Tashan e Trust (Episode 1)


Thank you everyone for the amazing comments 🙂 also I’m very sorry but I need to tell you guys that ananya is actually 10 and twinj got married when they were 18 so now they are both 28

The story starts with a girl ( her face is not shown ) making breakfast in a small bungalow in London. She runs up the stairs and says Ananya wake beta. I need to drop you to nursery. The face is revealed and it is shown to be twinkle. Mumma 5 mins more please requests Ananya. She turns out to be the daughter of twinkle and kunj.

After dropping her to nursery twinkle heads towards a interview for working in a famous architect company as a manager. She goes inside and the receptionist tells her to wait. She is then called inside. Good morning sir ( his face is not revealed ) it’s pleasure to meet you. Twinkle says with a smile. The man turns around and it’s kunj. Twinkles smile fades away. After this long they come face to face. Negative flashbacks race through their mind.
K – you here? Out of 65 million people in the UK it had to be you? The person whom I hate the most?
These words hit twinkle like a lightning bolt. She wipes her tears

T – excuse me mr kunj Sarna you have no right to talk to me like that. It was my bad luck that I ended up with a contract here anyways I keep my personal life and professional separate so please don’t bring back anything from the past.
K – same here but the past haunts me but we have both moved on
T – that’s gre

But before she could say anything kunj grabs her hand and pins her to the walls
Why? Why have you come back to my life when finally I was moving on? After 10 long years why why why?
Tears floods down twinkles cheeks because of the pain. Suddenly someone knocks on the door and twinj compose themselves. The receptionist comes in ( let’s call her Zara )
Z – sorry to disturb you sir but miss twinkle Taneja is the last one for the interview and you have already rejected the others so we have no option but to appoint her.
K – wait MISS?
Z – yes MISS twinkle Taneja

Zara sees twinkles red eyes. Ma’am are you okay? Your eyes are swelling up as if you have been crying for days.
Kunj turns and sees that as well. He feels really bad.
T – ( with a shaking voice ) no it’s okay. I think I have hayfever so yeah don’t worry
She leaves

At night
A – Mumma look I did drawing today. You like it?
T – it’s beautiful just like my little daughter

A – when is maasi ( mahi ) going to come?
T – baby she’s coming tomorrow so straight after work I’ll go to pick her up and we will come and get you

Twinkle reaches work at exactly her shift time. She enters her cabins and starts looking at some designs for houses. She goes to kunj’s office
T – sir I’m sorry to disturb abruptly but here are some designs you asked for. The background colour suits it very well

K – okay. I’ll send these to the clients and see if they like them. Today evening we have a small party because our company is ranked 10 top in the whole of uk.
T – I’m very sorry sir but I won’t be able to attend it because I have to pick my sister up for the airport. Also sir if you don’t mind then please may I take day off tomorrow?
K – oh how is mah-
He realises what he said and diverts the convo.
K – okay Nevermind and yes you can.

The next day
Twinkle, mahi and ananya go shopping. While twinkle and mahi were looking at clothes ananya wonders off. She accidentally hits a man and it turns out to be kunj.
A – I’m so sorry uncle, I didn’t see you there.
Kunj gets surprised seeing her polite and behaved manner
K – no sweetie it’s okay. Are you Indian?
A – yes
K – beta what are you wondering around here for? Where’s your dad and mum?
A – im not sure about dad uncle. But mum is over there with maasi
K – beta if you don’t mind me asking what do you mean by I’m not sure about dad?
A – he went to work somewhere my mum told me. He loves me very much she says. But I’ve never met him.
Tears starts flowing down her cheek. Kunj hugs her and feels some strange connection with her.
K – I’m sure he loves you very much
A – thank you uncle. Bye uncle it was nice to meet you. I have to go otherwise mum will be worried.

Precap – ananya and kunj meet again and twinkle gets a shock of her life at work

Sorryyyyyyyy if the episode was boring but that was all I can think of. Please comment what u think of it

Credit to: Jazz

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