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Recap: Pragya joins in Kapoor industries

Abhigya was shocked to see each other… “Do you both know each other?” Mouni asks them.

A beautiful girl in pink chudidar is running in platform of a railway station… her silky hair and curls at end adds her beauty… she was none other than Pragya… suddenly she bumps into a muscular body causes both of their belongings scatter on platform. She takes her things while he glares her. Mistakenly she takes earphone of the person too and rushes out… he runs behind her and catches out of station holding her wrist “hey thirudi (thief)… how dare you to steal this Abhi’s favourite earphone”

“You stupid calling me thief” she fumed… “What me… stupid? See you only stole my earphone” he points the plug which hanging a bit outside of her bag. “For this cheaper earphone you are arguing with me…?” she shook her head in disbelief for that he widened his eyes “you said my earphone is cheap? You do know how cost it’s” both argues and leaves the place with disgust. They narrated what happened in their first meeting.

“paah… seriously don’t you get silly flash back than this?” Mouni asked irked and Abhigya made annoyed face. “ok leave about this idiot” he said pointing Pragya while she glared him “actually I came here to meet new fashion designer of our company… just one week I was out of station and lots of things happened in this gap… all are praising her talent… I’m stunned… who is she? Where is she?” he asked with curiosity and Pragya who was listening it curved sweet smile while biting her inner cheeks.

“She is the new fashion designer of our company” Mouni revealed pointing Pragya while Abhi widened his eyes in shock “seriously this fuggy is the fashion designer?” “How dare you to call me fuggy?” she fumed. He drags her by holding her wrist and she lands on his chest and they shares small eye lock. “oye… don’t gaze me like that… look there… your face looks like air filled balloon so you are fuggy only” he said showing her face on mirror and she fumed more.

“May I know what’s going here?” Mouni interrupted as Abhigya standing close that they are giving pose for photo in their marriage reception. “You just keep quiet… don’t you know about hospitality too? go and bring something to drink (vituku vandavangaluku yeadavadu sapda kudukunumnu kuda teriyada? Po poi kudikaa yeadachum konduva)” he ordered to Mouni and dragged Pragya into room. He was telling something to her that was not audible to others and she agrees to him.

“Take this coffee” Mouni offered… “Are you mad? Don’t you have masala inside your skull? Who will drink coffee at this night? If I drink coffee then I’ll be fresh… then who will sleep and wake up on morning and go to work… loosu” by saying this he left the place. “ahhh” Mouni screamed as she frustrated and murmured “stupid” “hey… what he was talking to you?” she asked to Pragya. “Why should I tell?” she countered.

“just for knowledge only… he is also working in our company only… he and Varun is close so I thought to make him recommend you for job that you will get it easily but this duffer was out of station then… he is cool and friends but that only to us to strangers he is angry young man especially to girls… basically he doesn’t talks much to girls though girls droll for him… in that case he talked to you voluntarily so asked what is the matter?” Mouni explains about Abhi.

Hearing his characteristic her lips curved smile for unknown reason and left to her room after replying to Mouni “whatever between us is secret” making her confuse. These two won’t leave any chance to make me mad she told herself while pulling her hair and doze of in her room.

Days passed… Abhigya as usual had their small nok-jokes… Pragya worked hard and gained good name… her talent made her shine more… day and night she worked hard.

“Pragya… switch of the light… its night 11:30… after two days Sanju and Shourya marriage so offices too leave… then why are working hard?” Mouni said to Pragya who locked herself in one room and sincerely pasting stones on saree. She took deep breath… ‘Finally I finished it’ she said in undertone. “hey Pragya… tomorrow we have to attend their bachelor party… it will lost till late night so sleep well today itself… are you listening me?” Mouni shouted. “haan Mouni… see I slept” she said while switching the light off and doze off.

Screen freezes with sleeping face of Pragya

To be continued……

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