That Teacher…Episode 1

Episode 1
Swara’s P.O.V.
So hello everyone, I am swara and I am called as a nerd by many people but I am not this me and my parents know very well. And everything was going fine in my life until I entered class 9. I wish I would still have been in 8. Me, Sonu (Sonalika), and shaina were enjoying our lives to fullest. Sitting at the last all three would be gossiping around about the teachers commenting and complicating them, living the lives of fantasy and admiring our favourite actors or playing the love percent game between us and those tv actors. I study in all girls’ school since childhood and so never thought about boys aand other thing except our favourite actors. We sat near the window side and made the windows our favourite actors. I always chose ranbir kapur whereas sonu always chose namish taneja. She loves him like hell. And Shaina was happy teasing sonu by talking to the imaginative namish. We were always pointed out by our teachers. They always pointed sonu, shaina and then it was me. Once I still remember when I wrote kala as kali and my hindi teacher made me embarrassed in front of whole class with her sarcastic comments and will u all belive me, I was laughing at her statement like ravan. She looked me with iska-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta look. I didn’t had anything to say except sorry and she said GO AND SHOW THIS PAPER to your friends. I was so emmbarased and sone was laughing so hard that tears came from her eyes. She was laughing at me by hiding her face under the desk. I can never forget my 8th class experience.

Now since I have been promoted to class 9th after getting only shaina in my class and sonu in other class. I missed her a lot. Uff me and my nakhre…. I am a fun loving girl and without my friends I feel so bored. So my new classmates are a kind of good and funny as well. From 2nd floor our class shifted to 1st floor and this is the only reason I am happy t come in ninth class. Anyways since new year, new teachers are going to come to tomorrow. So I need to pack my bags and make myself mentally prepared. I am sooo nervous. Uff. I hope I get good teachers and and make new friends. I am right now jumpy jumpy… with excitement.
So its time to sleep. I am very very sleepy. Tomorrow will be a big day.
Good Night.

Swara’s P.O.V.
Narrator – she sleeps peacefully not knowing a storm is waiting for her.

Precape – Sanskar Entry and….

Sorry guys actually my mid – term is still going on so I will give short and irregular updates.
Forgive Me

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  1. Loved it

  2. Mars

    Ohhhh God I was thinking like it’s my POV even I had great fun in 8th class and that was my best class.
    It was so realistic and awesome dear loved it
    Waiting for sanskar’s entry??
    Take care??

  3. AbrahamEzra

    It’s superb and loved swara and her friends masthi and bond.

  4. it was awesome yaar..

  5. Mica

    love it dear

    1. Rita

      thanks mica

  6. amazing……

  7. awesome

  8. interesting …. nice shot

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