Tashan wala love (Epi-1)

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Club party

Twinkle and mahi go in and hug this guy called rohn there child hod friend
Twinkle-happy birthday bro
Rohn-thank you
Mahi-happy birthday
Rohn-thank you,and enjoy the party twinkle and mahi ho on the dance floor and start dancing around when twinkle accidentally bumps in to someone when a dashing cute boy called kunj hold her they had a eye lock when twinkle stands up and says
Kunj-your welcome and you should watch were you are going they both turn around and go twinkle goes to the bar for a drink when this boys come they’re and start touching twinkle
Person1-come on baby lets go dance
Twinkle-shut up and get lost
Person1-bhai she is pretty hot they both start dragging her to a corner and ask her to kiss them
Person1-if you are shy it’s ok we will kiss you there about to kiss her when someone puts a hand on both of there shoulder it is none other than kunj twinkle runs and stands behind kunj,kunj gets angry seeing them and starts beating them while twinkle
is crying kunj beats them so much that
they can’t even move twinkle without thinking anything hugs kunj and crud after twinkle comes in her sense she says
Twinkle-and don’t now how to thank you
Kunj-stop crying I can’t see girls crying and can’t you take care of yourself saying that they both go.

While on they other hand mahiaccidentally spilled juice on yuvi
Yuvi-mahi can’t you say where you are
Mahi-sorry come I will clean it
Yuvi-no thank you you will just make it
worse.yuvi comes back with someone and says
Yuvi-twinkle meet my best friend kunj
twinkle turns around and kunj meet
my sister twinkle
Twinj-tum (at the same time)
Yuvi-you both now each other?
Twinkle-Bhai he is the one how saved
Yuvi-thank you yaar you saved my jaan
Kunj-as a respected citizen it was my duty he calls mahi and say meet them
Twinkle-bhai how do you now her
yuvi- she spilt juice on me
Kunj-that means we all have already meet by the way mahi is my sister.
All of them go to they’re houses and think about each other.

Precap-all if them are shocked to be in the same collage.

Guy I hope you guys are liking it??love Tashan e ishq

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