‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-2

Thank you all for your valuable comments….This is Moonlight_luver back with the 2nd part of ff…happy reading….

The next day..
Gauri was continuously blabbering about the time Anika is going to spend in Mumbai while giving the finishing touches to Anika’s packing. Both Anika and Sahil were just looking at Gauri who was walking here to there and there to here just like a pendulum..
Gauri : Don’t know what type of food will be there. O God!!who will wake her up at time??and who will protect her??HOOO!!(turning at Anihil) You’ll only eat food made by me. What will you do there?? Hearing all these Anihil looked each other and burst into laughter…
Gauri: why you both are laughing?huh? I’m very serious
Anika :(Controlling her laugh)Look chutki , I’m going there just for 24 hours not for 24 days , okay?
Gauri was still not convinced.. just then their father enters..
Anu are you ready? yes baba , replies Anika while taking blessings from him..Baba, you told me to go Mumbai and I packed my luggage but you didn’t told me for what I’m going and whom should I approach? questioned Anika with an innocent smile

Baba: you are going to Oberoi mansion.Your mother’s friend lives there as Mrs. Jhanvi Tej singh Oberoi..
Anika: Amma’s friend Jhanvi? I’ve never heard of her. Amma had a friend in Mumbai?her face showed clear confusion
Baba: (leaving a breath out) I’m talking about Gayathri, your existing mother. Suddenly her face turned pale which didn’t went unnoticed by Gayathri.
Anika: bu…b..but why am I going to meet her friend?
Baba: don’t forget your manners Anu. She is your mother. And what sort of question is this?She is your mother and if she wants you to go there, then why can’t you go?
Anika: but baba wh…
Baba: Moreover, Mumbai is a great city. you can watch and learn how people handle business..Let it be a new experience for you..
Anika: but..
Baba :And if needed, you can take Rohit along with you after all he is my nephew..and…
Anika: No..no..no..no…I’ll go..I’ll go..No need to bring Rohit into all these..
Why Anu?don’t you want me to accompain you? said Rohit close to Anika’s ears from behind for which Anika scared
Anika: God! you made me scared!
Rohit : You got scared?Haahahahaa I know your such a scary.So it’s better I also..
Anika: Excuse me, I’m not scared of anything.I’m kidkithod Anika. I can handle myself . Baba, just say the time of flight. I’ll go
Rohit (holding Gauri’s shoulder in a fed up manner) : O God ! when will your sister grow up yaar??
Gauri: Even I don’t have any idea
Rohit: Hummm….
Gauri: Anyway, why do you want to go with her?Is there….
Rohit: Arre..no..no..I was sad becoz Anika lost her chance to roam with a handsome guy, right gauri? saying this both had a high five and laughed
Anika: Ha ha ha very funny! After their talking Anika set out to Airport……..

********Same time*********
Rudhr is everything packed?hope you didn’t forget to take dadi’s medicines..
Rudhr: Oops yeah , let me just pack it up. O!!!!!!!
Om: what happened Rudhr?
Arre kya hua ?Aise zhor se kyu pukar raha hai? Dadi enters with her usual dialogues
Rudhr: O ,dadi, I don’t have enough space to put my dumbbells!!
Om: what?? did you bring your dumbbells?? Are you mad? we aren’t here for any picnic Rudhr. We came here to have a check up of dadi and you brought your dumbbells here?
Rudhr: Sorry O. you know wherever I go dumbbells used to be with me. So suddenly when I packed I put these also
Om: O God Rudhr just grow up!!
Dadi: Ooye, why are you shouting at him?it happens. Rudhr go and pack the rest.
Rudhr: don’t know what happened to O.Always shouting at me.. Shivaay baiyya is better than him
Dadi:( slapping him playfully) Ooye..he is your brother. And I know ki Billu aur O, dhonoun thujse barabar ka pyar karthe hai.(looking at Om) what happened Om?
Om: don’t know dadi after that medical check up of yours something has happened. It have screwed my brain . Nothing is working properly.

Rudhr: Haa.. even I’m feeling very upset
Dadi ( looking at Omru): Arre stop it both of you. Aise thum dhonoun udas rahegi tho mai thum dhonoum se bath nehi karoonga samja? saying this she makes puppy face for which they laughed and hugged her..
Om(moving apart): but dadi , doctor told that your chance of escaping is very low..they are like destroying our hope..
Dadi :don’t worry O..I’m not that much weak enough ki bhagwan mujhe ithni jaldi leke chale aur mai dhekhtha rahoo…
Rudhr: just stop it dadi. O, let us drop this matter here.
Om: but how can we drop like this? If Shivaay gets to know about these then surely he will blast the universe..
Dadi: Billu ka tho mujhe nehi patha but there will be someone who can save me and my billu..Om smiles to this
Rudhr :Shivaay baiyya ? from where he came?
Dadi: Ooye, I mean to say ki apna billu ko shadi shuda dhekhna….phir thum sab ki……
Rudhr: (making puppy faces) dadi baiyya ka tho nehi patha but if you want I can get married tomorrow..what say???
hearing this, dadi and O slapped his both cheeks and they had a family hug..lafzon ka yeh played………
they took phone and watched Shivaay’s photo..patha nehi who will be billu’s dhulhaniya……and they set out to airport…..

*************screen freezes*********************
So how was it folks??I know Shivaay’s entry haven’t come yet, but wait a little more…..
please…please…do comment.. and say if something is to be added or not..
okay so this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell………..
stay safe…………..

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    U’ve had a fab start. Keep it up.

    Dear Moonlight
    AniRiHil Scene And Conv? AniRi Rohit Scene And Conv? OmRu Dadi Scene And Conv?? It’s Very Interesting Part??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    Thank u all of you….keep reading and please do support me till the end…….Next part will be posted soon……thanx a lot…

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    Love omru and dadi ??
    Gauri is so cute and annika bond with her step siblings is awsome
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