tashan e shaadi (Episode 3)


hyy guys…..i know my ff is short but i will make it long once i complete my jee mains…..thank u soo much for commenting here goes the episode..

twinkle-thanks kunj for saving me
twinkle leaves…and chinki engage ment completes
manohar -mrs singh i want to talk to u..r u free now??
mrs singh-yes of couse manohar ji…
manohar -can u give the details of thewho was dancing before
mrs singh-oh u mean twinkle…..
she give details about twinkle and she says to him she will introduce him to leela taneja mother of twinkle
manohar -for sure mrs.singh

scene 2
yuvi comes near twinkle
yuvi-hii by the way i forgot to ur performance was superb…btw y do u stop dancing in the middle…?”??
twinkle-thanks….wht can i do the entry of sarnas made me stop dancing….these sarnas though they r rich they dont even have respect towards other feelings…they jst want to show their attitude…any ways leave this…
usha listen all this and she gets anger over twinkle..mean while she get a call and leave frm there..
yuvi-ok …any ways dnt worry i will make u happy u just want to perform right??
in the function yuvi takes the mike and he says chinkis engagement successfully completed y dont w have a dance wht do u say guys…every one agrees and he call twinkle upon the stage…twinkle start dancing….twinkles blouse starts opening as her buttons where lost ….so she couldnot dance properly…kkunj goes on to stage..and start dancing he keep his hand on the place where her blouse gng to tear…the song changes into gerua…manohar sees both of them dancing and thinks i think twinkle is the best jodi for kunj…usha doesnot like as she starts hating twinkle …
yuvi was thinking in his mind…oh god how could u do this i jst planned all this so i can have a dance with twinkle but u made that stiupid kunj to dance with her…..screen freezes

twinkle changes her dress…she is walking by seeing her phn she gets slip and kunj catches her they share a eye lock…
twinkle-u again……how dare u ??u cum and dance with me…and now u caught me?/
kunj-achaa…even to help members in needy also we need to have dare//ok this is twinkle phenmena right
t-oh mr kunj sarna just shut up …u must be previleged to have a dance with twinkle taneja…
kunj-oh u r any princess r wht…u must be lucky to have a dance with me who is looks handsome,stylish…
t-ha mai princess hu…wht did u say u r handsome…dont give ur selfmore importance mr .kunj sarna and u sarnas never change u just always show ur attitude
kunj he gets angry he says how dare u to say anything abt my family….
mean while leela comes
leela-twinkle puttar do u know kunj befoe onwards?/
t-noo maa i dont know jst now i too came to know
usha comes and ask kunj whether he knows twinkle before only/?kunj says noo maa i just came to know
they all leave frm there
at tanejas house
leela-how is kunj…i liked him very much,….i think he is correct for uu
twinkle-maa how could u judge jst by a day
sarna house
manohar-usha do u rember the girl who performed dance at engagement
usha-haa jii wo twinkle ki bare me baath kar rahe ho aap
manoahr-haa i think she is correct for kunj
kunj liste to this he gets shocked screen freezes

precap yuvi to impres twinkle…

thank u soo much guys….i can write more but i couldnt bcoz of jee mains…plz do comment ur opinions lets see whether twinkle will be impressed by yuvi r not

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Wow varshini!

    1. thanks dear

  2. Nice epi Varshini

  3. All the best for your JEE exams by the way your ff was awsome yar. Many of us are going to appear JEE exams so all the best every1
    sorry for writing in your ff

    1. no prblm dear…yeah i too noticed many of us r writting jee

  4. It’s fantasticoooo varshini…. Good going dear

    1. thanks aakanksha

  5. Wow osm epi dear

    1. thanks zikra

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome…..bt I dnt wnt twinkle to impress….bt I alsò know ur a great writer so ull choose the best story line

  7. It was awsome yar loved it and All the best for yourJEE exams
    There are so many people going to appear for JEE Exams so all the best to all of them sorry for writing in your ff

  8. NICE episode varshini….

  9. Loved it

  10. nice one ….

  11. oh its too interesting.

  12. Nice epi ………BT don’t let twinkle impressed or fall of UV……waiting 4 ur next update…..n all the best 4 jee xams??

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