Tashan wala love (Epi-5)


Hi guys today’s ff is going to be amazing I hope you like it thanks for commenting?

The episode starts with kunj angry and everyone laughing
Mahi-do you still have that Rahul’s number right and he still messages you
Twinkle-yeah just then twinkle phone rings and the name Rahul flashes on it
Twinkle-shatan ka name liya aur shatan ka phone they all laugh twinkle picks the phone
Twinkle-hey baby
Rahul-hey jaan how are you
Twinkle-I am fine how are you she signs yuvi to take her to her room yuvi helps her while she is on the phone yuvi places her on the bed and gose after a while twinkle cuts the phone and tries to get up she hold on to her dressing and stand up and kunj comes there and pins her to the wall
Kunj-so your done talking to your sweet Rahul
Twinkle-in pain but dose not say anything and then say kunj it’s not what you think
Kunj-then what is it hum all of a sudden tears start coming from twinkles eyes because she was in pain kunj remembers that her leg got twisted and right then twinkle faints
Kunj-twinkle,twinkle he places her and the bed and sprinkles water on her face
Kunj-what was the need to get up in an angry tone
Twinkle-sorry kunj kunj is about to go but twinkle holds his hand
Kunj-please don’t go please can you sit with me for a while
Kunj-shocked ok they talk and twinkle and kunj fall asleep on the other side yuhi are together
Yuvi-I think twinkle and kunj are falling
for each other
Mahi-yeah I think there made for each other
Yuvi-but they don’t now yet we have to do something

The next morning the doctors comes and say now twinkle is well and can walk by
herself everyone gets happy
Twinkle-now we all are going to go out
Everyone agrees yuhi are at the back Of the car and twinj at front kunj is driving
twinkle sees a pani puri stall
Kunj-what he sees the stall and then yuhi sees it to everyone one runs out of the
car at the same time everyone shouted challenge the guy there say what type do you want altogether spicy they all have same score until mahi’s tongue get spicy and then yuvi also gives up twinj are still eating until twinkle chocks on a pani puri kunj makes her drink water and twinkle eats one more
Twinkle-I win
Kunj-omg saiyapa queen you win they go back in the car they drive to the hotel they go there to the reception
Receptionist-hi how may I help you
Kunj-we need 4 rooms
Receptionist-sorry sir we only have 2 rooms left
Kunj-that’s ok they were outside the rooms kunj-so girls in one boys in other yuhi make a plan and say if they want them to relize there love they will have to be in one room they go in and mahi comes starts yelling
Everyone-what happened
Mahi-I saw a ghost I am not going to sleep here
Kunj-it’s ok we wil switch rooms
Yuvi-no I won’t go in there is ghost there
Twinj m-where will we sleep
Yuvi-how about you and kunj sleep in that room and we will sleep there
Yuvi-I mean one will sleep on couch the other on bed because we both will not sleep there
Twinj-ok they go in there rooms twinkle gose back in and lays in bed
Kunj-saiyapa queen I am not sleeping on the couch
Twinkle-then on the ground ?
Kunj-very funny I will sleep on bed
Twinkle-no you won’t they have a pillow fight and then
Kunj-fine we both will put this pillow in the middle and sleep she agrees

Precap-all of them go out to a beach

Hey guys love tei ?

Credit to: Isha

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  1. Guys I now my updates come late and it is because I live in Canada and I posted it around 6 at and it has come up I think now so it takes time

  2. hey isha…epi was lovely…i love the way u write…bt plzz try to make it long!!

  3. NIce episode. Keep writing.

  4. Awesome episode.

  5. Your ff is quite diff..which makes everyone wait for it

  6. nice epi dear…


  8. Thanks you guys made my day

  9. Meenat Abubakar

    wow! it’s awesome Isha loved it

  10. a nice episode

  11. Thank you guys sooooooooooooooooooo much you guys are just inspiring me to write more??????

  12. Lovely isha

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