Tashan e Trust (Episode 2)


Hi everyone
I am soooo happy seeing everyone’s comment. I’m glad you like me story. I couldn’t upload last night because of some maintenance in the website so sorry about that.

The next day
Twinkle gives ananya some money as she is going to a trip from school.
A – Mumma thank you. You know I met a uncle yesterday and I wish he was my dad.
T – your dad loves you very much beta.

Twinkle reaches office and finds kunj missing. She does her normal work

Kunj is shown to be at a museum looking at some old pieces. Ananya is also there. She is lost as her group went ahead of her. She starts crying. Kunj sees her and remembers her to be the same child he met yesterday.
K – sweetheart why are you crying?
A – uncle …
She hugs him tightly. Kunj again feels some connection with her. He wipes her tears
K – beta what happened? Why is princess crying?
A – uncle I came here with my friends from school in a trip and I can’t find them.
K – don’t worry baby. Never fear when uncle kunj is here. Anyway what is your name?
A – ananya
K – okay but I don’t think that name suits you. I’ll call you my little princess okay?
A – and can I call you papa?

Kunj gets touched by her words. He gets teary and thinks if twinkle didn’t betray me then maybe we would had a small child like her.
K – of course princess. I’m hungry shall we eat?
A – yes uncle im starving but what about my school?
K – never fear when kunj papa is here.
As he says that he slips. Ananya starts laughing and he remembers twinkle laughing exactly like that.
A – uncle you should be more careful

Twinkle is working happily in office when she gets a call from school saying ananya is missing. She drops the phone is shock and runs out the building

Back at the museum
A – papa my Mumma would be worried
K – beta who is your Mumma?
A – Siyappa queen
Kunj gets hell shocked. All the memories flash back to his minds. The romantic ones, the cute ones, the happy ones and lastly the painful ones. He wipes his tears.
K – I’ll call her for you.
A – okay her number is ……..
Kunj calls her but twinkle left her phone at home so mahi picks up. She had a cold so he didn’t recognise her voice
M – hello? Who is this?
K – hi this is kunj Sarna. Your daughter ananya is lost in the museum and she is with me. She is getting worried so I thought I’d call you

Mahi shatters as soon as she hears the word kunj Sarna.
Crying M – yes I’ll come to pick her up

To be continued ……..

So how was the episode. I know it’s not as good as the first one but please bear with it. And a special thank you to everyone who commented đŸ™‚

Credit to: Jazz

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  1. Mayatwinjfan

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