Tashan wala love (Epi-8)


Hey guys as I said I will post asap but it takes time to update i think about 4-5 hours so sorry?Love tei?

The episode starts with twinkle shocked
Twinkle-Mom how can you take such a important decision of my life
Leela-i am sorry but this had already been decided twinkle gose crying to her room and she crys a lot next morning there is a college day of so leela came to twinkles room with a beautiful dress and some diamond sets
Leela-twinkle get ready you have to go to see the boy leela gose and twinkle crys then she gets up and washes her face
Twinkle-I have to do this for my mothers happiness she gets ready and is looming flow less and if any one saw her would just keep staring at her she went down with a smile leela sees this and gets happy
Leela-may God bless you and you may get all the happiness in your life and you are looking so beautiful just then yuvi enters
Yuvi-what’s happening
Leela-twinkle is going to see her to be husband and it has already been decided so don’t try engagement is this week
Yuvi-in his mind omg mom but twinj have just been having feelings and he gose to his lovely sister and hugs her
Yuvi-every thing is going to be well don’t worry twinkle leaves for the house and rings the bell a servant Answers then a lady comes and greats her in and she is usha
Usha-betta how are you I am sure you are twinkle right
Twinkle-Yes Aunty
Usha-twinkle I talked to your mom and this meeting was just for you and my son so you can go up and the third room is his
Twinkle-Ok thanks Aunty she gose and opens the door she sees a boy standing near the window and comes in and closes the door behind the boy turns around and is shocked to see twinkle he is none other then kunj
Twinkle-Mom sent me here to see a boy how I have to marry no ifs and and buts it is finall
Kunj-is shocked because his mom told him the same they both were relieved that at least they now each other and are friends they agree to the marriage because if families they talk and then twinkle comes back home she gose to her room and keeps smiling same as kunj and they both fall asleep smiling next morning twinkles room twinkle is sleeping and leela wakes her
Leela-twinkle tomorrow is your engagement wake up you have to go shopping twinkle wakes up kunjs mom tells same to kunj they both are shopping in same mall and don’t now until they bump into each other and just there eyes talk until
Kunj says-you here
Twinkle-Actually I came here for engagement shopping
Kunj-oh me to

Precap-engagement and twinj cute moments

Guy here i hope you like it please comment please ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Credit to: Isha

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