‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-22

HELLO ALL……..This is your Moonlight_luver back with another part of Shivika based ff ‘Tears from you heart ‘, are ‘The blood from my heart’….really thank you for all the likes and comments dear…kepp supporting till the end and loving Shivika…let’s off to the next part and very sorry for the delay guyzz..so then and please do ignore the grammatical mistakes….happy reading…..

Raja” REALLY?? I can’t believe that you’re still asking me this Shivaay…
Shivaay ” Uncle I don’t understand…aap kehna kya…..he was cut by Raja..
” What I saw is enough for me” he shouted throwing few pics aiming Shivaay which went down hitting his chest..he looked down to witness the most shocking thing…
Omri gazed the pics and passed eyes each other filled with unbelievable…Pinky & jhanvi closed their mouth out of shock while Prinku remained shock with eyes fixed on those pics..Anika didn’t utter a word but her eyes spoke everything…Shivaay picked one of those pics to witness the scene of HIM UPON RAGNI ON BED! !! ! ! !!!! ! he looked Anika who was already gazing her..
” do you want to say something now? ohh..you don’t have to as these photos are saying everything..right huh..” roared Raja pointing Shivaay..
“Uncle who gave these to you?” Shivaay being innocent looking down and asked..
“it doesn’t matter who gave and how it came the matter is the view….I, that day itself told to take good care of my Anu..Is this the way you treat Anu…I didn’t know that you’ll steep so low…thought that you’re an honorable gentleman but world is correct..we just can’t judge a book by it’s cover..you’re such a liar..have already got married but sharing your bed with…
” STOP IT ! !! !!!! ! !!……” everyone gazed Anika shockingly who, now, stood in front of Shivaay grinding her teeth inside her lips..she stared Raja and opened her mouth to speak
” enough is enough Appa..Shivaay ki khilaf aur kuch nehi sunoonga mai…Shivaay looked her…Anika took a pause and continued ” aap ko jo bolna dha aapne bol diya..now the matter is over..”
Raghav “how can you say this Anu??he has betrayed you and you are taking his side..how can you go against your Appa..Shivaay was still lost in Anika..
“I don’t think to give any explanation to anyone..”
“Anika don’t forget that you’re talking to your Appa and sithappa..” shouted gayathri,,,
“Amma nirthunge..(stop it)…”pleaded gauri..Shivaay gathered courage to speak up…he went near Raja..
“Uncle I know what I did was wrong but trust me that wasn’t truth…please don’t take Anika with you..Raja couldn’t handle it..how can he say that he is forced to do all these..Raja stopped his mind from thinking much..
“after your doings I ca’t let my daughters stay here..he held Anika’s hand and pulled..
“Appa please..” Raja stopped her by showing his open palm for which Anika kept silent the next moment but her eyes weren’t ready to stop..she turned to Shivaay who by now started loosing hope..
“Today onwards Anika will stay in our home..” announced Raja..Everyone were shocked listening this…Om looked gauri…she reciprocated the look…
” yeh thu kya bol raha hai??” a voice came from behind which was none other’s than dadi’s..she went near Raja..
” thu Anika ko kahi leke nehi jayega..voh iss ghar ki bahu hai..Shivaay ki biwi hai voh..”
“yeh soch Shivaay ko bhi hona chahiye that Anika is his wife..I’m sorry to say this maa but I can’t tolerate this anymore..Anika will not stay here..he said and dragged Anika…
gauri “lekin Appa…
“I SAID STOP IT.. ! ! ! !!!!! !! he moved closer to gauri and warned showing his index finger…
”when I said that Anika and you will not stay here more then that’s it…come along…he hel gauri by his next hand and pulled leaving Shivaay and Om disheartened…Shivaay blocked his way..
“uncle….uncle please…ek..bar meri baath sun…
“I don’t wnt to JUST MOVE!!! !…he took side pulling Anika and gauri..but he felt something pulling back..he turned to watch Shivaay holding Anika’s other hand..Anika looked Shivaay with a ‘no’ look while tears were flowing down..Shivaay looked her with weak eyes meanwhile Raghav left Shivaay’s hand on Anika’s easily as Shivaay was lost in Anika’s eyes..Raghav made Anika turn back with her shoulder..Om was gazing gauri with a ‘please’ look..gauri couldn’t do anything..she turned opposite to him..Shivaay was still facing Anika with his hands forward..Raja reached the entrance and stopped but continued with an anger face….Anika turned back to see Shivaay for the last time….sad version of O Jaana played…
O Jaana………
O Jaana…..
and she vanished in a glimpse….

Raja’s car rushed to home following Raghav’s car…the villagers were surprised to watch this..Ramu kakka saw this view from his home..
Ramu ” why Raja is in so hurry? yetho prachanandr neneikkirein..( feels some problem is there)
Raju came from behind covered with mud…” Akka vanthittiya? (did Akka come?)…Rejini who was arranging the hay for cow came forward..
” hope that Anu and chutki will come fast..just then she noticed Raju..”Raju ,yenna idhu? (what’s this?) I’ve told you not to play in that field and make your dress dirty..now who’ll wash this..?”
“who else? you only…” replied Raju in a sarcastic tone ..
“haww….ruk I’ll show…” saying she ran behind…
“AAAHAAAHAHAA….Amma..vena (no)..I’ll’ say to Akka…” he screamed running all over the field..Rejini followed him with stick…” aaya bada Akka ki chamchi…Raju nilluda…(stop yaar)…
Ramu smiled seeing their bond..he changed his gaze to Raja’s house..
“Patha nehi andhar kya ho raha hai..” thought Ramu..

*************Anika’s house*********
Raja left gauri’s hand nearing the entrance and pulled Anika to the center of hall..
“Appa vidu..Appa valikkudu Appa…(Appa…leave..Appa it’s paining)..” pleaded Anika..Raja dragged her in front and left her hand..before Anika could say anything Raja with his index finger shushhhed her…
“Anika today onwards you’ll stay here..don’t want to hear any it’s and buts..Shivaay is out of your life and that’s it..
“but Appa..
“don’t you understand what I said? leave the topic..be the old Anika..if you still don’t listen to me then remember I can do anything with Shivaay…if you don’t want anything to happen to him then do as I say..don’t make the old Rajarai…forget him..” he said in high anger and marched to room..gayathri looked Anu helplessly and followed Raja…Aniri were shocked beyond limits seeing this version of their father..Anika felt weakening herself but gauri caught her by her shoulder..
“chutki …kya ho raha hai..Appa..Appa..how can he behave like this??
“even I didn’t know that Appa wapas us tharah ban jayenga..but Akka..jo bhi us pics mein dha..
“that’s all a lie..I know Shivaay..he can’t cheat me and can’t even do such a think..I believe him..this is all bcoz of that Ragni..and I’m sure that she might have sent those photos to Appa..but surprising is that Appa believed those…
“haa Akka..How can he believe all that? something has to be there..Akka..I think…..she Anika lost in thoughts..she held her shoulder..”Akka..you’re missing bade bhayya?
“huh..patha nehi…but..Shivaay ki bina…tears grew in her eyes..don’t know what will he be thinking…it was my mistake…I…at that time out of anger I spoke harshly to him..I shouldn’t have done that..
“Shivaay bhayya samaj javoonga ki aapne aise kyu kaha..but be carefull Akka…Appa bhohuth khusse mein hai..this time we have to Appa’s words…
“haa..but Shivaay…patha nehi voh kaise hoga abhi..

Shivaay was sitting near pool remembering the moments he spent with Anika…their first meet…their nok-joks….their misunderstandings….their fight….their hatred….. their marriage…their friendship….their rasam….their care….their first hug….their flour holi…..their intimacy…and again their misunderstandings…..everything flashed through his eyes…and unknown to him a tear slipped down…he felt a pair of hands in his shoulders..he turned to see Om with a lite smile..he sat near Shivaay..
“Om..I know lot of questions will be running in your mind now..but..I..
“but you don’t have to explain anything..Shivaay..thum aaj subhah mujhse uss photos ke bare mein baath karne ja rahi thi na?..but before that, all those happened…he looked Shivaay who was staring at pool which showed the reflection of moon..I know that you aren’t sad of what uncle told…”
” not at all Om..he has the full right for that..and I’m not sad for what Anika told…coz I know her…at that time she told all that out of frustration….but what bothering me is that..
“Anika….” Shivaay looked him amazingly…”I know Shivaay you’re freakingly missing her…admit it..Shivaay..bhai hoom mai thumhari…I can understand you..
“Om..how can I explain you..feels like…feels like I’ve lost her..I just wanna hear her voice…
“Shivaay…are you falling for her?
“I mean…it’s…
“ok…ok..he hid a laugh..waise Shivaay I know Anika more than you..you know it was Anika who saved Dadi’s life…Shivaay’s eyes bulged out..
“WHAT??? BUT..BUT HOW………Anika ka dadi se kya connection hai?
“f’course connection hai…you remember the day when you met Anika for the first time? that day we brought her here..we met her in airport and that time dadi had throat problem after drinking coffee…she fell down and…and we didn’t know what to do…that time Anika came and…he described everything then happened….and thus Anika came to home..Shivaay listened to all this carefully while guilt was increasing in his eyes for not having trust on her…Om stopped and gazed Shivaay who was lost in thoughts…
“Shivaay….are..are you ok?” asked Om shaking him..
“I NEED ANIKA…..Om..mujhe Anika se milna hai..I want to see her..I WANT HER….kya karoo mai..
“ismei sochne wali kya baath hai? go and get her back..” said Om passing a smile..Shivaay looked back with astonishment..” why you’re looking like that?…”
“like really Om? you think that it’s easy?
“I know it’s not easy but you have the right to go and get her coz she’s your WIFE…Shivaay, everyone should get a 2nd chance..this your 2nd chance.. go and get your dulhaniya back…
Shivaay didn’t utter a word just gave Om a bone crushing hug….Om patted his back in a supporting manner..

********Screen freezes********

that’s it folks….this was the 22nd part of the ff…how was it?
Even Anika don’t know what happened in her past..Raja is doing all these to protect Anika from that haunting past and from HIM…after few episodes HE will be revealed….but our Shivaay will never let Anika go away from him….stay tuned…
till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell….
please do tell me your reviews..don’t forget to comment..
take care and stay safe…

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  7. Great n excellent episode.very impressive story .pls post soon.hope shivaay goes village to get anika.and in village he comes to know her struggles she faced in past n chirpyness, behaviour more.shivaay also to know that she is the perfect to him n enjoys with her in village.i think he support Raja n know past from him about hunter n assures him to safeguard Anika.

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