Tashan wala ishq ss (Episode 2) The unmarried marriage

Hey people! Thank you so much for commenting on my last os. BTW I AM NOT FATIMA IM HANDLING HER ACC AND MY NAME IS RHEA.
Love u so much. Although i wasnt able to write a good one u people encouraged me to write more so here i am!.
Sorry couldnt reply to comments indivisually i have lack of time.

Episode ~

I entered my house after a party with my friends and saw my husband in our room on the sofa with his laptop .
I quitely moved over and went to the washroom then after getting dreshed up i switched the tv on without even uttering a word. I am married since 6 months but we dont love each other so we dont behave like hubby – wifey type.
Suddenly my husband kunj spoke
” how was your day?”
“Good wau?”
I removed my slippers and climbed the bed then i said
” kunj!”

” yes darling ”
” will u mind watching the movie together? I mean i cant watch a movie alone??”
” sure ”
He climbed the bed keeping his laptop in his bag and im still wondering what was that ‘darling’ for?
We watched the entire movie laughing and i realised that he was so sweet and caring ..i never noticed this before i was staring him when he gave me a “what?” Look and i nodded my head in a no .
“Twinkle” he said

“Yes kunj”
” im leaving for 3 days to goa due to some work hope u dont mind”
” no i dont care’
Was that rude?? I didnt say rudely but i felt like he was hurt oh sorry kunj ..i tried to change my sentence
” i mean i will manage ”
” great” he said
He told me to sleep so i pulled my blanket right of the corner and slept . He is such a nice person that even after i slept he didnt sleep with me instead asusual he slept on the sofa.

Next day `~

I woke up due to the sun’s rays and didnt saw kunj their so i went to the bathroom and directly went downstairs.
Wait..why am i caring for him all of a sudden?
Anyways , i found him in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
” where are the servants?” I asked
” i gave them a holiday”
” i wanted to prepare food myself for my wife ..umm i mean my
Before he could conplete i completed the sentence with saying “wife”
He said ” but i thought u didnt accepted me so i ”

Omg he is too cute , his silly mistakes and then trying to hide them manner is just too cute i want to kiss him right now ..
I kept a hand on his shoulder and said “its okay kunj no matter what we are husband and wife thats the truth”
Sometimes i wonder he needed a good partner and not one like me.
Ok so let me admit yes ..i am in love with this mr.sarna but cant confess . Why? U wanna know? Because it is AWKWARD to say i love you after 6 months when u didnt even kiss!!!
We ate the breakfast and he left for the airport.

Only i know how i managed these 3 days
Without him.?
Stilk waiting for him he didnt turn up and suddenly
‘ ting tong’ the bell rang
I runned towards the door and opebed it . The moment i saw him i hugged him tight.
And by mistake said “i missed you”
His reply was ” why?”

I said ” no i mean i like ur company thats why”
” okay!” He smiled.
I want to kill myself for not telling him that i actually love him.
Night ~
He was walking towards the sofa but i stopped him by saying
” kunj! U can sleep on the bed. Ur sleeping their since so long. I know we got married for our parents but…”
” its okay twinkle! I can manage anything for you”
His replies are so damn cutee gosh! Im dying

Next day ~
I dont even know why but he called me in his office today so im waiting for him there.
He turned up just a sec before and started saying
” ladies and gentlemen i am ur boss mr.kunj sarna and this is my beautiful wife mrs.kunj sarna today i would like to tell u that we never turned up as husband and wife byt now we are going to. I hole so”
” kunj what is this?” I whispered

Kunj kneeled down and pulled out a ring from his hand and said ” twinkle! I know we aint in a relationship but now its enough for me. I love you and thats all i know. I fell for you the first day when i saw you and now i want to be urs forever..will you become mine?”
( guys! This is the exact proposal my boyfriend gave to me not the office one but the ring and the lines portion)
I replied ” kunj! I love you too” i was feeling so awkwars that i couldnt say any further and my mad husband kissed me!!! Seriously infont of eveybody he kissed me..
I whispered ” what was the need to kiss infront of everybody???”
” darling! We are legally married”
” so??means u will kiss me anywhere”
” yeah!”

” what yeah?”
“Chill baby”
We went back home and i dont believe we went on the next level of our marriage..!
Yes we had IT.
But atleast we confessed our love and our unmarried marriage turned into a married marriage♡


Thank you for reading♡♡♡ hope u like it. The proposal was the same as my boyfriend proposed me from the ring to the lines to the kiss??.
Love you all. This maybe my last ff if u dont like it?
– rhea

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