Tashan wala love (Epi-15)

They do shopping and go to eat ice cream as twinkles wish twinkle is eating her ice cream and it falls twinkle grabs kunjs ice cream
Kunj-arey twinkle
Twinkle-what now you will not even share ice cream?
Kunj-noo you have full right on me and everything of mine twinkle eats the ice cream kunj looks at her lovingly they go to kunjs house it’s late night twinj are talking and twinkle falls asleep kunj makes her lay properly and places blanket on her twinkle holds his hand and they sleep like that next morning twinkle wakes up and finds herself on kunjs room
Twinkle-oh shit o feel asleep she gose home gets ready she smirks and gose to sarna house
Usha-you here bata
Twinkle-happy holi Aunty I came to meet kunj
Usha-he is upstairs sleeping go wake him
Twinkle-ok Aunty she gose up she opens door and gose in kunj is sleeping she puts holi colour on him and kisses him on forehead kunj wakes up and puts his checks against her face and says happy holi
Twinkle-go get ready we have to go for holi function kunj gose and gets ready they both come down hand in hand
usha- you guys ready
Kunj-maa where is everyone
Usha-me your dad babe and leela hi are going to a friends you and yuhi go have fun
Kunj-ok maa twinj and uhi reach there kunj and uv splash twhi in swimming pool and jump in to they splash water at each other and laugh twinj and yuhi go to get tandai twinkle accidentally grabs bhang and drinks it twinkle asked for more and the guy serving though she wanted bhang cause she grabbed that glass so he gives her she drinks it and asks for more and she drinks 7 glasses of bhang all of them think she is drinking tandai after a while twinkle gets drunk and dances on itna maza quan ara ha hai kunj is shocked twinkle then gose to some guys and flirts with then kunj gets jealous then she grabs the mike
Twinkle-hello everyone I am twinkle taanajaa and happy holi to all and today I want to say this to everyone that I LOVE YOU KUNJ kunj is shocked twinkle die to so much bhang feels dizzy and is about to fall kunj comes and holds her from the waist he takes her to a corner
Kunj-TWINKLE are you drunk
Twinkle-I don’t now kunj gose close to her
Kunj-oh shit she drank bhang that even 7 glasses now what to do twinkle drags kunj to the stage and they dance on balam pichkare then kunj takes twinkle to her room and places her on bed
Twinkle-I L ove y ou k unj and falls asleep
Kunj-i love you too I am crazy in love with you and smiles he watches twinkle sleep and sleeps next morning twinkle wakes up her head feeling heavy kunj brings lemon aid
Kunj-so you woke up smiling
Twinkle-kunj my head is feeling dizzy and I don’t remember any thing kunj tells her everything she feels ashamed of what she did in front of everyone

Precap-there marriage finally ❤️❤️❤️

Hi guys I now I am late but happy late holi and please comment I feel like not many people like my ff you guy inspire me to write please comment❤️❤️

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  1. Nice Episode Isha!!! Loved it yaar!!

  2. Toooo good isha

  3. nyc episode isha

  4. Finally marriage.. Now at least no one can come between twinj

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