyu soch rahi hai? Aa jayegi voh…” came the voice from Rohit snaking her hands around Gayathri’s  Neck..she caressed his hair lovingly..

“kaise hai thu? Teek se neend mili kal?” Gayathri inquired..

“ bhohuth achha mili Akka..” Rachana came from behind holding Rohit’s shoulder… “ but I’m sure that this foreigner might haven’t get it..

Rohit “Ehh Rana ( Rachana) babe.. what do you think of me? Huh? Agree that I’m not familiar with these..but I grew up here..OK!!!   ek dham badiya…ooye chutki..he smacked her head..

“kya hai?? “ pointed Gauri..Rohit got scared seeing her..

“ arrey kuch nehi baaba..bas poochne wali dhi ki Anu kaha hai? Kaha hai thumhari Akka?

Gauri “ aathi hi hogi..lo aagaya…” she screamed pointing the stairs…everyone’s eyes were coveting to witness the prettiest person of the entire village…Anika was in a peach churidar with silver touches on it..the Red dhuppatta made its decorum high…her hair was loosened and the tip curled a lit..the small strands adorned her face redundantly…Gayathri was happy beyond the limit as it was the first tme that Anika obeyed her words without any objection…Even though Anika had denied number of times her words, Gayathri never chose to stay  silent…she kept requesting her and Anika kept objecting her words…but this was a new feeling for Gayathri…

“umm…pooja shuru kare..” the words of Anika made Gayathri to come back from thoughts..Gayathri had a thin layer of tear in her eyes but she didn’t let it come out in front of others..

“i..i’ll be back now..” she excused herself from there and hid near a pillar closing her mouth..

‘why…why God….why are you testing me?? Ab thoh sirph kuch hi dinoum bachi hai..inn aakhiri dhinoum mei aap Anika ko meri nazdeek math le aayiye…bcoz, I can’t see her going away after getting closer to me… ‘ thought Gayathri..

Gauri ran to Anika and hugged her sisterly..

Gauri “Akkaaa…..you’re so looking good…” Anika smiled weakly…gauri noticed that she isn’t feeling nice..

“Akka, is everything fine? You seems to be worried…” gauri enquired

Anika “n..nothing at all…I’m fine..bas thoda sar dard hai..”

Gauri “huh? Sar dard?? Akka, you go and rest, I’ll handle everything…”

“ Achhaanak kya hua thujhe?? You OK?? “ Rohit checked her temperature level…

Anika “kuch nehi yaar!! I’m good and..”

Rohit “ and you were just making excuses so that you can get away from here right?? “ he rounded his arms over her shoulder and sarcasticed the line..

Anika “ ho gaya thera?

Gauri “ub..why are you making my Akka angry?

Anika “Oh ho ho ho ho ithna achha math bann gauri madam…I know everything about your life..thumhe patha hai Rohit, hamaari chotibehen humse baathein chupaane laga hai!!!

Gauri was confused..

Rohit “ k..kya matlab??

Gauri “haa kya matlab?

Anika “arrey Rohit, she elbowed her hands placing it above his shoulder.. thujhe patha hai, ki gauri ki zindgi mei, ham sab ki alaava koi aur bhi hai..gauri’s expression was changing at the moment…

Rohit “kaun hai voh ??

Anika “aa voh tho hamaara O..

Gauri “Akka…Akka…Akka please kka, if we say this to him, then it will be like publishing in newspaper..

Anika “hawww….ab thak tho mai ne koi naam bhi nehi bathaaya, but already you got of whom I was talking about..  kya baath hai…

Gauri “Akka, what’s wrong with you?huh? kuch bhi boltha hai…please chup rahiye..” she turned opposite..

Anika and Rohit winked each other

Anika “ok..no prob for me, I was about say a secret but..” gauri’s eyes glowed out..

“kya..kya kaun sa secret? Bathaana Akka..

Rohit “Anu, just a moment ago, did she say to keep silent, or was that just my notion?”

Anika “haa even I heard that..

Gauri “huff..thum log na..Akka, please bathaade Om ne kya kaha..

Anihit “Ooooooooooohhhh!!! ! Oooooommmmm!! !!!! !! !!!!! !!…

Gauri closed her eyes out of fail..Anihit gave hi-fi to each other

Anika controlled her laugh “ummm…kuch nehi hai bhudhu…Om ne mujhe phone kiya dha…was saying that he wants to meet you..he is really missing you.. that’s it…he wants to talk….do call him after the pooja..”

Rohit “aur haa, after calling don’t forget about the world…”

Anika “huh? Means?

Rohit “means, you know how girls behave, jab bhi koi ladke ka phone aatha hai, voh iss duniya mei nehi hoga…just a free advice..after call, don’t ask, who are we !!

Gauri” why are you teasing me only? Akka bhi thoh yahi hai..

Rohit “ooh I forgot about Shivaay and Anika…our present story..” Anika’s smile vanished hearing his name..she rembered the last moments they shared…

‘ Anika, I’m your life partner..and I do want to know everything about you….

it will feel much relaxed if we get a shoulder, where we can sleep in our difficulties..if we get a chest, where we can weep out our heart..if we get a hand to entwine it with our, so that we can find an unknown pair…

just share everything Anika….I can’t see you in more pain..say it to YOUR SHIVAAY….’

Shivaay’s words rang in Anika’s ears..Gauhit looked her and to each other…gauri shook her..

“Akka, where’re you lost?”

“no…nothing..mai voh…

“ Chalo we’re gonna start the pooja…” announced Raghav which disturbed Anika’s completion…


Anika was sitting in her chair half entered to the table…she was much busy with the drawing works..suddenly the alarm rang which showed 11 o’ clock… her eyes widened witnessing the time..

“eight?? Aaj ka din tho, mai ne Shivaay ko kahi dekha nehi…” she talked to herself and moved near the balcony…her eyes were not in her controls…they were dying to meet the blue eyes which was the only relief for those…Ramu kakka’s house was closed door…

“house is closed..Shivaay sou gaya hoga…but…ek baar unhe mil le tho achha hotha…how about going there?

Just then she noticed Raja’s car..

“huh? Appa didn’t go today? Ab tho bilkul nehi jaa saktha…if he comes to see then I’m done..lekin Shivaay…she again gazes the closed door… “he is slept na, will meet tomorrow…whatever..hope he had food… she self-talked and again engrossed in her draw..


“ light is there..that means she hasn’t slept..what to do?? how will I meet her? “ murmured Shivaay with his hands on head… “arrey Raju, kuch bolna..” he shook Raju whose eyes were half closed due to tiredness…he yawned with wide arms..

Raju “kyaa bhayya, why can’t you meet her next day? Meri neendh ka puncture ho gaya…”

Shivaay “I’ve to meet her…aaj ka din mai ne use ek baar bhi nehi dekha…I can’t sleep without seeing her..”

Raju “in the mid-night, everyone wants to sleep, but you..you want to see Akka..kamaal hai…waise why are we standing correct bottom of the balcony? We’ll stand on that rock..so that, we can see her….yeppidi? (how’s that? )

Shivaay “koi phaida nehi hai yaar…but what’s strange is why uncle didn’t go out today? He used to go daily na?

“haa” came the reply from closed eyed Raju

“RAJU!! “ Shivaay shook him.. “haaaa bhayya, I didn’t sleep..I didn’t sleep..ok now mission on..Akka ko mila hai..”

Shivaay “ab kya kare Mighty Raju?? “

“nehi… ‘BHAI’  “ he stressed the word

Shivaay “huh??

“it’s Raju bhaii…jab rastha nehi hai, then we have to make our own way…” he wore his imaginary glasses

Shivaay “matlab??”  Raju smiled pointing the pipe and slabs which was resulting the way to the balcony..

“All the best bhayya!! “


Anika was getting restless…she really wanted to meet Shivaay…but her brain wasn’t allowing her to follow her heart…she got up from the chair and sat on the bed with a thud..she closed her face and peered through the gaps recollecting Shivaay’s words…an smile made her face glow lightly..she stood up and faced the roof with wet eyes..the water cornered and slipped down through her face touching her ear…she, soon rubbed it and turned and her vision got black..she couldn’t see anything more…the darkness was making her gasp and shiver with fear…her eyes were searching for a beam of light..her breaths were gaining speed…the horrible past was playing in front of her…. ” NO” was the only word came from her mouth…suddenly her feet slipped and she was off to fall when a chest made her to cuddle into it…she clinched into what she got…she buried herself into the warmth she felt…


This made Anika to open her eyes….

“Shivaayyyy….” She whispered…she clasped into him more and more…

“Anika…kuch nehi hai Anika…kuch bhnehi hai….just relax..I’m here na…Shivaay’s here…ok? Calm down..” he caressed her head and protected her from anything..

“Shi…Sh..vaay.. I..I’m g…ge..getting sc..scared..Shivvaa..hh”

“kyu Anika? When I’m here, why you afraid? Nothing will happen to you…I’ll never let anything happen to you…never!! Ok!!

“Shiv..aa..dark..I..I can’t..” he understood what was making her weak..

“Anika..Anika look at me.. c’mon Anika, open your eyes..” he cupped her face and made her look into his eyes still with closed eyes..


“nehi Shivaay..pl..please nehi…” she nodded negative but Shivaay was also stubborn..

“Anikaaa…mere liye..please…” he tucked her hair strands behind ears which were sticked to her tear stained face..she slowly opened them with shivering lips..she looked up to see Shivaay gazing her with lite watery eyes..they both were still in hugging position…shivaay rubbed her cheeks with his thumb and placed a gentle kiss in her forehead…his hot breaths were making the tears in her face dry…Anika closed her eyes and felt the warmth of his proximity…

“Anika..look there..” he pointed the moon and the stars which were gleaming in the dark sky…the moonlight was blazing through the balcony…Anika fixed her eyes on the sky witnessing the natural beauty…

“you know Anika, dadi has told me, when darkness surrounds us, we have to find the light by our own and if we enjoy it, then the darkness will never ever scare us…bcoz we are and being watched by the light..” he whispered and looked the moon while the cold breeze were playing with his hair…Anika too looked the sky and rested her head on his chest…Shivaay held her close and placed his head above hers…they both delighting their moment…she realized their position but didn’t move but instead cried…

“Anika…don’t say that you’re crying…” Shivaay caressed her more

“Thank you Shivaay!!…Thank you soo much…” Anika murmured while cuddling into him more….Shivaay parted their hug and subdued his hands to pocket..

“Why? Did I save you from anything?? “

“huh?” just then the light came..

Shivaay “you should discover all these tips by yourself..haa..aur yaad rakhna, yeh sab mai phirse nehi bol saktha..” she understood that he was making her to get diverted…

“why? Why can’t you say? Will your height get less?”

Shivaay “ehh..don’t say anything about my height…

Anika “so that’s it..no problem…you ‘ve to say..”

Shivaay “mmm..hamesha mera isthemaal karna thum…when I won’t be here, then you’ll learn all these, by yourself…”

Anika “achha? Where are you going?huh?

Shivaay “kyun? Mai kahi jaa nehi saktha? Marr bhi tho…his words was stopped by Anika by placing her palm over his mouth..

Anika “khabardhaar if you say that again…I, myself will kill you..” her words showed how much his sentence effected her…Shivaay slowly mover her hands from his face..he played with her fingers and twisted it back resulting her to get banged with his chest…

“why Anika? Why does it effects you? “ he aired his voice…Anika looked deep into his eyes..

“n..n…nothing…nothing at all..”

“kya nothing? “ he moved his face more closer to hers..

“mai ne kaha na, kuch nehi hai…just nothing…” she tried hard to avoid her eye-contact with his..

“Anikaa just say it..”

“say what?? “

“vahi jo thumhara dil mei hai..”

“I said it Shivaay, nothing is there…”she looked down as she couldn’t handle his gaze..he rubbed his cheek against her…she moaned amine and felt his sharp beard poking into her face…he entered into her hair lock and inhaled her redolence making him go crazy…

“Sach mei…kuch nehi hai?”

“Nehiiiii”  the reply came unknowningly..she came out from his clutches and maintained a few steps back..

“waise..waise why you’re here?? Huh?” she changed the topic..

Shivaay “humm…you didn’t come to meet me..so I came..

Anika “how??

Shivaay “your Appa said that I should never enter the steps…but I came climbing the slabs and pipes all those..

Anika “R u mad? But..why? I’ll be here tomorrow too..

Shivaay “couldn’t control myself…then and there, he noticed his guitar there in her shelf….” Hey, that’s..that’s my guitar, isn’t it!!

Anika smiled seeing him recognized his thing..” yeah, it’s yours…voh actually when I saw in OM, once I had gone to store room, to take few things….there, I saw this..but I did ask permission from jhanvi aunty…she said that. You won’t use it..so I took it….”

Shivaay neared it and gently toughed its strings.. “but do you know to play?? “

Anika “well, I know to play violin..that’s the main reason for which I brought it here..but guitar..I don’t know…I haven’t played it yet…”Shivaay took the guitar and placed it in the position of playing…

“I still remember how I used to play it for Omru…” he smiled and played a small note…Anika was surprised to see the great SSO in a melodious version..Shivaay sat on bed and arranged the strings…Anika sat next to him with her hands supporting her jaw

“will you teach me? “ requested Anika

“there’s nothing to learn..it’s so simple…and you know violin right? So this will be as easy for you…”

“sikha nehi sakthe?? “ pleaded Anika…Shivaay smiled and nodded positively..Anika happily sat holding the guitar and Shivaay behind her….they were somewhat of a back hugging position…Shivaay placed his fingers over hers and played a melodious note..he arced his face and saw smile creeping over Anika’s face…they were both hell close to each other..Anika could feel his breaths blowing in the crook of her neck..she closed her eyes and enjoyed their beautiful moment…


Precap- Shivika’s Romace to bring fire…Anika to get stab……

Shivaay “ANIKAAAAAAAAA!  !!! !!!!!! !!!<><><<><<?<>?>?!!


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