Tashan wala love (Epi-12)


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Kunj is smirking
Twinkle-why you smirking
Kunj-because you are going to drink this soup
Twinkle-haha very funny kunj I am not going to drink SOUP
Kunj-oh yes you will did I forget to tell you scratching his head
Kunj-nothing we were going to go on a date but not anymore
Kunj-because I don’t want to go with a patient who is not even drinking soup
Twinkle-what do you think mr.kunj sarna I am going to drink this soup she gets up and gose close to kunj he backs up he is shocked twinkle keeps coming towards kunj and he backs up until he hits the wall twinkle pins him to wall and says
Twinkle-what happened kunj you are sweating she laughes kunj just stares at her she gose and grabs the the soup and drinks it she gose to kunj and puts her arms around his neck and kisses him on the check
Twinkle-I love you
Kunj-put his arms around her waist I love you too he kisses her on her check and then on neck
Kunj-get ready I am waiting outside
Twinkle-smiles ok kunj gose and she opens her closet she decides to wear a long black dress that had cut trough it so her belly would show and She wore silver earrings and long high heels and a silver purse she comes out kunj was waiting for wearing a black suit he was mesmerized by her she was looking stunning as usual and kunj hot as usual kunj forwards his arm
Kunj-shall we
Twinkle-looping her arm trough lets go they go out to the car kunj opens the door and twinkle sits he gose and sits they go kunj blind folds twinkle he takes her in and then un blind folds her
Twinkle-omg kunj this beautiful I love you you are the best
Kunj-jaan love you he is orders a drink they cheer they and then order food they eat and look at each other then kunj offers his hand to twinkle for a dance they dance romantically they are very close and there lips meet they have a passionate lip lock

Precap-twinkle haldi and twinj romance

Guys today’s Tashan e ishq episode was so good please comment??

Credit to: Isha

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  1. Isha it’s fantastic! !!

  2. Awesome

  3. Mindblowing

  4. Awesome isha……

  5. Fabbbbbb

  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    OMG awesome episode.

  7. Ishaaaaaaaaaaa…..it’s just awesum I loved it…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  8. its vry awesome..bt plz make it long..n try to describe the scences more..like how was the place decorated n twinj romance all that….all over ur plot is awesome..

  9. niceeee…its too good isha

  10. nice one

  11. Thanks all and lovleena I will do that next time love you all

  12. awesome episode … loved it….

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