‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ (Intro)

HELLO ALL…. This is Moonlight_luver from the very own GOD’S OWN COUNTRY……Well, I’m new to this family….Hope you all will consider me as your own young sister as I’m new to all these things….Guess everyone is having a good time… Well I used to read all the articles of everyone as possible.. You all are amazing guys. You all are fabulous writers, I must say!! And I’m pretty sure that I’ll not be able to reach near you all as I’m very weak in English language.. You all can’t even imagine how much pathetic I’m in English…But I’ll try my level best.
Okay.. Now , with the hope that you all ‘ll love my ff , let me off to the story….

This story is totally based on the couple Shivika. In this story, Shivaay and Anika are arranged married couples..But they married each other only for the sake of their family.. Shivaay married Anika for the happiness of his family, specially for his mother who is none other than Pinky (I don’t like any type of Saas-Bahu drama) and for his brother’s happiness… On the other hand, Anika married Shivaay becoz….. Let it be a question for you all….

In this story, Anika is a village girl who was born in south India and when she was 6, she migrated to north. Anika loves her mother , Radhika , who unfortunately died when she was 9. Her father,Rajarai , is the well known owner of ‘Radhika steels and metals’, who is also considered as the don of the village. His words are the last and final decision of the village.. ..Rajarai married another woman after the death of Radhika. Her name is Gayathri and they both had children, Gauri and Sahil. Anika’s only dream was to fulfill her mother’s wish which was to become a doctor But as her father doesn’t want her to become doctor but wanted her to be a businesswoman , she decided to bury down her dreams…But she is as kidkithod as she is in IB.

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