Tashan wala love (Epi-11)


Twinkle is driving when a truck comes and its breaks are failed twinkle car hits a tree chinki waits and twinkle dose not come so she calls leela
Chinki-Aunty where is twinkle
Leela-she left earlier
Chinki-she has not reached yet she call her no one picks call
Leela-I will call kunj kunj puttar where is twinkle she has not reached chinki house
Kunj-what she has left earlier I will call her kunj-twinkle where the hell are you everyone is is tensed
S1-hello who’s phone this is has meet with a accident please come to city hospital kunj runs to his car he drives fast and reaches there he calls leela and tells her everything kunj crys the nurse comes out
Nurse-we need onegetive blood patient has lost a lot of blood
Kunj-nurse I have onegetive blood
Nurse-you sure
Kunj-yeah he gives blood and comes out he looks at twinkle
Kunj-nothing will happen to twinkle I LOVE YOU twinkle my love will make you fine doctor comes out
Kunj-doc how is twinkle
Doc-she is very serious if she doesn’t wake up in 24 hours then….
Kunj-nothing will happen to my twinkle can I go in
Doc-yeah sure he gose in and sits beside twinkle he holds her hand twinkle I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????my love will not let anything happen to you he crys he feels a hand on his head
Twinkle-mr.karose sarna what did you think I will leave you
Kunj-twinkle he hugs her I LOVE YOU
He kisses her forehead just then everyone comes in and is happy to see twinkle fine and twinkle faints kunj calls doctor
Doc-she has little weakness and she can faint again and you can take her home
Kunj-I told you doctor nothing will happen to my twinkle the doctor discharges twinkle the house is full decorated twinkle comes in she faints and is about to fall when kunj comes she falls in his arms
Kunj-I will take her to her room kunj takes her and places her on the bed and is about to go when twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle-where do you think you are going she pulls him close and they are about to kiss when someone nocks the door they compose themselves kunj opens the door leela comes in with soup
Leela-kunj puttar make her eat this soup I know she won’t listen to me
Kunj-don’t worry Aunty I will make her and smirks

Precap-twinj date

Credit to: Isha

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  11. Muskan{News reporter}

    Superb episode dear….

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