Tashan e trust (Episode 3)

Hi everyone
Sorry I couldn’t reply to your comments. I was going to but the website didn’t let me for some reason. Any ways for people who are confused about twinkle leaving her phone and her getting a call at the office, she obvs has a telephone in office and that’s where the school contacted her. In uk you have to give 2 contact numbers and let’s just say her office one was the 2nd phone number. Enough chit chat let’s start the story 🙂

Mahi didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to confront her jiju and tell him that ananya is his child. Just as she was about to leave twinkle enters.
T – mahi i don’t know where ananya is what shall I do?
M – Didi I know where she is but
T – but what? Bol na
M – she is with kunj
That sentence echoes in her mind. She didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

K – okay princess tell me what do you want to eat?
A – pizza
Flashbacks race through kunj’s mind.
T – kunj I’m hungry.
K – what do you want to eat Siyappa queen?
T – ummmmm pizza
K – pizza?
T – yes pizza. It has to be warm and cheesy. When we have a child I will make sure that pizza is its fave food
K – our child will be just like my Siyappa queen.
T – nooooo our child will be like my khadoos Sarna

A – papa where are you lost?
K – no where. Okay tell me what toppings?
A – hmmmm warm and cheesy
Kunj gets really shocked.
K – princess you know you remind me of someone
A – really? Who?
K – my ….. Wif- …… Special friend
A – oh. Papa I’m also your special friend right?
K – no
A – oh
K – you are my best friend
Ananya smiles.
A – I love you papa

Twinkle is in shock. Then she decides that she will finally tell kunj about ananya. She wipes her tears and runs to her car. She reaches the museum and goes inside. Twinkle sees kunj and ananya together. They are hugging. She gets teary eyed.

To be continued ………….
Sorry for the suspense. So do you guys want twinkle to finally tell kunj about ananya?

Credit to: Jazz


  1. crazy

    I think I m cmmnting first time..
    Anyway its awesome story..
    I was waiting for it..
    In fact imagining what could have happnd next..
    N yeah let kunjknow truth but get few more spices of twinkle not letting her daughter meet him with fear of loosing him n all..
    N in this period show Twinj romantic scenes n nok jok
    I just gave a suggestion..
    Depends if u want to use it or no..
    Anyway epi toh awesome but plz make longer episodes it way too short

  2. tracy

    Oh my god u r so annoying just write the damn ff and stop wasting ppl time with your stupid suspense stewwww

    • crazy

      Hai plzz don’t say like that her off n suspense is just too good
      N u don’t have ri8 to dgrd her
      If u don’t like then keep it to urself

      • Jazz

        Thank you crazy and Jaya for supporting me I appreciate it 🙂 and Tracy what’s the point in a story if there is no suspense?

      • crazy

        Hai chill don’t consider her tantrums..
        U r good writer n I m sure u ll rock..
        N u know what u got so many cmmnts na
        So u shd think how good writer r u
        So as I always say just chillax..
        N if u anytime want my help u can ask
        N no thanks n sorry business plzzz

      • Jazz

        Aww your so sweet. This is last time but thank you and please do note I love your fan fictions

      • crazy

        Hehehehe I wish my Frnd was here to c this cmmnt..
        Megduttt ?
        Meghuu bag g Ti mantii she ki I m sweet n u call me mirchi

    • Jaya

      That’s very mean of you to say that. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But don’t slam the writer.

  3. Jaya

    Awesome episode. I really like crazy’s idea. It would be great if your ff could incorporate that. But I still love reading it no matter what!

  4. Dheemahee

    It was awsome one and yes if any one don’t like it then just simply way do not read it but don’t do such comments which hurt someone although sometime you don’t wish to any way when u r going to post next one and let twinkle tell the truth to kunj and add much seens of father and daughter I am just telling other things are on u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.