Recap- Ishra’s small anniversary celebration
Twinj’s cute nok-jhok in kitchen
Here lets start with our TASHAN WALI MOHABBATEIN?? (EPISODE 2)

In evening..
Twinkle came in ishu’s clinic to meet her…..
Ishu : are twi tum gayi(u have came)
Twi:ha di…di m little bit confused
Ishu: Y what happened
Twi: di when kunj is around mi I just feel secured I feel happy…when he is not around me I get bored…I missed his jokes…when I think abt him there is a smile on my face……I don’t know why this is happening with me
Ishu: don’t u think that u r in love…..
Twi: noway di…….love with and with that kaddos sarna……
Ishu:then what twinkle……
Twi: di he is my best frnd…….if I love him bt I don’t know whats in his mind….if he didn’t love me……..i cant loose him as my best frnd
Ishu:twinkle I know r u in love with ur khaddos sarna….
Twi: anyways di…..i think I shld leave now…
Ishu:Ok twi I will also leave now…….
they both left frm clinic n reached their home
Bhalla house:
Ishu returned frm clinic and entered in house. By seeing ishu ..
Raman : badi der se shanty mili thi par is madrasan ne pura mood kharab kar diya (I got peace after so much time but this madrasan have totally spoiled it)
Ishu: why r u murmuring cant you say properly
Raman: yee plzz don’t say anything to me…..m the head of family..i will throw out u frm the house if u talk in higher tone(said this in joking way)
Ishu: haan haan I know ur the head of this family….bt listen m the neck of this family…I can turn the head as I want….
Raman: nice joke madrasan…
Suddenly raman got call frm hospital
Caller: sir there is an emergency
Raman: ok I will come in only 15 mins
Ishu: ramn what happen
Raman explained her. Ishu also go with raman
When raman entered his cabin . all bhalla and iyer family came behind frm curtains and shouted HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. The cabin was decorated very nicely ishra were overwhelmed by the surprise.
They all blessed ishra….
Raj and avani feed cake to each other….raj took some cake and put it on avanis face…..now avani was in much anger…..she put all the cake n put in raj face…..all family members begin to laugh at their childish behavior
All bhalla and iyer house leave from hospital

In ishras room..
Ishi: raman thank u for coming in my lyf…m soo much luck to get best frnd like u
Raman: no ishita…I m much thankful towards you for supporting me in every situation
Ishu: no raman …I m much lucky to get u
Raman: are ishu…itni jiddi kaise ho tum…meine kaha na …m much lucky
Ishu: ok baba….nahi to phir se jhagda shuru kar dege aap
Raman give a side hug to ishu…..they cont their emotional dialouges
Ishu: raman now lets sleep…we r getting late
Raman: ok meri JKR…gud night..
Ishu: gud night RK
In sarna house,
Twinj were in their rooms….taunting each other..
Twi: kunj may I tell u something much imp….
Kunj: is it much serious…(asked worryingly)
Twin: haan kunj…
Kunj: then just tell fast
Twin: kunj wona meine tumpe ek research kiya hai
Kunj: what(seriously)
Twin: kunj tum na(kunj u r…)
Kunj: bol na jaldi(talk fast)
Twin: kunj tum to bade hi ……
Kunj: haan haan mujhe pata hai mein to bada hi handsome hun…
twin: hahahaha….kisne kaha ye…….
Kunj: to phir
Twin: kunj tum bade hi kadoos ho…
Kunj beats twi with pillows..twi also again beats with pillow…
They run throughout their room…after 5 min..room was messed up with feathers of pillows..twinj was having a eyelock…
Sajna ve plays….
Their eyelock was disturbed by smell of something….
Kunj: whats this smell twi…frm were it is comimg…
Twi: I don’t know kunj….just I will go downside n see..
Kunj: come lets go
Twi n kunj..enters kitchen…n they were really shocked n surprised to……..(just wait for my next epi)
In college….
Amu and avani were wondering here and there
Just then mantu and raj…..came to them…..n asked why they r wondering here n there
Mantu: amu ko to koi kam hi nahi hota…just wasting her time n also others
Amu; hann to tumhe kisne kaha hai….mere sath bolke apna kudh ka timewaste karne ke liye….cant u do ur own job..
Mantu: han haan …mein bhi kisse baat kar raaha hun..
Rani in unison : stop it guyz cant u just keep quite for moment.. u both r just silly
Manya: okk…guyz don’t just start ur lecture again…
Mantu: now we all are free cant we go out for sometime
All: yeah nyc idea mantu
Manya and rani went for long drive….
Precap: twinj surprise
Manya n rani long drive
Kunj and ramans plan to play prank on ishu n twi

Note: guys I have decided not to add mihika and mihir in my ff…..
I will post my next epi on Friday or monday
I now its somewhat short epi…I will try make a next epi bigger…
Sorry for spelling mistakes
N thnx for ur wonderful comment
frndz is this coverpic ok….or shall i upload another

Credit to: snehal

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