‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-3

HELLO ALL……This is Moonlight_luver back with another part of ‘Tears from your eyes’,are ‘The blood from my heart’..Thank you everyone for your valuable comments..It really means a lot to me…So now let’s go through the next part….

***********Mumbai airport***********

Both Anika and DaOmru reached the airport at the same time..But Anika was totally confused what to do next..

Anika: Oh bete ki!!Now what next?? Told so many kidkithod dialogues with Rohit but what’ll I do now?? Here people are just wandering here and there.Why can’t they come to our village and do some cultivation?? Ramu annan ( brother) was searching everywhere for a helper.But where?Every people in the world is in Mumbai, then how will people be in our village?Huh! While murmuring all these, DaOmru passed her by her side where Rudhr were cracking few pathetic jokes for which Om slapped him playfully..and by walking they reached a small stall and Om ordered 3 coffee and Dadi hurrily took the coffee cup..Meanwhile all these Anika received a call which showed Gauri’s name.. and she took the phone.. In call…..

Gauri: Akka, did you reach there? how is the place? is everything all right?
Anika: Yeah I reached but here everything is so confusing yaar….You don’t have any idea how people have adorned their self…And…
Gauri: hey..hey..stop it..Even I know how the people lives there..I have also been there for my dance classes..No need to notice all those and say one thing…..before she could complete Rohit snatched the phone from Gauri..

Rohit: hey Anu, did you reach the pace? how is it??
Anika: Not bad ..but you know that the……And she continued with the same dialogues.. at the same time, Dadi started to drink the coffee and after the first sip, she felt something in her throat and she spit the coffee and fell down with a heavy breath… people started to gather around her..

Omru: DADI.!!!!!!..>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<>>>………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!
Dadi nothing will happen to you..ok ..nothing will happen..I’ll not let anything happen to you..screamed Omru like hell….
please somebody call the doctor..DADI……….screamed Rudhr.. hearing this, Anika turned towards their side..

Anika: guys I’ll call you later..bye..She cut the phone hurrily and went towards the crowd..she saw dadi having difficulty in breathing
Anika: hey what you all are doing? huh? she is feeling something in her throat..saying this she sat beside her rubbing her throat..(to Om) do you have ATM card with you??
Om nodded in yes and gave it to her …

please arrange a straw..here you go..Rudhr gave it the next second..Anika made the ATM card pieces and with the sharp side, she teared the center of dadi’s throat.. blood started to flow continuously an d the next second, Anika put the straw into her throat and started to pass air ….after few turns, dadi took a heavy breath and head rose up…sensing this Anika turned dadi’s head right and she spitted a small piece of rod with few iron parts.. Tears were flowing from Omru’s eyes….dadi opened her eyes with continuous breathing…

Anika:(caressing her forehead) nothing has happened dadi…you’re totally fine…
And everyone started to clap for Anika’s bravery..by now, Ambulance reached and dadi was taken to the hospital..Omru placed her carefully in a stretcher and took onside Ambulance.Ani Omru got inside the Ambulance and the set out to the hospital…

************ screen froze******************

So how was it guys???? I know it’s quite small one, but guys I promise that the next one’ll be a larger one…..

This us Moonlight_luver bidding farewell….
stay safe all of you . Next part will be a larger one but pls give me some time……
have a good day……….

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