Tashan wala love (Epi-14)


I will make it long as you guys said

Its morning and twinkle is sleeping on kunj with her head on his chest and hugging him kunj wakes up because of the sun and places her on bed and is about to leave but twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle-good morning to be hubby
Kunj-good morning to be Mrs. Twinkle kunj sarna and kisses her on her forehead twinkle feels his touch and smiles they both get up and leave they are in jungle
Twinkle-look kunj there is a way out from there
Kunj-yeah lets go

They finally get out of jungle but twinkle was tired kunj saw a cycle they both sat on it and went back home
Leela-where were you guys you now na today is your haldi kunj tells her everything
Leela-go get ready kunj leaves for his house and twinkle for her room the function was at twinkle house kunj and sarna family come there kunj was wearing all white he was waiting for twinkle twinkle comes down with mahi she was looking hot so was kunj twinkle was wearing a white and yellow the haldi ceremony started everyone put haldi on twinj then leela sent twinj to twinkles room room to get clean

Kunj was washing his face twinkle comes from behind and puts haldi on his face
Kunj-twinkle I just was my face he runs after twinkle somehow accidentally gose to the shower kunj comes he comes close to her very close and puts the haldi his face on her face since kunj hand was on the shower water comes out and they both get socking wet they were lost in each other kunj comes close to twinkle they were really close to each other and kisses her twinkle puts her arms around his neck and kunj puts them around her waist and pulls her closers now there body’s were touching and they had a passionate kiss until someone came and knocked the door twinkle grabbed a towel and and opened the door a little
Twinkle-haa mahi

Mahi-when you guys are done romancing come down twinkle blushes and closes the door kunj comes from behind and Hugs her
Twinkle-kunj what will you wear I mean this clothes are soaking wet
Kunj-simply say you want to see me shirtless
Twinkle-shut up see gose to her closet here wear these by accident bhais clothes came her
Kunj-I think you planned all this
Kunj-he smiles twinkle gives him a towel and clothes she gose to the bathroom to change twinkle tried a lot but could not zip her zip
Twinkle-k kk kunj

Twinkle-wo wo I need your help
Kunj-ok should I come in
Twinkle-yeah he comes in
Twinkle-wo kuunj wo meri zip he understood he came to her very close and zipped it up
Kunj-it’s done lets go now
Twinkle-ok they go down everyone had left kunj hugged twinkle and said bye and left they both talked on the phone and slept next morning
Leela-twinkle wake up
Twinkle-maa 2 mins
Leela-did you forget we have to go wedding shopping with Sarnas twinkle wakes up and quickly gets ready they reach there
Kunj thinking-omg she is looking so beautiful

Twinkle-God he is hot
Leela-bata you guys go and do your shopping we window are ok
Twinkle and kunj go first they stop at the brides shop they go in
Twinkle-kunj you choose for me there is such good chlothes I don’t now what to choose
Kunj-ok he looks around and and he likes this beautiful dress (I don’t now much about Indian clothes)it is beautiful
Kunj-what about this one
Twinkle-kunj??it is fantastic we are getting this one
They leave and go to a grooms shop
Kunj-now you have to chose twinkle looks around and her eye catches a beautiful sherwani
Twinkle-kunj look at this
Kunj-not bad you have a nice choice he takes that sherwani

Precap-I will think of it

Hope you like it

Credit to: Isha

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    Luvd the episode.

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