Tashan wala love (Epi-6)


Hi guys I am really sorry late update

Kunj wakes up and sees twinkle sleeping and smiles he is about get up when twinkle puts her arm around him he get up without disturbing her and gets ready twinkle wakes up
Twinkle-Good morning
Kunj-good morning saiyapa Queen twinkle gose to the bathroom and takes forever
Kunj-twinkle hurry up we have to go to beach today just then twinkle comes in a short dress kunj is mesmerized by her

Twinkle-How do I look
Kunj-hot I mean it’s hot in here twinkle gets angry and leaves
Kunj-oh shit he runs after her twinkle you are the most beautiful girl on earth
Twinkle-Fine but next time you are dead they go to the beach and are hell shocked they see yuvi proposing mahi and she says yes they hug and twinj congratulates them they break hug and start blushing
Twinkle-I think we should leave the love birds alone

Kunj-yeah they go to the other side and talk
Twinkle-I think I forgot forgot my phone I will go get
Kunj-ok she grabs her phone and is coming back when a boy start misbehaving with her and holds her hand and is dragging her to a room when he feels a hand on his shoulder he leaves twinkles hand she runs behind kunj kunj beats him and then grabs her hand takes her to her room she would not stop crying kunj hugs her and then cups her face
Kunj-twinkle if today anything would have happened to you I would never be able to forgive myself
Kunj-because I I care about you you are my best friend
Twinkle-Thank you
Kunj-twinkle you don’t have to say thanks to me

Precap-twinj have started to have feelings for each other

Guys I now today’s fan fiction was short sorry ?

Credit to: Isha

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    Good episode dear.

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    nice and short, liked it!

  4. Awesome dear

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  6. Nice loved it but add more twinj scenes

  7. Nice episode…

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