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First I’m am veryyyyyyyy sorry that I couldn’t upload yesterday. I was very busy and was unable too. was elated after seeing all the comments. I apologise for not being able to reply to them. And loads of people are asking from longer episodes……so I’ll try.

Episode 6
Twinkle goes home. Somewhere inside she feels happy but she doesn’t know why.
T – ananya beta come we need to pack our bags
A – why Mumma?
T – beta your papa … I mean you know that uncle? He’s taking us New York for some business trip and he’s invited you. You want to go ?
A – definitely mum. He’s my best friend I want to go with him
T – okay come. I need to tell Maasi that we are going
M – Didi where you goin?
T – woh actually mahi kunj has planned a business trip to New York and he’s told me to bring ananya. You fine staying home right?
M – sure Didi I don’t mind

Twinkle and ananya reach the airport.
K – hi my princesses how are you?
T – don’t say that to me
A – hi uncle.
K – princess why you calling me uncle. I’m your papa
T – woh I haven’t told ananya yet
A – tell me what? Will someone please say?
K – princess your Mumma hasn’t told you but I am your real father
A – is that true? I am sooo happy. Your my actual papa? I have the best Mumma and the best papa in the world!
K – okay my darling let’s go our flight is soon.
Ananya holds twinkle and kunj’s hand and they all leave

The seating order was kunj ananya twinkle and another guy ( let’s just call him Yash )
Y – hi beauty my name is Yash what’s yours?
Twinkle was feeling a little uncomfortable because she didn’t know who he was
T – hi
K – twinkle everything okay?
T – yes
Y – so your names twinkle. No wonder you are a shining star
Twinkle fakes a smile
Then all of the sudden he sensually puts his hands near twinkles leg. She feels very uncomfortable. Kunj sees this and gets very angry. He swaps seats with ananya and to twinkles surprise he lifts the arm rest and hugs her.
K – excuse me mr whatever but I don’t think I like the way u are behaving with my wife.
Y – your wife?
T – your wife?
K – yes my wife. This is my wife. Mrs twinkle kunj Sarna and this is my no no sorry our little princess ananya Sarna
Y – okay I’m sorry.
Twinkle was fuming but somewhere inside she was very relaxed after hearing the words Mrs twinkle kunj Sarna.

Kunj woke up suddenly and didn’t find twinkle there. He looked around and saw twinkle talking to a air host. It looked like they were flirting. She came back. A little while later the air host and hostesses came around with food. The same guys that twinkle was flirting with came there.
A – sir what would you like!
Kunj mutters – I would like you to get lost
A – sorry sir what did you say?
Kunj irritated – nothing. I want the vegetarian dish please
A – okay sir. Here you go
K – thanks
A – and for the beautiful lady?
Twinkle giggles which annoys kunj even more. Twinkle saw kunj fumin and wanted to annoy him even more.
T – can I have you?
A – haha ma’am I mean food but if you want my number ( and he winks at her )
K – okay okay get lost we will share my food.

After 8 hours of the plane journey they finally reach New York. They head outside and someone was holding a sign that said Sarna family. ( let’s call that guy Rahul )
T – oh my god rahul?
R – twinkle??
They hug and kunj boils in anger.
T – after so long yaar
R – I know right. And aww ananya princess how are you?
Kunj thinks – how dare he? Ananya is my princess. Who does he think he is? And whys he hugging MY twinkle?
R – twinkle who is this?
T – er he’s my bo……
K – I’m her husband kunj.
Twinkle rolls her eyes.
R – oh nice to meet you. Actually when twinkle came to London she stayed with me for a long time and ananya and me used to be best friends right?
A – right uncle!
K – anywayyy can you take us to our hotel? I mean you came to pick us up right?
R – oh sure sure lets go

After a little while they reach there hotel. It was a suite with 2 bedroom. Ananya went outside to a little kids area. Kunj went towards kunj and held her wrist right.
K – why did you hug that Rahul?
T – what difference does it make to you?
K – I … I …
T – yes you are speechless. Anyway I was in a stage of my life when I needed you the most but you weren’t there. Instead he stood by me and helped me ……
Before she could say anymore she felt the soft lips of kunj.
YES he was kissing her. And it was wild but twinkle reciprocates. Then she realises what she was doing and she pushes kunj. He doesn’t move. Instead he hugs her tight
K – please twinkle give me one chance. When we were separated there wasn’t a day I didn’t think about you. Please don’t leave me
Twinkle was teary eyed.
T – kunj just please let’s not talk about this.
Ananya enters and the two love birds depart.
K – okay I have a little confession to make and I know this is going to annoy twinkle but my princess is going to be very happy
T – what is it?

Episode ends here!
So guys what do you think the confession is?

Credit to: Jazz

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