Tashan wala love (Epi-16)


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Leela-twinkle wake up tomorrow is your marriage then you will have to wake up early in morning
Leela-ok now go get ready we are going to the Sarnas
Twinkle-ok twinkle decides to wear a short dress so she gets ready and they go
Usha-hi leela ji how are you twinkle
Twinkle-I am fine
Usha-kunj is up stairs go you should Haagen a talk since tomorrow is your wedding
Twinkle-ok maa is ok if I call you maa
Usha-why not twinkle gose up kunj is not there then she hears the shower she gose around the room and looks at his pictures just kunj comes out in a towel twinkle was about to scream but kunj puts a hand over her mouth and pins her

Kunj-get used to this we will be married tomorrow so
Twinkle-what so you will have to change and then come out get used to it
Kunj-excuse me this is my room I will do what I like
Twinkle-mr.kunj sarna I will be your wife so this room will equally be mine
Kunj-fine you win he gose and changes
Twinkle-kunj I can’t believe tomorrow is our marriage
Kunj-I now do you want to go out for a walk
Twinkle-sure they come down
Kunj-maa me and twinkle are going for a walk
Usha-ok go beta they go out
Twinkle-kunj ice cream
Kunj-ok fine you wait here I will bring it kunj gose and some boys on Moter bike come and go round around here
Twinkle-who are you and what do you want
P1-Jaan we are yours and we want you
Twinkle-what shut up and get lost
P2-wow angry girl we love them
Twinkle-in mind where are you kunj the boys grab her hand and make her sit on the Moter bike they start to leave when someone pull the bike with one Hand and has ice cream in other one and it is Kunj the boys stop and get of bike kunj paces the ice cream to twinkle kunj beats them while twinkle Sits there and eats the ice cream and cheers go kunj beat them the boys run away and twinkle is done eating both of the ice creams she hugs kunj
Twinkle-are you ok
Kunj-yeah by the way where is the ice cream
Twinkle-wo wo wo kk kunj I ate it
Kunj-WHAT you ate both of the ice creams while I was fighting
Twinkle-so what lets go we came for walk right
Kunj-ok they go back home it’s night twinj look at each other’s picture and talk.

Morning twinkle wakes up and comes down leela is shocked
Leela-twinkle you so early
Twinkle-hain maa I don’t know I woke up so early
Leela-ok so get ready you have to go to salon with mahi
Twinkle-ok maa she gose and gets ready and then mahi comes
Mahi-hi Aunty wears twinkle
Leela-beta she is in room just then she comes down
Mahi-so are you ready Bride
Twinkle-yes my to be sister in law both laugh and go

Precap-there marriage ?

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Credit to: Isha

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