Tashan wala love (Epi-13)


Hey guys your comment our helping me a lot so let’s start

Twinj-are lost in each other then kunjs phone rings he gose and talks them comes back
Kunj-may we go back now it’s getting late
Twinkle-sure they go to the car and sit they are driving and car stops kunj gets out to check twinkle comes out
Twinkle-what happened

Kunj-i think the tire got punctured just then a thunderstorm comes twinkle gets scared and hugs kunj and then it starts raining twinkle stats twirling herself and opens her arms kunj sees this and smiles he comes close to twinkle and they dance kabhi Ho badal barse plays in background then they come to senses
Kunj-twinkle there is no one out here I think we have to walk
Kunj-yeah we have to there is no other choice they start walking and they accidentally go in the jungle twinj hear a animal growling twinkle gets scared and thighly holds kunj hand
Kunj-twinkle nothing will happen I am with you na I think we accidentally came in jungle twinkle holds his hand thighter kunj hugs her they keep walking twinkle feels cold kunj takes his coat of and makes twinkle wear it

Kunj-now your going to say thanks to me?
Twinkle-ok na I won’t say it again
Kunj-twinkle look I see a house lets go its late night we will go in morning they go the house they ring the bell it dose not work they knock the door and a old lady opens the door
Lady-how may I help you
Kunj-he tells her everything
Lady-ok bats come in she give twinj a room and clothes to change twinj go in the room there was a small bed they both change
Twinkle-how will we sleep on this small bed

Kunj-it’s either this or floor
Twinkle-what noooo I am not going to sleep on ground fine I guess we have to sleep on this kunj smiles twinkle starts screaming
Kunj-now what happened
Twinkle-jumping on bed cc co cockroach
Kunj-laughing picks it up troughs it out of the window come on twinkle it’s gone
Twinkle-very fun kunj they go and sleep

Precap-not decided

Credit to: Isha

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  1. Sorry for the mistakes

    1. No problem with mistakes but it was too short

  2. its ok isha … by d way nyc episode ….

  3. Make it a bit long but it was nice

  4. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome… keep it up

  5. Nice episode

  6. Make it lil long and it was awesome Keep it up

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