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Here we begin with our first epi:
A big room is shown
One couple is sleeping peacefully with innocent faces looking like perfect couple. But due to sun rays falling on girl’s face she woke up and blinking her eyes she said good morning my surya (sun). And she was none other than our ishu. By that time she heard that someone is knocking on their door. She goes n tried opening door but it didn’t open so she goes to her ravan kumar and ask him to open the door.
Ishu: Raman plzz help me to open the door..
Raman: Are jhasi ki raani cant u do some easy bachhawala task always taking help for easy task..let me sleep…today m on leave
Ishu: Raman plzz open the door it’s not opening
Raman: Ok meri JKR (giving angry look to her)
Raman opened the door easily, when he opened door our gang mihir,raj,avani and yuvi came in and shouted “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY “ jiju and bhabhi.
Ishra was quiet shock bcoz they don’t know how they have passed this one year with nok-jhok and hatred towards each others. They were happy from inside but they don’t show
After sometime gang explained ishra that they locked their room from outside and then opened it when raman came to open. They celebrate this moment by cutting cake.
Raj and avani were staring at each other with much love but they don’t know how to confess the feeling they had for each other.
To opposite to bhalla house there was sarna house (same from yhm- bhallla and iyer house)
Sweet, innocent girl came shouting bhabi, bhabi plz get up, its already very late. She was none another than amaya. Amaya continuously kept knocking on the door then a handsome guy opend the door..it was none other than our hero KUNJ
Amaya: Bhai, where is my cute innocent bhabi
Kunj: Arey yaar plz let her sleep its 6’o clock only. Why r u troubling my jaan.
Amaya: ooho bhai..biwi ki side le rahe ho apni bahen ko bhul gaye kya
Kunj: no amu its not like that mein to bass….
Amu: hanhan bass I know what u will talk
Kunj: kya kam hai twinkle ke pass ki itni subhah subhah utha rahi ho
Amu: woo today I need to need to go clg early n u know na daily bhabhi select my dresses so that it..bhabhi bhabhi…utho
Twinkle: haan kunj only 5min let me sleep
Amu: ohh know bhabhi its not bhai its amu
Twinkle suddenly gets up n goes to freshen up
Twinkle selects the dress for amu..amu was looking gorgeous in dress which was choosen by twi

While amu was leaving
Twi: amu have one task will u do it
Amu: ha bhabhi bolo na
Twi: just be4 going to clg plzz go to maa house and enquire abt maa’s health she was not feeling well n mahi is also not at home
Amu: ok bhabhi
Amu entered taneja house (taneja and iyer house was opposite to each other n twinkle and ishu were best frnds)
When she entered leelas room she saw mantu taking care of aunty. She was much touched bt didn’t show bcoz they have attitude problems towards each other only. Amu enquire abt leela’s health and go to clg

In sarna house,
In kitchen
Kunj: twinkle ..listen na
Twi: no kunj I have much work, maa is nt at home
Kunj: aree yaar ..apne pati ko nahi pr kam se kam apne best frnd ko to time de..i want to say something.
Twi: to bolo na jaldi Q mera time waste kar rahe ho
Kunj: woo woo twinkle tu na aaj
Twi: mein kya kunj jaldi bolo??
Kunj: mm…badi hot lag rahi ho
Twinkle: (laughing) whats special in this. It’s my daily suit
Kunj: bt u r looking nyc
Kunj in mind: how could I tell her that her zip is open
Kunj comes from backside n close the zip without thinking anything
Twinkle turns back and she was abt to slip bt kunj hold her
Sajna ve play
Twi: to wo baat thi kya
Kunj: haan waise bhi tuze koi bhi hot nahi bolega
Twin: haha very funny..
Quarrelling tune plays….they ends up into fighting
In bhalla house
Raj, avani, mihika and yuvi left after having dinner
Ishu; mummy g today m going to clinic soo tell everyone
Raman: mummy mujhe lagta hai kisi ko ghar se bahar jane ki aadat lagi hai
Ishu: mummy g sabko batao ki mein sirf apne kamm ke liye clinic jati hun
Here ishra also ends up into fighting…..
Percap: ishra anniversary celebration
Twinj ka romance
Amu’s confession to mantu
Raj avani’s cute moment

So frnd this was my first epi…n sorry for spelling mistakes..i know its not much interesting…plz in next epi I will add more masti n romance
Thnx for reading my ff

Credit to: Snehal

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  1. Oh my god, this was spectacular and impressive. Twinkle and kunj romance I can’t wait and also Ishra moments also waiting, good luck for next episode~Nusz

    1. tysm nusz for commenting…………….??

  2. Nice yaar
    But if u don’t mind plz write English
    I don’t know hindi (writing in english but reading in hindi)

    1. okk safy from next epi i will write in english…n thnx for commenting

  3. Nice one but in English pls my hindi is kinda weak

    1. thnx kumud…i will surely write next next epi in english

  4. Amazing epi dear loved it so much do cont soon plzzzzz

    1. tysm zikra….n i will surely cont..??

  5. today’s epi is great but PRECAP is awsoon. can’t wait for next.

    1. tysm sonali…i will post next epi very soon

  6. Nice episode

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  7. awesm strt snehu…

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  8. Snehal I really really really love ur writing skill………..ishra fighting and twinj fighting made me laugh a lot dr………and so cute amaya’d and kunj’s conversation…………….really sweet like sweets ????????????????
    Love it a lot dr
    And here a trophy for u

    1. aww….thnx a lot ude for this lovly cmnt…….love uuu????????????????

  9. Beautiful..really love ur ff.. Nice to read it..

    1. thnx varsha…….n plzz cont to read my ff

      1. Sure.. I will never miss it out..

  10. super……… episode……. love this ff…..

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  11. Gud epi dear………

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  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……..Twinj & ISHRA nok jhok is Awesome……. loved it Soooo much…..

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  13. I loved it snehal good job keep it up and I have a little problem in understanding Hindi but that’s fine. Overall a great job

    1. thnx a lot dear……n i will surely update next epi in eng…tysm for commenting joyee?????

  14. superb epi snehu ….. loved it …..

    1. tysm panchi.. i m glad that u loved it???

  15. nyc epi..waiting for next

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  16. amazing…….loved it soooooo much..♥♥♥
    love u loads☻♥

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