Tashan wala love (Epi-9)


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Kunj and twinkle were talking when they reached a clothes shop
Twinkle-Kunj can you please help me choose
Kunj-sure they go in and twinkle tries a full red lehenga kunj nods in a no then she tries a green and yellow kunj says no but kunj eyes caught a beutiful pink lehenga with purple blouse and purple dupata it was looking beautiful
Kunj-twinkle what about that one twinkle turns around
Twinkle-Kunj wow what a choice karose sarna bhaiya can you show me that lehenga he pass it to her she tries it and says how does this look
Kunj-I mean it looks fine
Twinkle-Ok so this one is done they go to another shop for men’s
Kunj-so saiyapa Queen now it’s your turn you have to help me choose
Twinkle-Ok they go in and twinkle eye catches a purple sherwani kunj likes this blue one he tries it but they don’t have his size so then twinkle gose to the shop keeper bhaiya can I see that sherwani he gives it to
Twinkle-Kunj how is this he gose and tries it on and he is looking hot as always
Kunj-how’s this twinkle is just staring at him kunj comes to her and she comes to senses it looks good he says so this is done they go and twinj get a call from there mom they tell them to select ring and they tell them they are together they get happy so they go to get rings and there are so cute rings after a while they select and get out of the mall
Kunj-may I drop you
Twinkle-Yes you may they leave twinkle comes home and is smiling and dose not now why she gose to her room and sees yuvi there
Twinkle-Hey bhai you in my room and what is that in your hand
Yuvi-just some memories of my sweet twinkle when you are ganna go I will miss you she comes and hugs him
Twinkle-It’s ok bhai mahi is there right? he Runs after her and they have a brother sister moment next morning
Leela-twinkle wake up it is your engagement twinkle wakes up with a jolt there are decorations happening down while twinkle gets ready and gose to a salon and get ready at night guest have come twinkle is up in her room the Sarnas have come kunj is looking hot as usual and is eagerly waiting for twinkle just then the lights go of and the spot light gose on twinkle who is coming down kunj is just mesmerized by her he is stunned by her beauty he gose to the stairs and offers his hand and she puts her hand in his hand and they go to the stage yuhi bring the rings they exchange the rings and have a couple dance they are just lost in each other

Precap-not decided

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Credit to: Isha

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  1. Awesome episode..sooooooo romantic

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    Good episode.

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  5. Awesome isha

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    nice episode isha, luv it dear,!

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