she taught me to live ~ Shot 1

Hi friends… Anybody remember me? answer must be no… this is a work I’m writing on Abhigya after such long gap… hope you’ll like it… this will be three or five shot… not yet confirmed with count. This story is specially dedicated to my friends Priyanka and Mukund who waited with patience that I’ll write on Abhigya.

She Taught me to Live ~ Shot 1

Two young girls are standing in front of a huge building. “Kapoor Industries” named on the entrance. The girl in red crop top and with white legging is trying to call someone but interrupted by another girl in blue crop top with white legging. “Hey Mouni (played by Mouni roy)… what are you doing?” the girl in blue dress rushed revealing the girl red to be Mouni. “Where he went? If he is here then her job is pakka but…” she thinks to herself and walks in with the girl in blue.

Mouni knocks the door and gets in before getting response from inside. “Sir… this is my friend… she is very good at designing and we need designer, so I brought her here” Mouni said hesitantly. The person who was in MD seat rotate his chair with attitude and his face was revealed and name plate on his table mentioned his name, Varun Kapoor (played by Varun kapoor).

Varun glares Mouni, “recommendation…!” he uttered while lifting his one of the eyebrow. “actually sir it’s not her mistake, she just thought to help me… check out my resume… if you feel I’m worth for the post then you appoint me or else no problem sir” the girl said with confidence and forwarded her resume. He opened the file and uttered her name, “Pragya…” (played by Sriti jha) he looked at her and she nodded.

“Good qualification… you have talent as well the attitude… without any fear you defended your friend… quite impressive… are you ready to work in my company?” Pragya’s lips curved smile, Pragya and Mouni hugged each other. Later both reach their office quarters… “Mouni finally I got job… he told me to join from Monday… tomorrow is Sunday and you gonna show me Chennai right?” Pragya asked with curiosity and Mouni replied “of course we gonna explore nook and corner”

They both explores whole Chennai city and enjoys to the fullest… eats pani poori and drink tender coconut water… plays with kids and makes the day memorable. Tiredly they reach home and seated on bed along with their shopping bags. Just then door bell rings. Pragya opens the door and fakes smile as she doesn’t know the girl standing in front. “Sanju (played by Sanjeeda sheikh)….” Mouni exclaimed and gave a bone crushing hug.

“this is my another bestie like you, Sanjeedha… this is her fiancé Shourya (played by Vatsal seth)… they also works in our company only but now on leave as soon they are getting married” Mouni introduced them. “Not soon… its next month…. Date was finalized and wedding card also ready” Sanjeedha forwarded the card. “omg Sanju…” she again hugged.

“oye not only she… even me also getting married wont you wish me by hugging?” asked Shourya. Sanjeedha stumped his foot and he screamed “ahhhhh” holding his foot by both the hands.

“Still you want hug? I’m ready” Mouni said suppressing her laugh and nodded no as horrified. Pragya smiled at their bonding… “You are her friend Pragya right… friends of friends is also friends so you too must come” they invited and left.

One week passed smooth

That was a fine night… mesmerizing moon is glowing with shining stars… the chill breeze made atmosphere more beautiful… Pragya witnessing the environment… just then she heard the ring of door bell and opened the door. She was stunned to see the person standing in front of her.

The sharp eyes of the person admiring her silky hair which is dancing in air… she too lost herself in his brown orbs… their eye lock was broken when Mouni screeched “Abhi…!” (played by Shabbir Ahluwalia) “How many days it was… where you were?” she queried. “I’ll tell you later what the hell she is doing here?” he asked pointing Pragya. Who was confused by Mouni’s reaction glared Abhi when he pointed her out. “Hello Mr. how dare you? You are standing in my place and questioning me?” she narrowed her eyebrows. “Do you know each other?” Mouni asked confused.

Screen freezes with confused face of Mouni

To be continued…..

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  1. Hi Madam!welcome back
    Interesting dear… Loved it.. Teja intha story la irukala? ..waiting for fb?..sikiram next part update pannu.. Romba naal ilaIlla Romba months ku apram abhigya story eluthra.Athuvum enakaga??… Thanks d chlm.. Love you so much..umma??

    1. Astha

      Awwww u r first cmnt…. Ur cmnt made my day da chlm… Teju in this story???? Sollamateney….
      Ha ha yup romba masam apram… Yes its for u… Love u too da… Keep smiling I’ll try my best to update soon ???

  2. Saranya24

    Wow wow wow darling is back misses u really a lot i ll alwats think of msging u and askng u but thought u ll be busy and left so happy tat u r back hw r u studies over ah wat doing nw love u dear??????

    1. Astha

      Oru kuthu uttenu vei… Nan busy ah… Nan vettidan… Ni msg pannavena nu sonnadala nan pannala… Madam podira status lam Nanga pathituda irukom…
      Nan ippo final year poga poren… Ni finish pannirupala? Missing frnds ah??
      Yup I’m back after a long break…
      Love u… Umma… Thnq sooooo much for the cmnt chlm ?

      1. Saranya24

        Haha sry ma nee indha site ku varla nu busy nu nenaichen nan ipo dhan final year po poren love u muuaahh??????

  3. This one is really awesome astha ! magnificent work !
    eagerly waiting for your next update !

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much dear

  4. Sree1603

    Super aaaa irukku.

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much dear

  5. Please continue
    Waiting for next update

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much dear

  6. DI can you give a introduction of the characters I can’t understand anything and from which serial they are acting or else I will get mad of this and can’t understand the characters but this update is simply superb if you don’t mind can u give me the introduction please.

    1. Astha

      No prob dear… Abhigya is main… Others are just supporting…
      Mouni is from Naagin (shivanya)
      Varun is from swaragini (sanskar)
      Sanjeetha n shourya from ek hasina thi.
      If u don’t know them no prob… U image them as anybody who is easy for u…
      I’ll add their pics in cover pic in next update…
      Or do check this story on wattpad there is their pic on their intro scene…
      Thnq soooooo much for feeling free to ask… Happy that u liked the chappy… Keep supporting dear ?

      1. DI thanks that u explained everything and I saw all their images no need for image di and thanks for your concern and di pls update is ff on tomorrow afternoon or evening because I have fever so can’t read in morning

    2. Astha

      Awwww my sweet heart don’t wry I’m updating this so early… I’ve writing 4 stories along with this on wattpad so I’ve to update tajt… I’ll try my best to update soon ?

  7. Awesome akka…Did they know each other?? *even me too confused*..waiting for the next to know that akka…

    1. Astha

      Ha ha confuse aaguda appoda nalla irykum… Don’t wry in next update u’ll get clarify da chlm. ? thnq sooooo much for supporting in both places ?

  8. Reshma_Pradeep

    Hy Dear,How r u?…….What r u doing now?
    ………By the way, The update is really Interestinggggggggggggg!

    1. Astha

      Hi dear… I’m fine… What abt u? Now I’m in holidays then gonna final year.
      Happy that u liked the update and thnq soooooo much for remembering me dear ???

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