‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-27

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********Next Day…********

Anika freshened herself and stood in front of the mirror to adorn herself…after all the beautifications, she took slightingly of vermillion and delineated it along her forehead…she recalled her moments with Shivaay….An unknown smile made her lips curve..she twirllingly neared the balcony with her dhuppatta swirling with the wind…she saw Shivaay who was running the tractor with towel rounded on his head with Raju and few kids next to him all laughing… Anika smiled seeing the bonding of Shivaay with those kids…

“ shaayad Shivaay was right… why I’m being so tensed instead of enjoying these moments??.. I should have trusted him… but now everything is gonna be cleared.. I’ll never allow anything happen to Shivaay….”


Her thought was disturbed by Gauri..Anika turned to watch Gauri overloaded with full of sweet boxes and basins…Anika ran to help her but with that sudden move, stuffs askewed over Anika and gauri fell above her…Anika rubbing her back stood up with a paining expression…

Anika “ arrey, gauri…careful with all these yaar…”

Gauri “Akka, what will I do now??? Appa has given me a lot many works to do…pooja is today..” answered she rubbing her arms…

Anika “ what sort of pooja?? “

Gauri “ wahh!!! Kamaal hai..it’s like asking who’s Raman after reading Ramayan…Akka, like really? We do this pooja every year..remember? Like, kids will take the blessings from their parents and…..oh!! now I got it…you weren’t here of this pooja any year…coz you don’t want to do this pooja with Amma…so you make some kind of excuses and scoots away…but not this time Akka…you’ve to attend this time..” she said in one go..Anika was lost in some kind of thoughts…she remembered how she escapes making fake reasons..gauri noticed Anika lost..

“Akka, don’t say that you’re thinking of a new reason…not so easy..this time, I’ll never let you go anywhere…that’s final..go and get ready..go..go..go…” she pushed Anika to room and gave dresses disregarding Anika’s requests…


****Raju’s house..****

Shivaay along with Raju entered the house with baby steps oscillating their eyes everywhere…

“ STOP….” Came the voice from Rejini with stick in her hands…Shivju’s backbones got straighten and with freaky faces they looked Rejini… a smile of 1000 watts was pasted on both their faces..

Rejini “how many times I’ve to say, don’t enter the house with mud…she pointed their feet… I can understand Raju, but Shivu you? Which goblin has entered on you?” she was complaining just like a 5 years old kid..Shivju was on their heads low still smiling…just then Ramu entered all laughing…Rejini watched him expressionlessly..

Rejini “ now what have got on you “

Ramu “till date, Raju was our only nuisance..but now Shivaay has also become..” he smacked Shivaay back head and side hugged him.. “ remember Rejini, even our Anu was same as like him.. she never listens to us….such naughty girl she was.. “

Rejini “ voh tho hai…but both are our gems…” they both hugged Shivaay…

“NEHHHIIIIIII……” screamed Raju.. “now who am I ??”  Raju grievanced….they pulled him to the hug and cuddled to each other for a few mins..

Ramu “ Shivaay, I’ve placed dress for you on bed..Raju, yours too….Rejini, I’m going now…so many preparations are to be done yet…you along with Shivju come to temple soon ok?”

Shivaay was confused “ek minute..what pooja? “

Rejini “oops..i forgat to inform you..a pooja is there in temple…everyone in village will go to pooja…so get ready, even we are going…” before Shivaay could crack a doubt, Rejini went from there…

Raju “ arrey bhayya, ithna kya soch rahi ho? It’ll be really fun..go fast..he pushed him to room and closed it…  “ how silly is bhayya, I should be there for him in everything…” he pulled his collars up adulating himself….


******* Temple ****

Everyone were running here and there…men were in their white-in-white shirt and dhotis and women were donned their selves with colourfull sarees…the burnt offerings to agni was placed outside that too in mid of the way…people were indulged in prayer while some where making flower garland for God..the priest was muttering slogans stowing ghee and holy ashes to fire…

“ Akka, come fast..pooja will begin now…” gauri pulled Anika to temple sanctum and made her pray sticking her palms together…

Anika was in a sky blue and white combined coloured dhawani with lite make-up and hair loosened smoothly… Gauri was wearing an orange dhawani with red touches on it…her eyes were the most arresting one among her beauty…

“Gauri, please let me go….I don’t wish to do all these…” Anika requested a praying gauri..

Gauri still in her position said “Akka, at least for Shivaay bhayya…pray for his wealth na..”

Shivaay’s face appeared on Anika’s mind..she looked the sculpture of God and closed her eyes with love…gaur opened her eyes and turned to Anika…before she could, her eyes got struck in a sight…her lips got O shaped still happily…

“Akka..look..” she shook Anika who was deeply immersed in prayer.

“kya gauri…” Anika still with closed eyes said..gauri now was on an impatient stage..

“Akka, look it’s Shivaay bhayya…” gauri said fully excited…Anika’s eyes cracked out and arced sidewards to witness Shivaay coming in white-in-white Shirt and dhotis with golden streak and one of it’s vertex on his hand..his hair was well arranged and his kanchi eyes were shining more…sleeves were folded till his elbow..golden watch made his dignity extend more… all the girls were rumoring about his handsomeness…Anika was completely lost in his new avatar…he neared Anika and snapped his fingers to bring Anika back to the world…gauri smiled hard and slowly moved from there..

“hummm….so how am I looking?? “ he asked placing his hands on hips..

“ mera Shivu tho sabse handsome hai…” Rejini came with the answer from behind..she side hugged him and made her eyes meet Anika..

“Anu, Shivaay ka dhyaan rakhna, every girls are behind him now ok? Don’t let him go anywhere…mera Shivu ithna handsome jo hai.. well, I’m going..lot many jobs are to be done…” Rejini informed both and left immediately…Anika looked Shivaay whose eyes were already fixed in hers..

Anika “ waise, mmm…I must say, you’re looking good …”

Shivaay “you should…ithna wakth lekar thayyar hua hai maine…” he made his collars perfect…

“and…how am I looking?? “ Anika pointed it twirling her pallu…Shivaay looked her tip to toe and folded his hands..

“mmm…not good enough…” he mocked..Anika got angry..

“achha, I’ll tell you….she was about to chase him, when Ramu came and caught Anika..

Ramu “Anu, pooja is gonna start..come, sit beside gauri….” He pulled Anika…she turned and pouted to Shivaay..Shivaay too pouted back making Anika smile..Ramu made Anika sit near to gauri and all other kids and girls were next to them…

“did you see Anika’s husband?? How handsome he is…his eyes, his style, his smile…ufffz..i’ll die now….”

“hawww….stop all this..I’ve noted him first…”

“will you both stop…he’s Anika’s hus…stay on your limit..”

“What’s your prob..look at him..anyone will fall for him..”

“kaash mai Anika hothi..then he would have been mine….”

Anika heard few teenage girls sitting front of her mumbling about Shivaay …Anika changed her gaze to  Shivaay who was enjoying with kids and setting his hair perfect..Anika knocked one of those girl’s shoulder..

“hope that you all are here for pooja…don’t dare to distort Shivaay….” She said smilingly making those girls embarrass…gauri was enjoying all these…

“Anne Rajarai is coming!!!!… “

This made everyone stand up…Shivaay took few steps back and maintained distance to temple remembering his promise to Raja which was noticed by Anika…all the men greeted Raja with garlands and respect…Gayathri and Raghav accompanied him… they went to temple to have a prayer and neared the priest…

“ pandit ji, hope all the preparations are fine..  “ concerned Gayathri..

“ji bilkul..everything is fine..now it’s time for the ceremony… all children (girls/boys) should take the blessings from their parents..”

Everyone obeyed his words…all the kids bent down to take blessings from their parents..gauri bent to gayathri and Raja but waited for Anika’s hands to come…gayathri gazed Anika who was avoiding eye-contact with her..Raja noticed this as well as Shivaay…

Raja “Anika, didn’t you hear what pandit said? “ his voice showed anger which he placed over his helplessness…

“I don’t want to do this pooja…” Anika announced…Shivaay stood up from the wooden block with surprise on which he was sitting…everyone’s attention changed..gauri stood properly and insisted Anika

“why can’t you Anika??everyone is doing..then why can’t you? “ Raja ordered

Anika “ they are doing by their wish..but I’m not…I’ll never bow my head before this woman…” she pointed Gayathri..

Raja “ ANIKA!!!!>!>!>! …don’t forget she’s your mother…don’t you know how to respect her? “

Gauri had tears now…she arced Anika to face her.. “Akka please…enakkage pannungale.. ( do it for me..) “  Anika was melt on this…she couldn’t deny her words…Anika closed her eyes and opened to face gayathri standing expressionlessly…she bent before her and touched her feet..a lone tear escaped from Gayathri’s eyes..she placed her palm above her and blessed her unconditionally…Anika got up and moved out from there….Shivaay was confused with all these…

Shivaay’s POV

What happened to Anika? Jab se mai aaya hoon thab se dekh raha hoon…Anika aur aunty ke beech kuch chal raha hai…why Anika is hating her?? Aisa kya kiya hai unhone?

“ bhayya, you go and calm Akka..she’ll be very angry now…” Raju disturbed his thought..

Shivaay “ but, what’s there to be angry in this? “

Raju “ you’ll understand when you talk to her..now go…” he encouraged Shivaay….he, with a determined mind, followed Anika’s path..nobody spoke anything coz they know why Anika was behaving like that..Raja held Gayathri’s shoulder and assured her…

Shivaay reached Anika’s house but it seemed empty…now he was worried for her…he ran around the house but could find nothing…suddenly he changed his eyes to manger and thought of going there…he went near it and saw Anika sitting against the wall wrapped her legs…her eyes were fixed on her chand bracelet…Shivaay moved forward and sat next to her…he looked Anika still lost in thoughts…he held her shoulder which brought Anika back..

Anika “Shivaay, aap..pooja khadam ho gaya? “

Shivaay “ don’t try to divert the topic Anika…say what happened..”

Anika “ what happened? Nothing at all…I was so bored over there so just came here..”

Shivaay “ Anika, I’m not a kid…” Anika got silent…she looked down as she didn’t had answer… he thought to make use of this silence.. “ Anika, If I ask you something, will you say the truth??”  Anika nodded positively…. “ what’s happening between you and Gayathri aunty? I mean..why do you hate her? Till I know she’s a nice woman and….”

Anika “ Shivaay, let’s not talk about this…” she didn’t let Shivaay ask her that question for which she can’t answer..

Shivaay “ but Anika, why?? Why are you avoiding her?? Why aren’t you sharing anything with her like how Gauri does?? At least give me a hint…” he requested…Anika smiled seeing the concerning side of Shivaay…she held his hand tightly..

Anika “ Shivaay, do you love Pinky aunty? “ she narrowed it..Shivaay was confused…

Shivaay “ huh? From where mom came? “ he frowned his brows..

Anika “ just say..don’t you love her?? “

Shivaay “ F’course I do..

Anika “ so even I do…

Shivaay “ ok…but what’s the connection?

Anika “ I’ve said the answer…now it’s your turn to find the question…” Shivaay was on a mess now…he made weird faces for which Anika smiled controlling..

Anika “ithna bhi socho math..don’t you’ve to go?”

Shivaay “what do you mean by me? Aren’t you coming?”

Anika “ Shivaay, I don’t wish to come there again…well the ceremony is over right? So my need is not necessary..you can go…”

Shivaay “if you aren’t coming, then I’ll also not go..” he said sitting more comfortably..

Anika “Shivaay, please…

Shivaay “No Anika, I’ll not go…say you’re coming along..” Anika didn’t had any option..

Anika “ but, I’m not gonna come there..so I’ll go home..is that ok?”

Shivaay “hmmm..ok..I just want you to move from here..temple or home, it doesn’t matter… chalo…”

Both reached home and Shivaay stopped at the entrance and looked Anika..she reciprocated the look…

Shivaay “hmm..well, I’m till here only…you can go..” he smiled weakly….

Anika “ Shivaay…umm..I’m sorry for what all Appa told you…and..

Shivaay “Anika voh sab baad mein boltha hoon…”  they heard few voices…” I think, they are returning…I should leave now..” he turned to leave but…

Anika “ Shivaay….he stopped and turned…voh..i’ve to say something…voh kya hai na ki,


Came the voice of car from behind…Shivika turned to the side..a man opened the door…A black booted man descended from it in black T shirt & jeans and red jacket over it…. Raja and everyone returned and got stopped seeing the car….

“ who is that? “ Raju murmured… the man took off his glasses… Gauri moved forward and took a clear view…

ROHIT !!!! ! !!!…..” gauri screamed….everyone’s face lighted up…Shivaay’s face frowned seeing him…

“heeeeeyyy….Anuuuuuuuu…….” Rohit expanded his hands widely..”  Anika’s face glowed with happiness..

“Rohitttt !!!!! !! !!!!…..arrey, meri muscle mamaa…” she ran to him and hugged him happily…Rohit hugged her back and twirled her on air

Shivaay became lunatic seeing the scenario…he closed his fist in anger and his breath became hotter..

“ arrey, meri oste straw….you’ve become motti straw now..” Anika hit his back and stood on ground

“where were you yaar? Bhohuth miss kiya mai ne thujhe..”Anika ruffled his hair..

Rohit “ kuch zaroori kaam dhe yaar “ he smacked her head…



They warned each other and bursted into laugh the next moment…Fume and smoke were whirling from Shivaay’s ears and head…

“ Hello, even I’m here…” Gauri interfered..

” areey, thu tho meri pyaari behen hai..” Rohit hugged her lovingly…he neared Raja and others..he bent down to receive blessings from them..they all blessed him happily..

gayathri “Rohit, how was the journey? ” she caressed his face..

Rohit “aunty I’m perfect..just missed you all to core..but no prob..I’ve returned now..I’m gonna make this rock..” he changed his gaze to Shivaay from where hotness was coming..he moved close to him…”hey…hey…hey..let me guess, you’re Shivaay Singh Oberoi..right? the famous business man? but how come you be here? and you’re in dhotis..like I hope i’m not dreaming..” he showed his confusion openly..

“that was only for others…gauri held Shivaay’s shoulder…for me this is my jiju…” gauri exclaimed..

Rohit “WHAT??!?!?!!!!!!!  JIJU?? but how ? Anu..thum…him…but..really?? I can’t…just…j..just..believe..” he stammered a lot..

gauri “baas…bas…I’ll explain everything later..but before bhayya..meet Rohit..she pointed Rohit….and Rohitmeet my jiju, Shivaay bhayya…she gazed Shivaay…”

Rohit “hmmm…I’ll discover the flashback later..he extended his hand…hello..Rohit Rehem..”

Shivaay glared him and slowly raised him hands to shake with Rohit.. ” Hai..Shivaay…” he pressed tightly for which Rohit felt slight pain…

Rohit “ok Shivaay…he slipped out his hand from his’s… let’s know more about each other by time…”

Shivaay ” Sure..we should..” he wore a mask of smile over his anger….Anika noted Shivaay’s change in behavior…

gauri ” chalo Rohit..I’ve to say lot many things to you..”she pulled Rohit to house..

Rohit “umm..Anu, come..even I’ve to share many things with you all..” saying so he held Anika’s hand and followed Gauri leaving a firefull Shivaay behind..Shivaay kicked the stones out of jealousy and stamped over them…Raju who was witnessing all these smiled hardly…


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