teacher and student (funny convos)

guys this is reji i got of jokes between a teacher and student and somemore convos so i want to share with u all i hope u will all like it

teacher(sir) :name any five creatures which will live in water??

student (balu) : fish sir

sir : but i asked 5

balu : fish it’s dad,mom,brother and sister


sir :do u know paadharasam how it will be
balu :: i don’t know sir but in my house my mother only will keep rasam paadha rasam (father rasam)


sir : balu how many times i will say don’t talk

balu : sorry sir i didn’t count correctly


maths teacher : balu i am giving u 6 apples u shuld share these apples equally with ur sister

balu: for me 4 and for my sister 2

maths teacher : that means u don’t know maths

balu: i know maths sir but my sister don’t know


sir:what is the formula for water ???

balu : H I J K L M N O

sir : what is this balu ???

balu : u only said know sir

sir : wat did i said ????

balu : the formuala for water is H2 O


sir: what is the living period for rats?????

balu : it is according to the cats !!!!!!!!!


BY ,

this is just for fun i am not sure in continuing this but pls share ur comments guys !!!!!!!


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  1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    good job………… some were already written but some were new and i liked it………. keep it up reji…………………

  2. Nice reji

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