Tashan e trust episode 7

Hey everyone,
I know that Nowdays I’m posting a little late but I’m a bit busy now so please bear with that. Any ways im getting less comments do you guys not like the storyline?

Also I know I add lots of suspense but I do that on purpose I hope you guys don’t mind. I don’t like adding precaps because if I don’t do it according to that then it all goes wrong so sorry

Episode 7
A – papa what’s the confession?
K – well I kind of lied. I don’t have a business meeting. I was trying to have a family holiday because we have missed so many.
T – what?? So we are not here for business work? This is so unprofessional
K – and also after this we are not going back to London.
T – what? Then where are we going
K – India.
Kunj looks at twinkles face and sees her boiling in anger.
Kunj whispers to ananya – meh toh aaj margya.
Then he and ananya start running. Twinkle chase them. They all land on the bed and have a massive pillow fight. All the feather from inside comes out.
All of them are out of breath.
T – so fast you are tired?
Kunj while breathing heavily – I don’t get tired.
A – me too.
Then they all burst out laughing.
K – so ananya after 3 days we going India. You excited?
A – yesss. I have heard so much about it but I’ve never been
T – ananya can you go play outside I need to talk to your papa
A – okay Mumma
She leaves
T – kunj I don’t know if it’s right going back after so long. I don’t want to meet yuvi there again
She gets teary eyed
K – twinkle I promise you. I won’t even let his shadow fall upon you
Twinkle goes and hugs kunj. He gets very surprised
T – I forgive you kunj. But please don’t ever leave me again. I went through the pain once. I won’t survive if I have to go through it again
K – shhhh don’t even think that. No matter what I will trust you and every decision you make. I promise
T – I love you kunj
Kunj’s heart skips a beat. He was dying to hear those words from her mouth. He gets teary eyed
K – I love you too.
They hug for a while.
K – well come on then let’s explore New York!!

After 3 fun days for twinj and ananya they all leave for India. When they all board the plane twinkle notices that the air host she was flirting with is in that flight as well. She thinks to herself thank you babaji now I can annoy kunj.
T – omg ( let’s call him Sid ) Sid your here?
S – twinkle. Is it fate that again we are in the same flight
K – no it’s just my bad luck ( funny tune plays )
T – I don’t care what happens but this time I’m definitely getting your number yaar
S – of course.
Kunj gets annoyed but then suddenly he gets an idea. A hot air hostess was coming toward them. Let’s call her Riya.
K – excuse me?
R – yes sir?
K – I think I need to report you to the police
R – why sir?
K – because you just stole my heart away.
He then signals her to fuming twinkle and Riya understands that this is to make twinkle jealous. She smiles
R – oh well sir I could say the same about you
K – don’t call me sir. Call me kunj but if you want then you can call me majnu
R – and my name is Riya but if you want then you can call me Lalia.
T – what is this? A play? No it’s a flight get lost.
Riya leaves
K – what did you do that for? Ek hot Ladki hath Se nikalgay.
T – oh really? Then go on call her back
K – okay. Riya Riya?
Twinkles jaw opens. Ananya shuts it for her.

Episode 7 ends here
Guys do you like it?

Credit to: Jazz


  1. Yea I loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much osmmmmmmmm epi dear loved it n amazing fab superb story line I jus loved it……????????

  2. Jaya

    Hey Jazz, I loved this episode yet again! Excited to see what awaits twinj when they head back to India! Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  3. romaisah

    Haiii jazz im a huge fan of ur ff n i luv ur storylihe this episode was also very funny ?? sry i didn’t comment until now
    Luv u :*

  4. fiona

    it was awesome
    post next one soon
    don’t worry for comments as all are having exams

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.