Tashan wala love (Epi-7)


Hi guys I now I did not post yesterday and I am really sorry but today’s episode is going to be long and I hope amazing please comment if you like you guys inspire me to write when you comment

Twinj sleep and it’s morning and they get dressed and go sightseeing and there mahi and yuvi spent time together while kunj was with twinkle when twinkle felt a hand on her shoulder and it was none other then Rahul
Rahul-hey jaan
Twinkle-Shocked Rahul you here
Rahul-yeah I came to India and got to now you were here so I decided to give you a surprise by the way how is he
Twinkle-He is kunj my best friend
Kunj-hey forwards his hand
Rahul-hey shaking hands right then yuhi come there
Yuvi-hey Rahul
Rahul-hey bro
Yuvi-meet her she is mahi and she is kunj sister
Twinkle-And mr.yuvraj taneja girlfriend mahi blushes and then they all go to a restaurant and eat food Rahul stares at twinkle and kunj get jealous and then Rahul smirks looking at twinkle and think about something they had decided to go back home because leela had came back early any there college was going to start they all go in the car twinj were in the front and kunj was driving the window was open a kunj saw that twinkle was getting cold so he takes his jacket and makes here wear it while twinkle just lovingly looks at him and then smiles
Twinkle-To herself why am I smiling and staring at him why am I getting attracted to him
Kunj-to himself omg god why do I think so much about her why do I care if someone is staring at her why.

They all reach home and since it was late night they stay at twinkle house next morning yunj go home and get ready and reach college after a while twinkle,mahi,and Rahul reach there to and twinj have a class together and they are partners for a drama act in which they both are bf and gf afterwards it it is break and all 5 of them sit together and Rahul flirts with twinkle so kunj spills coffee on Rahul’s shirt and it looks like it was a mistake but yuvi saw kunj spilling it but stays quiet
Kunj-Rahul I am very sorry I don’t know what i was thinking of
Rahul-kunj it’s ok he gose to washroom and clean his shirt while yuvi takes kunj to a side
Yuvi-bro what’s happening
Yuvi-kunj now stop ok I saw you spilling coffee on Rahul
Kunj-angry didn’t you see yuvi he was flirting with twinkle
Yuvi-so someone was getting jealous
Kunj-coming to senses no nothing like that it was by mistake and walks of
Yuvi-I get it you are getting feelings for twinkle and soon you will relize you have fallen for her yess

Taneja mansion
Leela-puttar I have found a boy for you and you are going to meet him tomorrow
Twinkle-but mom
Leela-and you will get engaged this week I am sorry but this had already been finalized

Precap-how is the guy,why is leela in a hurry

Hi guys I said It will be long but these days I am busy but I will post as soon as possible please comment ❤️❤️

Credit to: Isha

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  7. Thanks for commenting ?❤️Twinj forever together

  8. Hey isha nice episode …. Kunj is feeling for twinkle its amazing…. I think that guy is KUNJ KUNJ KUNJ…..

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