Tashan e trust episode 8

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Episode 8
The flight lands India. Twinkle feels at home but she is still a little scared. While they were checking out they saw Riya. Kunj smiles and winks at her. Twinkle shoves him really hard and he falls to the floor. Everybody in the airport starts laughing at him.
K – Siyappa queen
T – that’s my name!

After a while twinj and ananya come in front of the Sarna mansion.
T – have you told anyone?
K – no it’s meant to be a surprise.
T – okay
K – I’ll go in then I will call you okay?
T – okay
Kunj was about to leave when twinkle pulls him back and hugs him tightly as if she was never going to let go of him.
T – always remember your promise!
K – until I die
T – don’t say that
Kunj goes in. Sarna family get shocked seeing him after 10 years
U – kunj beta. You finally came.
She gets teary eyed. She runs to kunj and hugs him.
K – maa I missed you
B – what about me?
K – how can I forget my s*xy huh?
B – chup kar!
They all have a family reunion.
K – actually I haven’t come alone. I brought someone with me. You can come now.
A strong wind blows and bells start ringing ( a typical entry ? ).
B & U – twinkle?
T – namaste Bebe namaste maa ji
B – you have come back to us after 10 long years. This house’s laxshmi has returned.
U – beta we have missed you two so much. This house is incomplete without you too. You are the heartbeat of this house
Twinkle runs to them and the trio hug.
K – excuse me? I’m here as well you know.
They all laugh and make space for kunj. He runs and hugs them.
A – Mumma?
Bebe and Usha get shocked.
B – Mumma?
K – Bebe this is my daughter ananya.
A – papa who’s this?
U – Beta…….
She hugs her tight.

After all the family reunion they all sit down. Ananya goes off to play somewhere.
U – twinkle why? Why did you go so far away from us? We missed you and kunj every second.
K – it was my fault. I didn’t listen to her and what she had to say.
While they were talking twinkle saw someone come down the stairs. She gets afraid and shocked. She holds kunj’s hand tightly.
K – ahhhh twinkle do you want to kill me today or something?
T – lo…..look over there.
He turns around and sees the same person. He gets very shocked as well

Episode 8 ends here.
Sorryyyyyy everyone for being late and a small Epi but how are you? Ik today’s episode was boring but please wait and I will make it more humorous. And who do you think the person is?

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