Tashan wala love (Epi-10)


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After twinj romantic dance everyone claps and then yuhi dance and they are looking fabulous together then guests start leaving and Sarnas go to the hole sarna family was in one car and kunj in another one and his car tire had been punctured by the great yuhi everyone had left and it had started to rain kunj went back in leela was still there twinkle had went up
Leela-puttar tum gay nahi
Kunj-Aunty my tire got punctured and everyone left
Leela-bata it’s raining you should stay here and leave in morning ok I will call your mom and tell her and you can sleep with yuvi and change into his clothes you are soaking wet
Kunj-ok he gose to yuvi room
Yuvi-bro you here
Kunj-tells him everything

Yuvi-here are you can have this clothes and you are not sleeping in my room
Kunj-but yuvi
Yuvi-cuts him of go to the bathroom and you can go to twinkles room and sleep
Yuvi-yeah you can sleep on couch or on floor your choice so kunj dose as yuvi say he changes and gose to twinkles room he is in balcony twinkle is in bathroom she comes out and hugs him from the back
Twinkle-Bhai you at this time kunj was facing the other side and was shocked he turns around and twinkle starts shouting kunj puts a hand on her mouth and pins her to the wall
Kunj-shut up why are you yelling

Twinkle-Om om he takes his hand of her mouth because I thought it was bhai and what the hell are you doing in my room and in bhai clothes and at this time
Kunj-take a deep breath and he explains her everything
Twinkle-I mean you are not sleeping in my room
Kunj-twinkle please I am your to be husband and after marriage we have to share a room right
Twinkle-Ok fine we can make that boarder again they were about to go to bed there was a thunderstorm and twinkle got scared and hugs kunj
Twinkle-Calm down I am here it’s just a thunderstorm they break the hug and go to sleep next morning they wake because of the sun

Twinkle-Kunj wake up if mom comes she would think something else so he quickly gets up and gets ready runs down twinkle dose the same twinkle gets a call
Twinkle-Hey chinki how are you you called after so long
Chinki-I am fine guess what
Chinki-I came to India and you are coming to meet me today
Twinkle-Yeah of course bye
Twinkle-Mom I am going to chinki house she came back to India
Leela-ok beta and drop kunj of on your way
Twinkle-Ok they go to the car and twinkle drives kunj puts a song on twinkle changes it kunj again dose it and they have a fight and they reach sarna house twinkle leaves for chinki house

Precap-twinkle meets with a accident

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Credit to: Isha

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  1. Muskan{News reporter}

    Nice episode waiting for the other episode of urs fast please plz plz plz plz.

  2. Meenat Abubakar

    wow isha! d episode is awesome and nice, bt precap is he’ll shocking, hope twinkle will b fine

  3. Thanks guys and meenat abubakar don’t worry

  4. nice episode… wtng fr d nxt one

  5. Amazing episode..plzz update next episode fasttttt..waiting eagerly

  6. Nice one isha

  7. Good yrr….

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