‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’ (half intro) and part-1

HELLO ALL…. This is Moonlight_luver back.. How are you all?? I’m extremely sorry i couldn’t complete my intro last time.. So let me continue with that first then we’ll get back to first part of ‘Tears from your eyes’, are ‘The blood from my heart’
Shivaay is the arrogant kanchi aankhonwala bhagadbilla , who loves his brothers and family more than anything..The only difference is that he doesn’t value much for these Naam-khoon-khandan things..He doesn’t believe in LOVE…But what if he falls in LOVE?????
part 1………..
In a traditional multistoreyed house in a cultural village… A girl is shown sleeping peacefully under blanket…
Beep…Beep…Beep… Sunny day it was..Sun rays tried hard to touch her eyes through the minute pores of the wooden windows…..She closed her eyes hardly but was not ready to open it up.. Suddenly a girl jumped upon her and started to wake her up….
Akka….Akka….wake up.. it’s 8.30 already..Akka…..
(in a sleepy mood) Gauri pls yaar , 5 more mins….and she again went to deep slumber..
Gauri: O God!! what will I do with this Kumbakarnan???Akka pls get up.. Baba will come now. If he see you like this then defenetly I’ll loose my sister
Just then,a man enter the room with prasad covered in a leaf and accompanied by 4,5 people behind
Hearing this the girl’s eyes which were half opened became a wider one as it was her father’s voice
Anika(woke up like hell and started to clear the mess up bed) : Ha.. Ha.. Baba , I woke up 1 hour ago , I was just lying you know it’s a sunday so I thought..
Exactly, It’s a sunday and I think you know what we used to do in Sundays??
Anika bit her toung and tried to divert the topic. Umm..U..mm.. Well baba how is the temple? Everything fine huh?
Stop it Anu, I know you are trying to divert the topic. Humm..Let it be..Tomorrow you have to leave for Mumbai. So I don’t want to destroy my mood by arguing with you. Go and get fresh and start packing your bag today itself.Got it??
Anika: Ha baba..Saying this he left the room
huff…you could have told me that baba is coming moreover you could remind me that today is sunday!!!
Gauri(sitting beside her): like really??fault is yours and you are scolding me??not fair
Anika: It is fair, you know na I slept at 1.00 yesterday so it happens..
Gauri: but..
Uff ho.. you both again started that too on sunday??saying this Sahil entered the room
Gauri: look na Sahil, how your Akka is scolding me??
Sahil : let it be after all she is going tomorrow
Anika: heh..heh..I’m just going okay? not leaving you and going. But this doesn’t seemed to make Gauhil happy. and Anika started to tickle both of them. And three of them started to laugh out loud and throwed pillow upon each other.
This scene was seen by Anika’s stepmother and Gauhil’s mother Gayathri. A lone tear escaped from her eyes
Same time somewhere in Mumbai..A person is seen talking through phone smiling
Don’t worry Shivaay..We’ll be coming Mumbai tomorrow and dadi is perfectly fine.And Rudhr is here na ..
Shivaay: that’s why I’m afraid ki Rudhr is there..Huh.. And how is dadi? what did doctor said?Om is everything fine??
Om: God Shivaay just relax.. She is fine..I , Rudhr and dadi will come there tomorrow, OK??
Shivaay: Okay, see you tomorrow.. And he cuts his call and looks at his wallpaper which is of his and his brothers. A smile appeared in his face..
So how was it guys?? I know it seemed quite family type.. but guess guys what will happen when Oberois an d Anika meet at airport??Keep guessing Next will be a fun part
Please…please..please………….do comment…or a like is enough for me to understand did you like it or no..
Keep reading and keep smiling… Have a good day guyzz
This is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell..

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    It is very nice and interesting.exicted for the next part

    Dear Moonlight
    AniRiHil Scene And Moment ?? ShiOm Conv In Phone Shivay Talk About Rudra?? It’s Nice Part??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  6. interesting..pls post ASAP..

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    Amazing,cont soon

  8. its awesome….post soon….and I have a doubt ….was shivika married ?????? or not

  9. Moonlight_luver

    Thank you all of you…… Shamya , Nikita_jai29 , Qwerty123 , Nikki17 , UF3355 , Prabha and Alekhika20 , thank you so much guys… you guys don’t have any idea how much you all have supported me. UF3355 , your words really motivates me..THANK YOU ALL…..

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  14. Moonlight_luver

    Hey, Nk..thanks for noticing..actually they aren’t married but they will soon get…. It’s just I wanted to show you all that how the structure of story will go after few turns…..Thanks for reading Nk….

  15. Moonlight_luver

    And also thanks a lot to UniqueMe, Niriha ,Hamna and Banita from reading the ff…..and thanx for commenting….keep reading all of you…..

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